Ways to use patterns for a dramatic ‪HomeDécor‬.

[] Move over minimalism. Patterns are taking over! Here are unexpected ways to use different patterns for a dramatic ‪HomeDécor‬.

If you’re calmed by symmetry, opt for geometric patterns on the walls. You can then mix and match the colours and patterns in your décor items with it.

You are reading: Ways to use patterns for a dramatic ‪HomeDécor‬.

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If you like the idea of fluid patterns on the wall, but are not a big fan of floral or something too busy, a water colour inspired wallpaper is the way to go.

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If you’re a fan of florals or nature-inspired patterns, use it in your drapes and upholstery, like cushions and pillow covers.

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A complete print-on-print look is sometimes difficult to pull off without the space looking cluttered, but using lighter colours and complementary designs can make your space look fashionable and cozy!


If you’re wary of using too many patterns in your main living areas, you can try this style in your kitchen. With the right colours, it can make the space look vibrant!


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Try to offset the business of a patterned wall or upholstery, with subdued complementary colours.

*Photo courtesy: Casamance

Patterns are not only limited to wallpaper or pieces of decor. You can create the illusion of patterns with different kinds of indoor plants as well! Use nature to your advantage, while making your home more green at the same time.


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