Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

[] A pink colour combination for bedroom walls and other décor elements can enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors. Here is your guide to teaming up your favourite shade of pink with other colours, to jazz up your bedroom walls

Pink is no longer considered a gender-specific colour and is now in vogue in fashion, as well as home décor. While pink is increasingly being used in interior designing, pink two-colour combinations for bedroom walls are in trend, especially among millennials.

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Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls: How to choose the right shade?

A pink bedroom is not merely suitable for kids but with the right shade pink is also a good choice for couples’ bedrooms. There are various shades of pink such as blush pink, baby pink, rose pink, magenta pink, coral pink, thulian pink, etc. You can select matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls in the kids room to make the room cheerful and elegant. For trendy bedrooms, fuchsia pink is a good choice, while berry pink can add depth and drama. For a soothing ambience, opt for blush pink. Each shade of pink represents an exclusive vibe that varies with the colours one combines it with.

Pink two colour combinations for bedroom walls: Artistic ways to use this theme

  • When painting the walls, only outline the borders in magenta pink for a bold impact without being overwhelming. The rest of the walls can be painted in any other colour.
  • Create geometric patterns on the walls with pink two colour combinations.
  • Paint a recurring pattern of pink two colour combination horizontal stripes on the walls, resembling a wallpaper.
  • Use an accent colour on the ceiling, while the remaining walls can be painted in soothing pink.

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Pink colour combination and the way it impacts your bedroom decor

In colour psychology, pink is a symbol of love, romance and hope. It is a positive and refreshing colour, inspiring warmth, joy and comfort. It also signifies good health and helps in calming the nerves while also creating a romantic ambience.

Pink colour combination and Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, pink is the right colour for bedrooms in the south-west or south. Pink creates a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for reading, unwinding and peaceful sleep. Pink brings strong positive energy into your bedroom.

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Pink colour combination wall paint

A pink two colour combination for bedroom walls lends a pleasant visual appeal to the room. Pink can complement any colour and blend seamlessly into all interior décor themes, including vintage, minimalist, modern, Grecian, Victorian, Scandinavian, etc.

Dual colours – darker shades on the lower part of thewall and lighter shades on the upper part of the wall – improve the sense of space in rooms.

Choose a colour that complements pink, after considering the furniture and accessories. For example, if your furniture is brown, then, avoid candy pink.

The proper use of two-paint colours can add contrasts to the bedroom. Light colours give the illusion of space and dark colours make the room feel smaller. Opt for wall paints in pale shades of pink with muted finishes, for a relaxing bedroom.

Light pink colour combination with pale greens, lavender, light blues and white, give a relaxing vibe to the bedroom.

Decide if you wish to use pink as a neutral or accent colour. Then, design the bedroom walls. For a masculine finish, stay away from feminine touches such as floral patterns, dainty frill pillow covers, pink beddings, etc. and use coral pink with brown or teal.

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[] Pink colour combination for walls, to refresh your home’s interiors

White and hot pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

When it comes to a pink colour combination for the wall, there is no better combination than white and pink. Hot pink walls couple well with white in the bedroom. Paint alternate walls with splashes of the two colours or paint one wall in textured pink and the other walls in white. Use a hint of pink in a white room, such as a pink lamp or pink painted headrest on the wall or a pink bookshelf. This is an easy way to include pink colour combination for wall that works best for a study room or kids room.

Purple and pale pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

Pale pink can be combined easily with shades of purple, for a striking two-colour combination for bedroom walls. Opting for mild pink tones makes the room look soothing. If you are hesitant to add royal purple, select light purple to complement pink walls. Keep the shade of pink as the base colour for your whole bedroom to set a romantic tone and add purple as a pop colour with soft furnishings.

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Yellow and rosy pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

If you feel that a pink décor theme is only suitable for kids or girls’ bedrooms, you are incorrect. Pink and yellow can be combined aesthetically, for adults’ bedrooms too. Opt for bolder and darker shades of pink for the walls. Temper the bright pink wall with soothing yellow for a mellow effect. Pale pink and mustard walls can enhance the interiors. For vintage-themed bedrooms, opt for pink floral designed bedcovers and curtains.

