Tips to Rainproof Your Home this Monsoon

[] While the monsoons provide a welcome relief from the heat, the rains can sometimes spell disaster for your home and the things in it. Here is a guide to rainproofing your house before the downpour begins, so you can save yourself the trouble of getting your home essentials fixed later on.

The basics of protecting your home from the rains:

  1. ‘Tis the season for water leakages. Cracks in ceilings and walls allow water to seep through from the outside. Identify these cracks and get them fixed with a water sealant and a coat of paint
  2. Have a reserve of tarpaulin sheets ready to cover your balcony or wide windows with. It’s cheap and effective way of keeping the water out

    If you have the space for an awning over your balcony, it is a great alternative for a tarpaulin sheet & makes for great ambiance during the rains! 


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  3. Most wooden doors swell slightly during the monsoons. A sandpaper can be used to scale down the patch, and the same trick can also be used for wooden drawers and cabinets 
  4. Red oxide and a coat of paint can be used to rust-proof grills and railings 
  5. Getting your wiring and switch boards checked is of vital importance during the monsoons. Avoid plugging in multiple devices into one socket, even with multi-pin plugs 
  6. Get a few silica gel pockets from your local electrical shop, and place them in and around your devices to draw in the damp

Quick tips to make the monsoon more enjoyable in your home:

  • Take your plants outside. Having them indoors increases the humidity in the air
  • If you don’t have a dehumidifier, just switch on the air conditioning for some time to get rid of the excess moisture
  • Swap heavy and dark drapes with sheer ones until autumn comes
  • Use good old camphor tablets or potpourri sachets to keep the air dry, and fragrant, inside cupboards instead of silica gel sachets

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