Modular kitchen window designs to brighten your kitchen


The kitchen is a busy area of the house. Families cook, eat and entertain in this space. Therefore, a pretty kitchen is a dream of many homeowners. Windows are a great way of adding character and aesthetics to this area. A beautiful view from your kitchen can help you in bland activities like washing dishes or cooking. 

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Before you choose a kitchen window design, you should consider the ventilation it provides, the light that the window brings in, how easy it is to open, and how it looks. Functionality and design are the focal points of any kitchen experience. 

In this article, we have curated a list of five modular kitchen window designs that will help you with styles and ideas for your modular kitchen.

Top kitchen window designs

Picture window

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Imagine waking up every morning and drinking your coffee or eating your breakfast in front of such a pretty sight. A picture window can bring life to any dull and uninteresting kitchen. This kitchen design offers a large view of the beautiful outdoors. This kitchen window design brings in a lot of light into the kitchen and is energy efficient too. If you have kids or pets, this kitchen window design can also be a great way of keeping an eye on them while cooking when they play in the back or front yard.

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Multiple windows

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If you have a big space for a window available, a good contemporary kitchen window design is having multiple windows of the same size line all throughout the top of the countertop. The light and ventilation that these kitchen window designs bring are so helpful in uplifting the mood of the kitchen. You can choose any style of window from casement, sliding, fixed, awning, or hung according to your convenience for this design. To bring together the whole decoration of the kitchen, use the same colour for the window border that you have used for the kitchen cabinets.

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Wide kitchen window

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Let the sunlight accentuate your kitchen window design with these big, wide windows. This picturesque kitchen window design placed over a stovetop is perfect for ventilation. No extra storage space is taken up by this kitchen window design. You can take in the serene view of the outside while preparing a meal or while having a tea-time chat in your kitchen. This charming black and white kitchen with the complementary black-bordered kitchen window design will make your kitchen the envy of your friends and family.

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Skylight windows

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Enhance the architectural impact of your kitchen with a skylight window design. A skylight kitchen window design is an amazing way to bring in more light and to open up space. The natural light provides energy and inspiration for cooking, eating, and socialising in the kitchen. The skylight also opens up the roof to a beautiful view of the sky. Sky kitchen window designs are also great for reducing condensation and humidity in the kitchen.

A kitchen passthrough window

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Traditionally used in restaurants, cafes, and bars, this window design has become a trend in residential homes too. Make the transformation between indoors and outdoors smooth with these cafe-style passthrough kitchen window designs. The purpose of this kitchen window design is to bring foods and drinks easily to the outdoors from the kitchen. 

The window style used for this design can be awning, sliding, or even an accordion-style window. A passthrough kitchen window design can increase the space of your kitchen and bring lots of fresh air into the cooking area.

Invest in this kitchen window design if you have a nice outdoor area or a pool. Passthrough windows are a great way of hosting dinner parties with friends and family. The person cooking inside can also be involved in the conversations.

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