Add some glow this Christmas with candles and gold

[] Gone are the days, when candles were available only in plain white colour and were used only to light up a space. We look at various ways in which home owners can use candles – from adding warmth to their homes, or as a festive décor accessory, to enhancing the fragrance of the home

Candles, today, are available in a wide array of colours and shapes and are used for various festivals, weddings, for aromatherapy and even as a décor element for one’s home. Candles in the living room, on the dinner table, or in a glass votive in the foyer, can light up the interiors and add a warm glow. They can even be used in bedrooms and bathrooms.

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“Candles are now an integral part of home décor and people want to coordinate it with the colour of their furnishings, or keep them as showpieces along with flowers, plants and other artifacts. Besides this, they are extremely popular as gift items,” says candle designer Madhvi Singh of Mombatti Unwrap the Glow, in Mumbai.

Singh makes all kinds of candles, like floating and gel candles, in interesting shapes, such as square, cylindrical, Christmas tree, pumpkin, beer mugs, rose, sunflower, heart, cupcake, snowman, Santa Claus, champagne and wine glasses, milk bottles, car-shaped candles and so on.

“Candles can be gifted for various occasions, such as Diwali or Christmas and even for weddings or the birth of a baby. The prices vary from Rs 20 to Rs 2,000, depending on its size and shape,” explains Singh.

Illuminate your home with candles, this Christmas

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“Christmas décor is incomplete, without candles. Candles add a perfect touch to any celebration. One can also choose from a variety of candle holders in different shapes, available in the market,” points out Srishti Kapur, floral designer and owner of Floral Art, Mumbai.

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“Candles can be used on their own as center pieces or to complement a floral arrangement. Candles, when arranged with fresh flowers in an aesthetic way, can brighten up the décor. You can colour-coordinate the candles with the flowers. Ideally, stick to only two colours. For example, you can use red candles along with white flowers, or gold candles with white or red floral arrangements along with berries and pine cones, for your Christmas décor. If you want to use simple candles, you can opt for stylish metallic or ceramic holders,” suggests Kapur.

Aromatherapy candles and unique arrangements for home décor

Due to the increasing awareness about aromatherapy, people also like to use candles with special fragrances for their homes, to bring in positivity, to de-stress and to create a soothing ambiance. Consequently, candles with fragrance of apple, cinnamon, jasmine, rose, lemon and so on, are now available. Whether they are votive, pillars or tea lights, candles can be used as an interesting visual attraction. Several designers also make customised candles, based on the clients’ requirements.

A simple and effective way of using candles in home décor, is to fill water in a glass bowl and float some petals and tea light candles on it.

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Alternatively, you can also arrange a group of candles of the same colour, on a tray on a console. One can add touch of luxury with a golden candle stand, or opt for metallic lanterns or a huge candle stand to hold multiple candles and let the home glow in style.

There are various candles available, from frosted, textured and sculpted ones, in a wide array of colours. The important thing, is to select the right colours and arrangement.

Tips for using candles in your home décor

  • Always keep safety in mind and do not place lighted candles near fabrics. Be careful, while placing illuminated candles on tables and edges and keep them away from kids.
  • Opt for short and round votive candles, displayed in a cup or a votive holder that holds the liquefied wax residue. They come in many colours and can be placed on the dining table to enhance the décor.
  • For a floating candle arrangement, add a poster colour of your choice to the water, along with glass pebbles, leaves, orchids, shells, rocks, or marbles.
  • Use six tea glasses (cutting chai ones), fill them with water and then pour some oil. Add a tea light candle to each glass and arrange them on a tray, to bring in some festive glow.
  • One can also add dry colour powder to some sand and fill a transparent container with this coloured sand and arrange some candles on it.
  • Hang lanterns with candles in various corners, or in the balcony, or at the main entrance, to give a festive look to the house.
  • Recycle glass jars and glasses and use them as candle holders.
  • While scented candles give out a fresh fragrance, opt for ones that are subtle and not overpowering.

Try the gold theme this Christmas and winter season

Red and green are two colours that convey the Christmas feel. If you are looking for a change this year, try a gold-theme décor . You could even go in for red shades, without overdoing either colours. If you are looking to bring on Christmas and the winters a little differently, try handcrafted décor items. Check out some home décor items in gold theme for inspiration.

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Source: Vedas Exports
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