Home décor tips for Libra sun sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your sun sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Libra zodiac sign (September 23-October 22)

If you belong to the Libra zodiac sign, then, you are likely to be a person who enjoys expressing beauty in all its forms. You possess an innate ability, to harmonise diverse elements effortlessly. A marvelous outlet of expression for people belonging to this artistic sun-sign, is the décor of your home. You thrive in an intellectual ecosystem and are likely to be happiest, living in a town or city with its rich offerings of varied intellectual pursuits.

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Overall home décor for Libra home owners

Harmony and balance are the key elements for a Libra home owner. You are at ease and comfortable, in open and airy spaces. Traditional styles of décor appeal to you but so do the contemporary. Striking an aesthetic balance between the two, is what pleases your sensibilities. Home accessories in natural materials and embellishments like vases, paintings, lamps and mirrors, are likely to find favour with your sign. Do have a music station in your house.

Colour code

Empowering hues: While dressing up your home, you may tend towards neutral colours to blend and harmonise various other design elements. The vibrations of blue and jade green, empower the positive characteristics of your sun sign. Hence, incorporate these colours in your house.

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Hues of harmony: The colours that promote love and social harmony for you are red, scarlet and carmine. Dress up your house with candles, flowers, frames, torans, etc., in these hues during the festivals or other celebrations.

Colours impacting earning power: It is said that the energy emanating from the hues of burgundy, red-violet and violet, have a strong esoteric influence upon your earning prowess. Check it out for yourself, by including these colours in your work area, at home.

Furniture for Libra home owners

You have a natural affinity for choosing antique, as well as modern pieces of furniture for your rooms. You will be satisfied, only if the furniture at home is made with good quality natural materials. As people of this zodiac sign tend to be sociable, side tables and coffee tables are a must for your house. Known to enjoy playing the host, you are likely to opt for attractive furniture and fixtures that make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Another mandatory piece of furniture is a bookshelf or a rack that magnificently displays your intellectual tastes and preferences.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Fabric for Libra home owners

You are one of the signs of the zodiac that truly enjoy utilising fabric, as an effective home décor element. The old-world charm of fabric-covered sofas and chairs, window curtains in complementary colours and designs, may well make up your dream room.

Fragrance for Libra home owners

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You take great pleasure in surrounding yourself at home with beautiful objects. Your planet Venus rules the sweet things in life, including sweet smells. The sweet and light fragrance of nag champa, jasmine, vanilla, violet and rose, make you feel good. Try to utilise these fragrances in your house, as often as you can.

Nature in the house

You consider pretty flower arrangements as a wonderful ‘make-up’ for every room. Flowers and plants delight you. Marigold can shift your mood easily, from the negative to the positive. Use this flower’s vibrant and warm energy, to bring in positivity into your home life.

Keep the house clutter-free

While you thrive in clean, clutter-free, open spaces, you may at times create a mess, in an attempt to be creative. You would do well to hire professionals, to help keep your home clean and clutter-free, under your supervision.


It is believed that in past incarnations, people belonging to the Libra sun sign, dedicated themselves to the realm of architecture, beauty, music, art and culture. In some way, you were an integral part of the nobles, elite or high society. You carry the learning of your past lives into the present one and thus, feel the need to balance and blend various energies around you, to beautify your home and life.

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