Put your Panda obsession to good use in your home décor

[] There is no denying how adorable giant pandas are. Here are simple ways to use the cuddly animal to brighten up your ‪‎home décor‬.

The fact that they’re black and white means that panda artwork can be adapted into the decor of any room in the house.

You are reading: Put your Panda obsession to good use in your home décor


Baby panda wall decals or vinyl stickers are the easiest way to add a dose of cute to a child’s room; or indeed an adult’s room!


Use printed pillow covers and upholstery, and go to bed snuggling a panda every night.

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Pandas always have your best interests at heart. They help you sleep at night…


…and remind you to switch off the lights when you leave a room.


They’re also always happy to be your movie-watching companions.

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Let this cuddly bear remind you to read more; which, let’s be honest, you’ve been promising yourself you’ll do since a long time.


Panda art is the easiest way to dress-up or dress-down your décor.



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