Mahesh Babu’s house: A house fit for a superstar

[] Popular Telugu cinema actor Mahesh Babu’s house is located in Jubilee Hills, a posh neighbourhood of Hyderabad. We take a look at the luxurious house that is modern yet artistic.

Mahesh Babu, one of the biggest superstars of Telugu cinema, first rose into prominence as a child star and is now one of the biggest action stars. His movies regularly break box office records, and the actor is worshipped by his hardcore fans. Although we know a lot about the actor’s filmography and celebrity lifestyle, we may not know much about his everyday life. However, due to lockdowns amidst the pandemic, we have been able to get a few insights into Mahesh Babu’s family life and his massive residence. The actor lives in a great house located in the posh Jubilee Hills neighbourhood of Hyderabad. Let’s look at Mahesh Babu’s palatial house in Jubilee Hills.

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Where is Mahesh Babu House?

Mahesh Babu’s house exudes luxury. However, we can’t gain a deeper insight into Mahesh Babu’s house without knowing its location. Where does Mahesh Babu live? The actor lives in Jubilee Hills, a neighbourhood in Hyderabad known for its luxury houses and celebrities. A lot of Tollywood actors call this neighbourhood home. Mahesh Babu’s house is reportedly worth a whopping Rs. 28 Crores. The actor also owns other properties in the neighbourhood.

Mahesh Babu address

If you’re interested in knowing exactly where Mahesh Babu house is, the address is – Sri Lakshmi Nilayam, Flat No. 1, Plot No.60/A, Road No.12, Film Nagar, Hyderabad 500096, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Indoor swimming pool in Mahesh Babu house

Along with the lavish interior and serene outdoor spaces, Mahesh Babu’s home features a massive indoor swimming pool that additionally features a Jacuzzi. The swimming pool has large French windows, allowing for an excellent view of the outdoors. The actor and his kids frequently post photos on social media. 

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Kids rooms in Mahesh Babu house

Mahesh Babu lives with his family in his Jubilee Hills residence. The Tollywood superstar is married to actress Namrata Shirodkar, his wife of 17 years, and they have two kids, Gautam and Sitara Ghattamaneni. Like many star kids, the kids are homeschooled; their rooms are designed as studying and relaxing spaces. The design of Gautam and Sitara’s rooms varies wildly. While Gautam’s room feels modern, rustic, and has an artistic vibe, Sitara’s room is filled with pink decor and has a more playful and upbeat atmosphere. 

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Mahesh Babu house: Outdoor lounge

Mahesh Babu’s house has a beautiful rustic outdoor lounge. The space features wooden furniture and has an awesome outdoorsy vibe: the actor and his family share photos on their social media, which depict them playing with their pets. Overall, with the rustic furniture and greenery all around, this space gives the family an area to relax and take in the fresh air.

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Puja room in Mahesh Babu house

Like all the other spaces in the actor’s beautiful residence, the puja room also has a luxe vibe. The actor and his family are seen regularly sharing photos of the puja room. The puja room is built mainly using marble and wood. Massive windows behind the mandap help sunlight flood into the space, creating a gorgeous puja room.

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Living room in Mahesh Babu house

Mahesh Babu’s living room features elegant dark wood furnishings. The living room is spacious and is a perfect space for the family to get together and discuss their days. Photos on social media depict the actor often playing video games and watching movies with his kids in the living room.

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