Modern jali designs: 5 unique materials that can be used

[] Mentioned are 5 materials that you can use while opting for modern jali designs in your house

The term jali is derived from the word ” jali” which means “net “or lattice.” Jali is a perforated stone or latticed screen with a decorative pattern of calligraphy, geometry or natural motifs. Modern jali designs are currently trendy, adding a bit of grandeur and flair to any space. With varieties of jali in the market, there is always a one-of-a-kind design for your house. Because of technological improvements, there are now a variety of materials available for a jali partition.

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Top jali wall materials for your dynamic house

Each material has its pros and cons based on thickness, size, durability, and pattern. 

1.Go traditional with wooden jali

Even with different material options, wooden jali designs stand out for their ethnic and sleek designs as they give a rustic finish. Another durable and wood-like finish in the décor is wood-plastic composite (WPC).

wooden jali

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2. Modern jali design with MDF jali

Installing an MDF Jali is the most uncomplicated jali design to add glam to your space. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a type of engineered wood made out of wood residuals, wax, fibre, and a resin mix. It is a less expensive alternative to natural wood for jali dividers. They are long-lasting jali partitions. MDF jalis look great in modular kitchens, cabinets, entrance lighting, LED panels, wardrobes and bathroom vanities.

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MDF jali

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3.Go light with PVC jali

PVC jali designs shine out because of their elegance.  Latticework or geometric cutting works well for PVC sheet partitions because of the fineness in the finish. Cabin walls, decorative room partitions, ceilings, lobbies, hotels, and restaurants all benefit from PVC jalis. As a result of their fineness, PVC jalis are ideal for distinctive designs and themes. 

PVC Jali

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4.Modern jali design with steel

Stainless steel modern jali design partition imparts a sense of modernity and sophistication. Designers utilise these panels for balcony railings, windows, and terrace parapets on both the inside and outside of buildings. Furthermore, stainless steel is available in various grades and does not rust, making it both sturdy and long-lasting.

Steel jali

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5. Add a vernacular touch with terracotta jali design

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Terracotta’s charm may offer the ideal combination of rustic and elegance to your house. Terracotta jali panels provide a traditional touch. It is a less expensive choice that may be tailored to your preferences. 

teracotta jali

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Jali wall installation

Modern jali designs may be designed and implemented as a practical solution for functional and decorative space design. The following are some methods for installing jali panels:

  • Partition Panel 

These panels take up less space and can be customised according to your needs. Internally, areas can be separated by height changes in the jali barriers. Jali partition panels may be used as a space divider in two ways: as low-height partitions or as full-length screens.

  • Shutters with Lattice

Jali shutter panels can be used as a door unit in operational units that do not need direct view restriction and airflow. Various places like Wardrobes, Wall Niches, Pooja Units, and Cabinets might utilise Jali Separators for Shutter panels.

  • Use it as an accessory.

Modern jali designs can be used as part of your wall design to provide a sense of elegance. As a decorative fireplace panel, Jali casts beautiful patterns on the walls.

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