5 amazing TV unit designs for your home

[] Let’s take a look at a couple of TV unit designs that will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas about how to decorate yours.

A well-placed TV unit design and decor would be of massive help to hide all the clutter of wires and other unsightly technical stuff that nobody wishes to see. Let’s take a look at a couple of TV unit designs that will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas about how to decorate yours.

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When choosing a good TV unit design, there are a couple of pointers you need to consider before choosing. The layout and area of the room make a big difference in the placement of the TV stand. You also need to keep in mind the source of light and the direction the TV is facing. Try to point the TV away from direct sunlight to prevent an annoying glare on the screen. 

It would be best to keep in mind that the TV unit design should include enough storage space for things such as the subscription box, gaming consoles, lighting equipment, showpieces and more. Keeping those in mind, take a look at the following inspirations for more ideas on making your TV unit design a masterpiece.

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TV unit design: Chic and stylish 

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Source: Pinterest

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A wall-mounted TV coupled with stylish lighting decor is all you need to make your TV unit design shine out from the rest. A light beige colour would go gorgeously with the pleasant beige coloured lighting and mount. Decorate the area with small house plants and your favourite minimalistic art pieces. The storage area can be built below the TV unit design to store the necessary accessories for the entertainment unit. This setup tends to shine the brightest at night and gives the entire room a feel of luxury. 

TV unit design: 3D wall mount TV unit decor

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Source: Pinterest

This 3D wall mount creates a dynamic background that makes the entire TV setup look well put together and stylish. The grey and silver accented decor give a luxe feel and, adjoined with the plush carpet and minimalistic tv stand for storage, this is the setup where luxury meets budget. This TV unit design’s sleek, modern, and stylish look is best for apartments and other small living areas as the white and grey combination makes the space look bigger and airier.

TV unit design: Wallpaper background 

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Source: Pinterest

Wallpapers are the best way to bring about a dynamic background for your TV unit design if you do not budget for wall mounts. The installation and maintenance requirements are relatively low. You can also bring about the feel of many textures such as a wooden background or even use patterns that would be otherwise hard to put up. The wallpaper can also become a focal point of the whole decor, and it brings the room together perfectly.

TV unit design: Unique 360 degrees swivel TV unit mount

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Not only is this TV unit design impressive in terms of looks, but it also functions two ways as a wall divider and a multipurpose entertainment unit. The 360-degree swivel base lets you quickly rotate the TV so that you can watch it from any angle you want. Set it up in such a way so that it is accessible and easily usable by both sides. It is beneficial for small apartments where the dining table or kitchen and living room are close by, so you can watch tv while eating or cooking or relax on your sofa while watching the same.

TV unit design: Neo-contemporary wooden look

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Source: Pinterest

Last but certainly not least on our list comes this gorgeous contemporary bohemian look. The simple wooden furnishing brings about a clean, raw look that makes the room look brighter, and the menial walls and decor bring together the TV unit design without making the decor too glamorous. Make use of pretty plant pots and minimalistic chic art pieces so you can get to showcase your artistry while creating a fantastic TV unit design.

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