Blue and neon pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

Neon pink is a great shade to use as a combination for bedroom walls with blue. In its palest form, blue is perfect to induce a Zen-like vibe in the bedroom. Pale blue is calming and it is ideal for the bedroom, to aid relaxation. Ensure to balance the proportions between the neon pink and blue colours. Neon pink is impressive as an accent but restrain from using the colour excessively; a delicate touch will make the room happier and cosier.

Black and blush pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

If you are looking to jazz up the bedroom, select a black and pink colour combination. Team up pastel pink shades with matte black paint to give the room a classy finish. Paint the walls with a pink hue and along with a black accent wall or incorporate black in the form of cabinet laminates and furniture. When using a light shade of pink, make it noticeable by repeating the hue in fabrics. If a plain black accent wall is not your choice, go in for black graphic motifs on the wall or bold and stunning textured wall paint.

Green and peach pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

Peach pink is one of the prettiest shades of pink colour and when combined with lime green, it lends a delicate touch to the bedroom. You can use the peach-pink colour on the walls, with natural elements in green. For example, you can add potted plants for a rejuvenating vibe. Olive, lime, as well as emerald green also go well with peach pink to create a serene space that feels calming and inviting. This colour combination works well for the home office in the bedroom, too.

Grey and baby pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

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Baby pink and grey are the perfect colour pairing for harmonious walls in the bedroom. Most shades of grey can complement almost every shade of pink, to create a sophisticated, understated bedroom. Add layers of luxurious textiles, soft bedding and an upholstered headboard and bring pink into all of these elements.

Orange and rosy pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

For a glamorous urban edge, select matte pink and team it with fiery orange. These two colours can add a touch of panache to a traditional Indian bedroom. Just make sure to balance the shades between the colours so that the bedroom does not look too bright, as orange is all about vibrancy. Nevertheless, the bedroom has to be a rejuvenating space. One can pair pink with bold orange accessories for a modern feel or with soft, neutral accessories for a pretty look.

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Brown and dusty pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

Palest dusty pink and natural brown can hit the right tone to make a statement in the bedroom. This two-colour combination for bedroom walls would be perfect for couples who like classy bedrooms. The two colours can bring a sense of calm and a dreamy feel. Avoid painting all the walls brown. Instead paint an accent wall with latte brown. In a pink and brown bedroom, opt for dark wooden furniture and subtle pink textiles.

Red and light pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

Light pink colour with flamboyant red, can create an artistic bedroom. Red and pink are a contemporary combination. These two colours create a cheerful, modern vibe in the bedroom. Pair your pink wall paint with hints of pink and red in the fabrics to create cohesiveness throughout the room. A gentle, earth-toned red along with pink can be used to create a restful and recharging ambiance in the master bedroom. This red and pink combination colours will bring a royal touch to your bedroom decor.

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Dual pink colour combination for bedroom

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

A pink colour combination for bedroom decor in different shades of pink is a popular theme. Dark pink and light pink can create a fresh contemporary look as pink is the shade ‘du jour’ in 2021. If you prefer your bedroom décor to be bold, use a stronger pink tone as an accent colour and play with patterns and textures. A monochrome pink bedroom scheme can exude a Victorian theme. A monochromatic palette also enlarges the small space bedroom and two shades of pink can seamlessly complement each other.

Powder pink and gold bedroom

Pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls

Rose pink and muted gold look beautiful together and can make the bedroom look sophisticated. A perfect alternative to a simple plain wall is a patterned gold wall design, which can be an accent wall in a pink colour room. Design the room largely in a powder pink colour. Introduce gold in small elements to add luxury. Apart from the wall paint, you can pot for rose-gold or matte gold pendant lights, candle holders or photo frames, to add hints of gold to your pink colour room design theme.

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How to make a pink two colour bedroom appear mature?

Along with pink, add dark shades like black, brown and grey to balance out the pink tones and use geometric motifs.

Which colour accessories are ideal for pink two colour bedrooms?

Besides accessories in pink and second colour chosen for the walls, opt for metallic gold, silver and bronze accessories, depending on the shade of pink.

Can I paint the furniture pink if the bedroom walls are pink?

For adult bedrooms, it is better to opt for white and wooden colour furniture. For children’s bedrooms, pink furniture is fine.

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