15 Aesthetic painting ideas for the living room

[] Mentioned are top 15 aesthetic painting ideas for the living room that you can consider while doing up your house.

You should focus on tastefully arranging the living room if you’re planning a home. It’s a relaxing spot where you can unwind after a long day. Furthermore, a living room is ideal for hosting parties and entertaining people. As a result, it must have a pleasant aesthetic appeal. So, if you’re seeking the best living room wall painting ideas, here are the top 15 aesthetic painting ideas for consideration.

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15 Mind blowing aesthetic painting ideas

  • Glossy white

White is a perfect choice if you want your living room to ooze refinement and sophistication. A glossy sheen on your white walls gives your living area a shine of cleanliness. Pure white wall colour can be matched with practically any hue of accessories. Consider choosing all-white sofas and bookcases for the site if you want to go the additional mile in bringing out the white element in your living room. It is first in the list of aesthetic painting ideas.

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  • Rich emerald green

If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your living area, you should use rich and elegant hues. The majestic emerald green is the right match for this purpose. This subtle green colour looks great on the walls of a living area. Wooden photo frames, antique mirrors, and brown-based furniture can all add to the look. It is second on the list of aesthetic painting ideas.

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  • Sprightly baby blue

The use of bright and light colours of blue is one of the most classic living room wall painting schemes. It not only gives your living space an ocean mood, but it also gives it a spacious and airy feel. Choose a sky blue or baby blue colour for the walls of your living room. This aesthetic painting idea is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Bright-hued furniture and cushions will add a splash of colour to the décor.

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  • Radiant red

Crimson red is a bit unusual but incredibly interesting choice for a living room wall colour. It gives the room a welcoming and pleasant appearance. Furthermore, when it comes to red, you have a wide range of colour possibilities. You may easily experiment in tones like maroon, rose, and burgundy in addition to crimson. You may also pair the red wall colour with white or black to change up the décor style.


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  • Regal gold and beige

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Nothing says regal like a smidgeon of gold. What better way to make your living area feel royal than by painting the walls with golden hues? Beige and gold is a classic colour combination for enhancing your living room’s visual appeal. Because the colour scheme has a lot of warm undertones, you can break up the monotony with crisp white curtains, carpets, and elegant furniture. It is in high demand nowadays and is fifth on the list of aesthetic painting ideas.

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  • Slate grey

You might be tempted to go for a slate grey finish in your living room if you want to look at some rather unusual wall painting ideas for living rooms. It gives your living space a clean, industrial look. Your living space would seem straight out of an elite fashion magazine if you paired it with white matte black furniture and some statement monochrome art pieces.

Slate grey

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  • Rich Persian blue

Persian blue is another shade of blue that is very popular as an aesthetically beautiful wall colour for a living room. This colour is naturally rich and creamy. As a result, this aesthetic painting idea gives your living area a warm and attractive appearance. It looks great with white couches, minimalist rugs, and modern lights. To bring out the Persian blue wall colour’s richness, keep the décor simple.

Persian blue

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  • Elegant pink

If you want a soft, effervescent colour for your living room, pink is the way to go. It’s a delicate colour that looks great when paired with deeper shades like violet or deep grey. Pink transforms your living area into a dreamy, fairytale-like setting, and is the perfect aesthetic painting idea.

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  • Charcoal black 

Charcoal black to adorn the walls is one of the most imaginative living room wall painting ideas. Black is typically thought of as a dark and ominous colour. However, this is a significant misunderstanding. Thanks to a matte black tint, your living room walls will have a rough, artistic finish. Use white as a beautiful contrast option to give your living area a Zen feel.

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  • White and mint green

White and mint green are a fun colour combination for your living room walls. Green is a soothing hue. When mixed with white, it can brighten up a room dramatically. This colour combination works nicely in both large and small living spaces. Choose a creamy mint green colour for a complete wall and mix it with gently textured white walls.

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  • Cheerful yellow

A brilliant yellow gives a splash of colour to your living space like nothing else. When looking for the perfect aesthetic painting ideas, you should provide yellow a lot of consideration. It’s available in a variety of light and dark hues. You can also use earthy-coloured complimenting furnishings to complete the vibrant look of your living area.

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  • Floral patterns

Who says you have to paint your living room walls in monotone colours? If you want to take your living room walls to the next level, you should consider the possibility of using bright and bold wallpapers. To add dimension to your living area, choose delicately designed flower wallpapers as a backdrop.

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  • Stripes and fixtures

When it comes to living room decor, keeping things basic is critical. You don’t want to make it too cluttered. As a result, you can paint your living room walls with simple stripes and textures. Simple pastel colours like light blue, grey, or pink are ideal. To create a lovely living room décor, choose horizontal or vertical stripes or fascinating textures in two contrasting colours.


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  • Plush purple

A lush, rich shade of purple is another regal hue for your living area. It gives the living room a more upbeat feel. As a result, it is an exceedingly wise pick among all the aesthetically beautiful living room wall painting ideas. Make sure to use lighter-coloured furnishings, such as white and yellow, to break up the colour’s richness.


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  • Warm brown

Last but not least, a warm and cheerful living room may always benefit from a heavy dose of brown. It gives the seating area a rustic and earthy feel. Choose light brown paint colours for the walls and dark brown ceiling paint and décor elements to contrast.

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