Trending Décor Tips For Your Bedside Table

[] How do you sleep at night?! Hopefully next to a bedside table that is both cute and functional. Here are some ‪‎Home Décor‬ tips to dress up your bedroom.

Stop thinking of your bedside table just a receptacle for your night-time creams and jewellery! Accessorise it well, and your night stand can add some much needed character to your bedroom.

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A scented candle or a vase of fresh flowers are a great way to lull yourself into a peaceful slumber.


Look out for interesting pieces, other than simple wooden tables. Something that has a marble top or is made of cane can make your room look drastically different.

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Who says your table must be supported by the floor?! If you have the space in your room, and are open to some fun experimentation, try a hanging bedside table.


Re-purpose old crates or wooden boxes into a column of levitating shelves next to your bed.

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Don’t limit your bedside décor to just tables. Holders like this one with small house plants will help make sure the air is fresh always!

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If you don’t want to pick and choose what to keep on a small table, use a multi-fold one and just keep everything you love close to you!


While trends may come and go, minimalism will always be in style. Just polish a tall wooden stool, and there you have a simple and functional night stand!


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