Sneak peek into Nagarjuna’s house in Hyderabad

[] We take a look at popular Telugu actor, Nagarjuna’s house in Hyderabad. The magnificent mansion is located at Jubilee Hills.

One of the best-known Telugu actors, Nagarjuna has been dubbed the ‘King of South Cinema’ for his work which has spanned more than three decades. One of a kind actor, and producer, Nagarjuna rewrote the rules of acting in Indian film and elevated the bar for all others in the industry with his outstanding performances. Only a few performers can keep the audience’s attention for so long because of their passion for the role they’re portraying. He is renowned for his ability to convey complex speech and remarkable acting. Let’s have a look at Nagarjuna’s house to understand the actor’s taste better.

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Nagarjuna house address

The star’s residence is in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills neighbourhood, which is home to many of the industry’s most prominent figures. The home of Akkineni Nagarjuna is located in Plot No.959-A, Road No.48, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500033.

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Nagarjuna’s house: A peek into the actor’s home

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Even from the exterior, the Nagarjuna mansion in Jubilee Hills seems to be a magnificent structure. As can be seen in the snaps of the Nagarjuna house posted on social media, it has a pearly white facade intermingled with a gorgeous crimson tint that lends vibrancy to the overall appearance of the property.

The main entrance 

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Nagarjuna’s house is flanked by an artistically attractive stone wall that progressively rises in height as you approach the front door. The white and maroon fence is a fantastic match to the stone walls on this property. Not only that, but the path leading up to the gate itself is noteworthy. The white patterned door with an antique Victorian-style design is the main point of the entrance. Seating for outdoor events is provided by a series of massive concrete planters with white mosaic designs on the sides.

Living room

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You’ll be greeted with a large and nicely appointed living room after making your way through the ornate entryway in Nagarjuna’s house. The white and cobalt blue couches command attention, and the coolness of the blue is striking against the room’s ivory-coloured walls. A few potted plants may be seen in various locations around this eco-friendly couple’s living space. The side table in the sitting area and the lovely goddess statue next to the plants showcase their fondness for marbles and ceramics. 


An elegantly curved staircase with pure white marble steps and railings made of shiny steel can be seen on one side of the living room’s main floor. The staircase goes up to the more private portions of the home, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms. The abundance of plants along the staircase and at the bottom will quickly convey how much this pair appreciates nature and the outdoors. A few artworks are strewn around the room to finish it off Nagarjuna’s house well. 

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Their love of plants is evident from outside, and they continue to make their home both environmentally friendly and sustainable, which can be seen by their efforts time and again. 

Properties and net worth

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Nagarjuna’s house is in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills, where his sprawling bungalow is worth more than Rs. 45 crores. It measures 4,000 square feet and has been created to seem like a palace. Nagarjuna is well-known for his movies, but he is also a wealthy businessman. His net worth is $123 million, equivalent to Rs 800 crores. 

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