A guide to choosing the right lights for your home

[] Lighting plays an important role in setting the ambience in a home. Besides illuminating the house, light can also impact the mood of the home’s occupants. We tell you how to choose lights that can make your home more appealing

Lighting options are available in a variety of budgets, from traditional to contemporary styles. Fixtures crafted in metals, glass, crystals, bamboo and fibre, come in different sizes and shapes. Floor lamps, wall scones, ceiling lamps, spot and pendant lights, chandeliers and light strips, can also be used in a home’s décor.

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“Nowadays, people are very choosy when it comes to selecting lighting elements for their home’s interiors, as well as exterior areas, such as gardens, verandas, pathways, staircase, balconies or even the main door. Customers today, have amazing choices, vis-à-vis colours, tones, brightness levels and energy saving options,” shares Sudhir Pawar, a Pune-based interior designer.

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Before selecting the fixtures and deciding on its placement, one needs to have a clear idea about the purpose of the lighting. “The aim should be to minimise the number of fixtures and maximise their effect and functionality,” points out Komal Vasa, a lighting and interior designer from Mumbai.

“New-age LED technology, provides this flexibility. One can combine accent and ambient lights, with the colours changing from warm tones to day lighting, in a single fixture,” explains Vasa.

Different lights for different rooms

One should also consider the available natural light, when selecting artificial lighting methods. “Balance the functional and aesthetical nuances of light. Adequate illumination in the living room and study room is essential, to avoid eye strain, while bathrooms and dressing tables need task lighting. In the bedroom, you can fit a dimmer switch that controls the brightness level, to create a soothing ambience,” suggests Pawar.

Back panel lighting for the television area or the bed, is popular as it adds a dazzling glow. A back-lit glass panel or clusters of lights which double up as a wall mural, can create a surreal light effect. Ceiling lamps and table lamps with beautiful shades, can also be used to create a soft and serene ambience.

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In the living room, focus the accent lights on artwork and curios, adds Vasa. “Use dimmers to add some soft light to panels and textured surfaces, to create warmth. You can create unique fixtures with mundane everyday objects, or use interesting fabrics, colours, papers, etc. This will add a personalised touch to your home’s décor,” says Vasa.

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Multiple lighting options help to enhance the visual appeal of a space, by adding focus and depth. Vinita Mishra, a home-maker from Noida, adds “Our living room’s ceiling has sleeper wood strips, which have soft yellow lights reflecting from its borders and it creates a distinct visual effect. I also have two intricately designed red glass lamps in one corner of the room, which I switch on in the evenings. I have subtle blue lights installed in my bedroom and even my shower has coloured LED lights.”

Lighting tips

  • The main lighting source should be bright. You can use LED lights of relevant wattage, to give a comfortable feeling.
  • Consider the ceiling height, before hanging a chandelier. It should be mounted at least seven to eight ft above the floor.
  • On a workstation, place the lamp at a correct angle, to ensure that no shadow falls on the working area.
  • A side table with a lamp, not only has its own charm but is also useful as a reading light.
  • Lamps in the bedroom need to be at a convenient distance from the bed, making it easy to operate.
  • While selecting light fixtures, ensure that it complements the overall theme of the house and furniture design.
  • Choose fixtures that are easy to maintain – spares and accessories should be easily available in future, for replacement.
  • Ensure that the children’s rooms are bright. Avoid floor lamps and glass lamps for safety.
  • Always have extra plug points for lights (like fairy lights and lamps) that you can use during festivals and special occasions.

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