Designer home decor: Home decorating tips and interior design ideas

[] Be it a studio home or a bungalow design, designer home decor with decorative lights, wall art, bespoke furniture, and other home décor ideas, can dazzle and invigorate any space

What is designer home decor?

The home has become a new expression of fashion and style. Several fashion brands have forayed into home décor. Designer labels and fashion houses now offer an amazing variety of bespoke furniture, wallpapers, bedcovers, decorative lights, elegant serve-ware, candles and much more.

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Designer home decor on the rise

Millennials prefer to spend on exclusive items for their homes as they want it to reflect their eclectic style. From serene gardens and stunning wallpapers, to ergonomic office chairs, increased exposure to international home design has made people invest in fashion brands. The flourishing home décor market has given an impetus to Indian and international designers to foray into the home segment. Designer labels have a vast range of products, from sofas, chairs and dining tables to beds, home accessories, wallpaper, pots, kitchenware and bathroom fittings. International labels like Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Roberto Cavalli, Zara and Gucci have successfully forayed into the home décor segment. In India, leading fashion designers such as Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar, Sumit Verma, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, and JJ Valaya also have home décor products that are inspired from and made in India but conform to global trends.

Luxury designer home décor

Designer home decor: Home decorating tips and interior design ideas

At home, luxury décor includes fabrics, hi-tech appliances, furniture, statement light fixtures and elegant dinnerware. As Indians move towards global lifestyles, luxury home décor is in demand as people flaunt classy chairs, Instagram-worthy tableware and customised couches. Many home owners prefer luxury home décor to create a blissful corner, as well as a place to socialise.

To enhance your home with designer luxury home decor, opt for pieces that are classic and timeless, and match the aesthetics of your home design. Luxury interior design style requires adding some glamour. Metal accents of gold, silver or brass add to the oomph factor. Upholster your furniture with luxurious fabrics like silk, brocade and velvet. Mix and match the furnishings in regal colours like turquoise, magenta, emerald green, ruby red or muted gold. Add designer rugs and dress the curtains with fringes, tassels and trimmings. In the bedroom, opt for designer textiles for that glam factor. Select comfortable and tasteful pieces of furniture, like a royal chair or stately sofa to infuse a luxurious look into your home. Hand-crafted wood or gilded furniture, fine leather sofas and chaise lounges give an opulent look to the décor. Curate your art wall with exclusive art pieces for that touch of luxury. Infuse character into your bathroom with a spa that is aesthetic and comfortable. Go for a stylish and seamlessly integrated kitchen that is sleek, functional and uses superlative materials.

Affordable designer home décor

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Designer home decor: Home decorating tips and interior design ideas

Today many fashion designers have extended their design abilities to the home décor space. You get a wide range of designer décor that is luxurious, as well as affordable from both, international and home-grown labels. When looking for affordable designer home décor, ensure that utility and beauty blend together. Statement home décor pieces create a dramatic impact. For affordable designer accessories look out for sales and offers from designers. If you are on a budget, opt for a small, light and fancy coffee table instead of a huge designer sofa. Make one interesting designer décor piece the focal point of a room and design the rest of the space accordingly around it, to create a cohesive look. Design your home with accessories such as designer teaware or fragrant candles. Even with designer décor keep in mind practicality and functionality for a relaxing home.

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Sustainable designer home décor

Designer home decor: Home decorating tips and interior design ideas

‘Design with a conscience’ is a growing trend. Many designers support responsible designing and manufacturing and are part of the growing biophilic trend. There are luxurious décor pieces that are affordable and eco-friendly. Recycling and upcycling are also popular in terms of home décor. Green materials include upholstery made of organic materials and natural wood. Bamboo, jute and coir, cork, natural fabrics, and green plants are increasingly defining the living space. For sustainable fixtures that also lend a luxurious appeal, go for motion-sensor taps, designer LED light fittings, lamps made from natural fibres and furniture made from reclaimed wood. Affordable yet eco-friendly products like wall décor, hand-woven baskets, hand-painted pottery, designer liquid soap dispensers and porcelain dinnerware can be used for designer home decor.

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Designer home decor to accessorise your home

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Designer home decor: Home decorating tips and interior design ideas

Designer home decor accessories can enrich the visual appeal of your home. While shopping for designer accessories consider the overall décor. If it is a contemporary theme, then, avoid traditional design accessories with floral or traditional geometric patterns. A designer accessory piece adds character and depth to any room. Minimise decorative accessories by curating a classic collection that you connect with, be it a sculpture or a painting or dinnerware. Consider what furniture and accents are necessary. Limit colours to two or three and introduce visual variety through coordinated textures, patterns and prints in a cohesive composition.

Home decor designer fabrics

Designer home decor: Home decorating tips and interior design ideas

The Indian home designer fabric market is growing. Designers have diversified into home textiles with plenty to choose from. Plan the theme and colour palette of the décor, and accordingly select the fabrics. Play with different styles and materials. The furniture design must blend with the style of the window furnishings. Classic and vintage designs complement lace works and wood and painted blinds and valance. Designer furniture can complement clean, straight-line curtains or roman blinds in a minimally designed home. A classic home décor goes well with designer embroidered fabrics and vintage-style frills. Silk and brocade cushions spell sophistication as they make a space aesthetically appealing. A colourful designer bedcover with complimenting cushions and pillows can glam up a room. Add depth to the monochromatic scheme with designer fabrics with a subtle touch of gold, silver or red for some glamour.

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Decor tips for a designer home

  • Envision the style and concept of a room before choosing a designer décor. Opt for 3D design tools for better visualisation and planning. It is best to base your design theme either on furniture or on light fixtures.
  • Consider the size, dimensions, and colours of the room when finalising designer home accessories. Scale and proportion create the right balance in a space. Avoid large accessories in small spaces as it makes the room look cramped.
  • Stick to a budget when shopping for designer home decor. Opt for designer furniture that is functional, comfortable and durable.
  • Refrain from placing too many designer pieces in one room as they draw attention away from each other. Position a piece where it makes a statement.


How can I spruce up my home office with designer décor accessories?

Make your workplace inspiring by adding small designer frames and artefacts. Combine a designer pendant light with wall light. Avoid conventional office chairs. Go in for a stylish yet comfortable chair. Functional desk organisers with minimalistic designs and similar colour accessories will add colour and liveliness to your space.

Will designer wallpaper be a trend in home décor 2022?

Designer wallpapers in panelled frames will be popular in home décor. Green garden, floral, tropical and leafy-style wallpapers will be trending in 2022.

Are ready-to-move-in designer homes popular in India?

Real estate developers are hiring designers to decorate homes with customised furniture and exclusive furnishing and accessories. In the last few years, people have preferred ready-to-move-in furnished homes, as it gives hassle-free living with immediate effect. Also, it helps those who lead a hectic lifestyle and do not have time to design the house.

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