Custom kids wardrobe design ideas for your child’s bedroom

[] Transform your kids’ room with these interesting kid wardrobe design ideas.

Kids wardrobe designs are not the same as adult ones since kids have their demands and requirements – they need to be colourful, bright, and kid-friendly. They need to be built to keep up with them as they grow up and can fulfil their desires and wishes at all ages. It should also motivate the child to keep it maintained and organised. A kid’s wardrobe is for a lifetime if built right.

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5 kid wardrobe design ideas

Here are some amazing inspirations for your kids’ dream wardrobe design. By implementing these ideas, you can rest assured that your kids will love their wardrobe for a very long time.

Small kids wardrobe design

kids warddrobe1 1

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish wooden wardrobe for your kid, you can combine a wooden framed wardrobe with a colour of your kid’s choice to create a unique wardrobe that not only caters to your child’s wishes but also looks mature enough so they can use it for a long time. The wood used gives it a classic feel, while the baby blue colour and the cute handles give it a kid-friendly look. Later on, you can make small changes so that the wardrobe matches your child’s bedroom.

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For more versatility, adding a couple of open shelves also makes it easier to reach and grab stuff, and you can display your kid’s favourite toys and books too. Thus, the kids wardrobe space doubles up as a showcase or bookshelf along with storage.

Laminated kids wardrobe idea

kids wardrobe2 1

Source: Pinterest

If your child is a space fanatic, as are many other children these days, you can incorporate it into their kid wardrobe design to make their room more personalised. Laminates and plywoods of various designs and colours are not very expensive to buy and install and last for a long time. Additionally, you can quickly get it replaced to give the wardrobe a more mature look as your child grows older. Lower door handles are a nice touch to make the doors more accessible to your kids so they can easily maintain and use their wardrobes as they wish.

Study table cum kids wardrobe idea

kids wardrobe3 1

Source: Pinterest

If you have ample wardrobe space, incorporating a study table combined with their wardrobe is a good choice for your kids. Not only does it seamlessly blend with the interiors, thus leaving more space in the bedroom, but it also looks chic. Simple laminate boards or wooden doors help give the wardrobe cum study table a soft touch. You can incorporate any other colour of your choice to provide the entire space with a quirky, personalised look. These kid wardrobe designs can extend to the maximum height, thus allowing even more storage space. Use open shelves to display books and make them easier to reach while using the study table.

Large kids wardrobe design 

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kids w 4 1

Source: Pinterest

This kid wardrobe design features a fully covered simple wooden door wardrobe which creates the big picture of your child’s favourite things. You can easily customise the entire cabinet to create something uniquely personal for your child. The clean, flush lines separating each cupboard give the wardrobe a classic, modern look, and the open shelving next to the window provides easy access.

Unique kids wardrobe idea

kids w5 1

Source: Pinterest

This kid wardrobe design is perfect if you want a play area along with a storage area. The circular design provides a place for your child to lounge and unique designs and ample wardrobe space.

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