Home décor tips for Scorpio sun sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your sun sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign (October 23-November 22)

If you belong to the Scorpio zodiac sign, one of the symbols of your birth sign is the Phoenix. This is a mythological bird that could recreate itself. Its ways were mystical. People belonging to the Scorpio sign, hence, are all about transformation and are highly secretive. You will feel comfortable, if your living space reflects your innate sun sign’s traits.

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Overall home décor for Scorpio home owners

Scorpios are characterised by their deeply secretive nature and intensity. It is believed that you thrive in an ambience that has an aura of mystique and mystery. Dark curtains, dark colours (such as black, burgundy, orange and red), mysterious looking plants and locked trunks, uplift your spirit in your personal space. You may also like to dress up your space with recycled artwork or any home embellishment that has a transformational side to it.

Colour code

Empowering hues: If the predominant colours in your house belong to those of your sun sign (maroon, dark red, crimson, or violet), then, the weaker traits of your personality, such as jealousy, sarcasm and cunning, tend to get empowered and cause disturbance in your home life. Hence, you need to maintain a proper balance, in your choice of colours. Scatter shades of green in the overall colour scheme of your home, to strengthen the positive virtues of your personality, such as determination, loyalty and depth and temper the weaknesses.

Hues of harmony: Accessorise the rooms in your house with green colour, especially during times of festivity or celebrations or any social gathering at home.

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Colours impacting earning power: In your home office or workstation, use elements of blue colour, to attract energies that positively impact your earning prowess.

Furniture for Scorpio home owners

Furniture that are mythical, antique or even obsolete, appeal to your sun sign and so do heavy furniture with hidden drawers and storage spaces. You thrive in an ambience that casts a magical spell and choosing appropriate furniture, helps you create just that. You also prefer recycled furniture or ones that can be easily transformed. You also need a display rack or shelf or even a library, to display your offbeat literary choices.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Fabrics for Scorpio home owners

Signature fabrics for your home are velvet, brocade and silk. You prefer elegant textures for curtains, throw pillows and bedspreads and prints and patterns that hint towards the spiritual, esoteric or even mysterious.

Lighting for Scorpio home owners

Given a choice, you are unlikely to settle for a single source of light, for your rooms. You enjoy the play of various lights, casting shadows across the space. You also prefer to manipulate the intensity of light in a room, according to your mood. Candles and other different sources of light, make crucial home accessories for you.

Fragrance for Scorpio home owners

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Intrigue is something that you thoroughly enjoy. You are naturally drawn towards fragrances that invoke feelings of mystique and sense of esoteric at home, such as Frankincense, clarysage, sandalwood and khus.

Nature in the house

It is mandatory for you to bring in nature, in some form or the other, into your house. As water is the element of your sun sign, having an aquarium or a fountain at home, can be soothing for you. Bowls of fresh fruits and a variety of indoor plants, will enable you to get a positive perspective. Chrysanthemum is your birth flower. To draw on compassion, friendship, optimism and happiness, dress your home with the vibrations of chrysanthemums.

Keep the house clutter-free

You like to go about the clearing and cleaning process slowly, thoroughly and preferably, in secrecy. You need a patient spring cleaning partner. If your family members get impatient with you, when you take your time to decide what items need to be discarded, or push you to hurry through the cleaning spree, then, your legendary scorpion sting may well come to the fore.


If you have designed and dressed your home in accordance with your zodiac sign’s traits, then, your friends and family are likely to say that your house exudes an enigmatic charm. It is believed that you lived a transparent life, in your past incarnations. You had no, or perhaps very few, secrets. This trait may have forced you to learn some hard lessons, leading to the evolution of your soul, to where it is now. You celebrate secrecy, mysticism and mystery. Your home décor reflects the evolution of your soul.

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