House design in village: 7 ideas to take inspiration from

[] This pictorial guide will help you, if you are planning to design your dream abode in rural surroundings

Residing in rural areas, gives you the chance to live closer to nature, amid peace and quiet that is often missing in urban surroundings. Investment in village homes for post-retirement residences has always been a popular trend. Moreover, with the Coronavirus pandemic making it possible for people to work from home, there has been a spike in the number of people moving towards villages, to gain access to healthier living options. If you are planning to build a village home, you would need some inspiration for your village house design.

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This pictorial guide is meant to help you plan and design your dream abode in rural surroundings.


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House design in village must have solid exteriors

Since a village house may need to withstand extreme weather conditions, its exterior must be solid. This village house design takes care of those aspects, apart from being pleasing to the eyes.

House design in village

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Simple home design in village

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In case you opt for a village house in a hilly area, it is ideal to keep the structure light to counter the possibility of earthquakes, floods and landslides. This house in the village is a perfect example of a small cottage in a hilly area.

Simple home design in village

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[] Small house design ideas

Traditional house design in village

If you are building a weekend home, this traditional village hut design could do the trick. This house design in the village maintains the authenticity of traditional house establishments in rural India and works as the perfect getaway.

Traditional House design in village

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Normal village House design

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If you need more traditional ideas, the images below also represent an authentic view of village homes in India.

House design in village: 7 ideas to take inspiration from

House design in village: 7 ideas to take inspiration from

[] Traditional Indian house designs that are inspirational

House design in village with a contemporary touch

Having a home in a village certainly does not mean you cannot choose a contemporary design of your choice. Here is an interesting design idea.

House design in village: 7 ideas to take inspiration from

Indian village home design tips

  • Since weather conditions in India vary across geographies, a great deal of attention must be paid to annual weather occurrences and their consequences, before finalising a house design in a village. Select your construction material and design accordingly.
  • Thanks to infrastructural changes, you can avail of every urban facility in your village home. Make sure your village home offers you the best of both worlds.
  • Do not make an adverse impact on the local surroundings when building your village home.
  • Your village house design must incorporate the beauty around it. You do not want to upset the inherent charm of the place.

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