10 beneficial Feng Shui plants for your home

[] Invite positive energies and good luck by placing feng shui plants in your home. We list the 10 beneficial feng shui plants.

Having plants in your home offers excellent benefits like fresh air, reducing stress, boosting creativity, and improving the overall aesthetic of your space. However, did you know that plants also connect to Feng shui principles? Feng Shui plants strengthen the wood element in your home. This element brings growth and action into your life. According to Feng shui, the colour green is the colour of renewal and regeneration. The positive energy, ‘Chi’, of plants can make any place wonderful to live in. Taking care of a plant also grounds us and elevates our chi. 

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10 Feng Shui plants to make your home more auspicious and fortunate

Money plant

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As the name suggests, Pilea Peperomioides or the Chinese money plant brings good luck and financial abundance. The round, shiny leaves represent coins. According to Feng Shui, these plants bring good fortune. The best results are seen when the climber springs of money plants begin to thrive.

Money plants require medium sunlight and are relatively low maintenance. Being generous and sharing the good luck of money Feng Shui plants as gifts to friends and family also welcomes more prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo

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Bamboo is another auspicious plant that brings wealth and luck into homes. The East or South corner of the house is the most suitable location for its full benefits. The simplicity and beauty of bamboo plants also make it an ornamental decor. Straight bamboo stems are a symbol of nobility, growth, and flexibility. 

Be careful not to put curling bamboo in your homes as it can represent spiralling energy. The bare stem of bamboo symbolises an open and humble heart. The number of stalks also has a deeper meaning. Two stalks nourish areas of love in your life, while three stalks foster happiness. This Feng Shui plant requires diffused sunlight as direct sunlight can burn the leaves. The maintenance is effortless.

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Snake Plant

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Bring tons of positive energy and good luck with an indoor snake plant into your home. According to Feng Shui, the patterns of snake plants represent upward growing chi. Snake plants purify the air in the house. They can produce oxygen 24/7 in the morning and night. This air purification characteristic of snake plants also helps relieve headaches, allergies, and irritated eyes.

Snake Feng Shui plants are one of the easiest plants to take care of. They can survive in both direct sunlight and low light. Watering between more extended periods or when the plant seems to need it is recommended.

Tulsi or Basil plant

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Tulsi or Basil plant is a sacred plant in Indian culture. They are worshipped and grown all year round. Both Vastu and Feng Shui consider this a plant of many benefits like beauty, wealth, and luck. The placement of this Feng shui plant should be in the North, East, or Northeast direction in homes.

In Ayurvedic medicine, basil leaves improve colds, inflammation, and blood circulation. Antioxidant properties are also provided by these plants, which means that they help in eliminating free radicals. This plant grows in warmer conditions with full sunlight.

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Jade plant

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The lucky jade plant symbolises wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. This Feng shui plant is also a traditional gift to friends because it improves friendship too. If a friend is starting a new business or buying a new home, give them this plant as a gift to bring them good luck and prosperity. Jade plants are kept at entrances to welcome good fortune. 

The southeast direction of a living room is the best place for this plant. Keeping jade plants in the bathroom or bedroom is not recommended. A healthy and thriving jade plant will improve wealth in the household. Take care of this plant by giving it maximum sunlight for 12 hours. Because jade is succulent, it requires very little water.

Aloe Plant

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According to Feng Shui, the Aloe plant symbolises healing. This is because of their amazing air purifying, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Aloe leaves also give vibrant and protective energy to homes. Daily direct sunlight or bright but indirect sunlight is ideal for this indoor Feng Shui plant.

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Everyone wants peace and purity in their homes. A water lily plant is by Feng shui considered serene and calming. It is also associated with fertility which makes a fantastic gift for newlywed couples. This beneficial plant cleans indoor air from pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene. The big green leaves and white flowers can make any space look pleasant. These Feng shui plants are most commonly placed in living rooms and bedrooms.


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In Chinese culture, orchids are one of the four noble plants. This Feng shui plant represents fertility and love. This vividly coloured and aromatic plant can be placed in bedrooms for peaceful and healthy relationships. 

The colour of orchids also has a symbolic meaning. Violet orchids are the most promising, while pink orchids maintain good relationships and help mend them. White orchids, like their appearance, represent harmony, peace, and calm. Wood elements of plants are best placed in the east and southeast sections of the house.


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One of the lucky Feng shui plants is the palm tree. These trees are known for their relaxed and tranquil vibe, making any space look resort-like. The best placement for these plants is outside the house or facing windows to block off strong Sha chi

Keeping these plants on the left side of the home follows the Feng shui practice of keeping the left side taller than the right. This placement will bring more luck and career opportunities.

The care required by the palm plant depends on its species. Some species prefer bright, direct sunlight, while others love the shade and a moist environment.

Citrus Plant


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Citrus plants bring good luck by absorbing lousy energy in Feng Shui practice. This Feng shui plant is also well-known for bringing wealth and prosperity. Place these plants at the entrance of the homes for the full effect of its elements. The wealth or health gua (area) is the ideal place for this plant. Bright and direct sunlight is essential for the prosperity of this plant. Keep them in direct sunlight for proper maintenance of citrus plants for 5 to 6 hours. Daily watering is required in the summer months. In the winter months, watering is needed less frequently.

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