What are cabin houses?

[] Situated in serene locations away from the hustle and bustle of the city, cabin houses provide the perfect time out that an individual needs from time to time

We have heard in Hollywood movies and soap operas about the frequent trips to cabin houses as a getaway destination. What is a cabin house and how is it different from, say, a hotel room?

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Cabin house : Definition

A cabin house is a structure built away from the city and often close to the woods or a jungle, meant to offer a serene and peaceful getaway destination to the owner.

Located in open areas away from densely populated urban areas, cabin houses in their primary form were only built using wood. Their structure has, however, undergone a remarkable change since they came into being. As opposed to earlier, when cabin houses served at times as a necessity home, they now spell luxury, topped with all high-end facilities and amenities. Now, various luxurious cabin houses are being built with full-fledged parking lots and swimming pools and serve as a getaway vacation villa. These houses are built on a budget of millions of dollars and are often contracted to famous builders around the world.

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Difference between a cabin house and a normal house

We are all aware about the functionality of a regular house. In general, houses are often situated and chosen near to the workplace, schools, medical amenities and thus, in a nutshell, remain closer to the core formation of the societal structure.

A cabin house today is that and more. The key difference between the two remains the location. A cabin house is always constructed in a lesser populated area with minimum intervention. These houses are often used for camp activities and recreational activities, like hunting or fishing.

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Also, a regular house is a permanent abode; a cabin house is meant to act as a home away from home.

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Cabin houses: Then and now

As time progresses, the difference between a cabin house and a normal house is closing in fast. Owners have begun to include barbecue counters, open bars and various other facilities typical of cabin houses, in regular houses and facilities in regular houses can now be increasingly found in cabin houses.

Cabin house cost

For a cabin house made of wood, prices vary according to the specifications and customisation a client wishes to have inside. Generally, a wooden log house can cost from Rs 1,700 to Rs 2,600 per sq ft, varying with the quality of the wood used and the design.

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Things to keep in mind when investing in a cabin house

  • The first thing to keep in mind while planning to build a cabin house is the size and shape of the plot on which the house is to be built.
  • Once the terrain is established, it is crucial to draw the plans, either from the outside or the interior of the construction. This helps in determining the building materials to be used, including the wood that will be required for construction, the number of doors, windows and the amount of foundation cement. This information will help in determining the costs of the construction and the price of the materials. Adding this up, the individual gets the actual total cost of putting up a cabin house in the country.
  • A construction permit should be obtained by the government.
  • Most of the time, the choice of the material for a cabin house or a log cabin remains wood and its accompaniments. For instance, a cabin house in the highlands would need to be cooler from the inside and thus, would differ from a cabin house or valet in the mountains or hilly areas.

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Types of cabin house construction

Log sliding

Handcrafted log construction is a type of cabin house construction, where the logs and the wooden structures are cut and carved to be placed on top of one another to give a more organic feel. At various times, flat-faced logs are also used by the constructor to add a more rusty and historic feel. These constructions use more wood and are more expensive compared to some other forms of wooden construction due to the use of larger logs.

Milled logs

The unique characteristic of this form of construction is that it uses logs that are precision cut to form a uniform shape and size. A number of cabin houses have ‘super-insulated’ exterior walls, created by using dimensional log siding on the interior as well as exterior of stud-framed and insulated walls. The logs used in this construction can be of any shape, from fully circular to square. This option is one of the most sought-after as it remains one of the most energy-efficient ways of construction with fully-featured log walls.

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Wood siding

For people looking to renovate or reconstruct their existing cabin house or trying to build a new one, wood siding is required. The process includes milling of logs or manufacturing it from concrete. Owing to its integral color and durable material, concrete log siding gives it the look of wood with very low maintenance.

Log home packages

Individuals trying to build their cabin house are often countered with questions and factors such as the location, cost, maintenance, safety, etc., of the construction. This is why a lot of individuals opt for log home packages that can be tailored according to the requirements of the individual.

Stick-built cabins

Common in home building, stud-framed construction takes advantage of widely available building materials. Stick-built cabins have walls that are framed with conventional studs. These cabins are purely constructed based on a person’s inclination towards a particular luxury and are one of the most splurged forms of cabin house construction.

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Timber frames

The most common, reliable and durable form of cabin house construction is achieved with the help of wood. Traditionally, timber frames are built using hand-carved wood joinery interlocked with wooden pegs.

Modular houses

With quick turnaround time and use of advanced and modern materials, modular houses remain the most advanced form of cabin house construction. The structure is constructed into the indoor facilities of the construction company and then flown in and placed on the site. These houses remain one of the most affluent forms of expenditure and a number of Indians, as well as celebrities abroad, have modular cabin houses stacked with all the amenities.

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