POP fan box design ideas to beautify ceiling

[] Adding a POP fan design is an excellent way to beautify your home interiors. Check these simple pop fan box design ideas.

When beautifying a room, we often tend to forget about the ceiling, which is an integral aspect. Most often than not, the ceiling is a complex area to beautify, seeing as we have to work around fans and other electrical appliances. There are a lot of methods to deck out your ceiling design with POP fan design ideas. 

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Let’s look at a few POP fan box design ideas to jazz up your room.

Simple POP fan box design tips

Here are simple POP fan box design tips to make your ceiling stand out from the crowd.

Intricately carved POP fan box design

Make your ceiling stand out with this gorgeous design. This elegantly designed piece can stand as a statement piece on your roof. Painstakingly carved by hand, this brings a very luxurious ambience to your room.

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Wooden POP fan design 

Show a bit of contrast in your POP fan box design by adding wood to your false ceiling. Wood pops out and adds a rustic, warm, and cosy feeling. You can mix and match the amount of wood panelling and POP in your false ceiling to get the right vibe for the space.

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Wood panel POP fan box design 

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It is a sleek and simple solution for your fan box design. Use linear wood elements to create boxy wooden panels for your POP fan design. It evokes the main principle of minimalism, ‘less is more.’ Along with the added advantages of looking ultra-modern, it also brings warmth and inviting wood panelling.

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Abstract simple POP fan box design

If you’re going for a home design that focuses heavily on the contemporary design language, you’d want to go with this POP fan design. This hanging ceiling design features a lighting design that also doubles up as an abstract piece of art. You can add your sleek-looking modern fan to this ceiling to create a truly attention-grabbing ceiling.

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Add layers to your POP fan box design 

This false ceiling design utilises layers to create a sense of order in your POP fan design. The main fan box is a recess in the centre of the ceiling, which in turn is surrounded by a hanging ceiling island. The ceiling lights are fixed on the regular height of the roof. This design uses the ceiling height as a tool to create order and harmony with the POP fan box design.

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Floral simple POP fan box design 

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Are you looking for a more traditional POP fan box design for an Indian home? Opt for this beautiful modern floral pattern that grabs your guests’ attention as soon as they enter. A contemporary twist on the ceiling designs of ancient times, this design evokes the same warm and inviting atmosphere. You can experiment with colours to suit the style of your home, although we think this monochromatic colour scheme brings out the best in your ceiling.

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Recessed simple POP fan box design

This easy and affordable fan box design works in any setting. The beauty of this POP fan box design is that it works with any interior decor. Even though it is effortless and doesn’t have much character on its own, it can act as a significant supporting element for the room’s design and make everything come together to create a gorgeous modern-looking space.

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Eclectic POP fan design 

Are you a big fan of combining colours and design styles to create a unique design for you? An eclectic POP fan design should be your go-to. You can choose a combination of colours, elements, materials, and design styles to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional design. Be mindful not to go overboard, as the sheer number of choices can overwhelm you.

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