Double door designs for main door: Top designs for your dream house

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The entrance of a house has borne immense significance in many cultures since time immemorial. For instance, Feng Shui considers your entrance door to be the harbinger of luck and prosperity. Similarly, Vastu Shastra deems it the threshold of positive energy. Whether you believe in these concepts or not, an elegant entrance makes a strong statement about the house’s inhabitants. So, here we are with some exquisite double door designs for main door that will help you make a mark in your neighbourhood.

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Listed below are some latest main double door designs.

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Wooden double door entrance design


Top 6 main double door designs for your dream house

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Wood has been the traditional material used for making doors since the beginning of civilization. Hence, its beauty and elegance are incomparable with any other material. This classical double door is simple yet chic, and the side glass panels give it a delicate demeanour while making way for the passage of light. The best part about wooden doors is that they can be easily personalised. Even the glass used in the side panels can be custom-made with glass designs of choice.

Wooden main door design double door with fancy carvings


Top 6 main double door designs for your dream house

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Hand-carved designs add to the elegance of the doors. The delicate carving on wood brings out the warmth of the material and gives it a royal look. Traditional Indian palace architecture has always been an inspiration for modern door designs, and this carving projects the historical culture of the place. You can use the rustic Walnut panel or an elegant Mahogany one; the design will look graceful on any wood or colour you choose. However, be ready to loosen your pocket a bit because such luxurious craftsmanship is a little expensive.

Fibreglass double door designs for the main door


Top 6 main double door designs for your dream house

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If you are looking for low maintenance and budget-friendly front door that looks aristocratic, this is the perfect double door gate design and material for you. The best part about Fibreglass is that you can grain it to give a wooden décor that projects the elegance and warmth of wood. You could also paint Fibreglass in vibrant colours other than giving them a wood finish. Good quality Fibreglass has another significant advantage over wood and iron; it doesn’t rust or succumb to termite infestation. So go for this beautiful main door gate design to give your house a grand entrance to boost your image!

Stainless steel main door gate design


Top 6 main double door designs for your dream house

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A double-door house with stainless steel entrance projects sophistication while providing security to its inhabitants. You could replace the back panel with solid steel if you are very particular about security, or you could add a designer glass panel to make your entrance even more vibrant. Whatever your preference, the beautiful steel door will last a lifetime because it doesn’t rot or rust. Moreover, this innovative design is energy efficient and has low maintenance. So go for this delicate yet sturdy double door design for your home, and show off your classy taste!

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Aluminium double doors for home

Top 6 main double door designs for your dream house

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Aluminium is another durable and energy-efficient double door material for a sleek-looking entrance. These are low-maintenance doors with a wood-mimicking finish, giving them the same elegance and imperial look as the wooden doors. With minor modifications, these can also work perfectly well as storm doors. This simple yet graceful design perfectly represents your candour and grace. 

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Iron double door design for home

Top 6 main double door designs for your dream house

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Yet another marvellous front door design made from composite iron can make your jaw drop at the first look. Who says cast iron doors look rugged and unfashionable? This beautiful double door main door gives you the sophisticated look of wood. It is also very sturdy, and the intricate glasswork confers it with subtlety.

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Double Door Design with Glass

Double door designs with glass are widely used for enhancing the appeal of the house.

dd1 1

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Dual-Coloured Double Door Design 

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Dual-coloured double door designs use two tones to form a contrast layout for your main door.

dd2 snipped 1

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Wooden Arched Double Door Design

Wooden doors are easy to work with and provide good quality of strength. These wooden arched double doors will work wonders if you want to add a dash of style to your practical main doors.

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Classic White Double Door Design 

You can never go wrong with white. White doors are basic as well as a color that adds elegance to your house.

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Sliding Double Door Design

Thinking of something practical that makes your guests drool? Sliding doors are durable and act as efficient insulators.

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Chrome-based Duble Door Design 

Chrome-based double door design lends a beautiful contrast to the walls.

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Which is the best material for the main double door?

Wood is the best material for main entrance doors, considering its significance for security purposes and the perception building of the homeowner. However, wood is high maintenance and expensive, and hence, high-quality Fibreglass and cast iron are also great options.

Which is the most expensive external door material?

All-glass doors are the most expensive external doors.

What is the best material for external doors that is energy-efficient and sturdy?

Fibreglass is the most energy-efficient material for external doors because of its polyurethane foam construction which gives it insulation against the vagaries of weather.

What parameters should I consider before finalising the main double door for my house?

Start with material choice. Go for the one that best suits your budget and is durable. Next, check for energy efficiency. Then comes the security aspect. The future design of an external door needs to provide visibility as well as safety compared to a double door design of 2020 because that year has changed our way of living entirely. A view of who is standing outside before you open the door can save you from unnecessary exposure.

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