Duplex stairs design: Designs to get inspired from

[] We have curated this list of some of the trendiest duplex stair designs that you can explore and experiment with to create your masterpiece.

With the emergence of new architecture and decor trends, staircase decor has gained the limelight. A perfect fleet of stairs can change your duplex into your paradise on Earth. Duplex stairs are such an underrated component of home decor, but it has tremendous hidden potential.

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You don’t have to stick to the same old boring duplex stairs we see traditionally. You can experiment with the material, looks, shapes, and sizes of the stairs design for duplex house. 

We have curated this list of some of the trendiest duplex stair designs that you can explore and experiment with to create your masterpiece.

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10 best duplex staircase designs in India

1. The hidden cabinets duplex staircase design

If you like to make use of all the space available and still want to get a clean and organised look for your space, then the hidden cabinets duplex staircase design is the one for you. This duplex stairs design allows you to utilise the space underneath the staircase and use it as a utility closet or turn it into cabinets for storage purposes. It’s a compact way of storage management, and the duplex stairs above makes it look pristine. 

Under stairs

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2. Minimalism at its best duplex staircase design 

A simple fleet of stairs paired with classic iron railings is an example of minimalism at its best. This duplex staircase design, although straightforward, is very versatile. You can choose from the different stair floorings, and railing designs, and colour options. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

3. The artistic railing duplex staircase design 

Who doesn’t like creative artsy designs? Staircase railings are versatile, and are the latest trend in home decor. You can choose to go for a delicate yet durable metal criss-cross string pattern or a waveform. It is up to you to select the railing design that will elevate the looks of your place. A uniquely structured railing for your duplex staircase design is an exciting choice. 

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artistic railing

Source: Pinterest 

4. The elegant glass duplex staircase design

An impressive set of an all-glass staircase in a modern duplex is just perfection. The right choice of glass staircase design can do wonders for your duplex setting. Imagine the shiny, transparent glass exuding sophisticated and magical vibes.

glass stairs

Source: Pinterest 

5. The old-money railing duplex staircase design 

If your space exudes that old-school charm and the rustic vintage vibes, then the old-money railing duplex staircase design is the choice for you. The old-money railings consist of delicate designs and patterns carved into the iron railing, creating a charming old-money aura for your space. This simple stairs design for a duplex house is the most effective and sophisticated. 

old money railing

Source: Pinterest 

6. The floating duplex staircase design

One of India’s trendiest in duplex house staircase designs, the floating stairs are edgy, stylish, and very chic. The stairs are designed in such a way that it looks like a floating fleet of stairs. A floating staircase is a perfect illusion to have in your ultra-modern duplex house. 

floating stairs

Source: Pinterest 

7. The grand granite duplex staircase design 

Granites have been and always will be known for their grandeur. If you want to go for the elegant and classic aesthetics, then a grand granite duplex staircase design is your ideal choice. This buffed and polished surface in your living space will make a significant difference and elevate your duplex’s look. 

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granite duplex

Source: Pinterest 

8. The classic brown and white duplex staircase design 

This one is for those who want something simple yet effective. You can never go wrong with the classic brown and white duplex staircase design. It is a perfect choice for your contemporary style duplex home. You can make some adjustments by alternating the colours in your design. The age-old combination is ideal for minimalistic decor. 

classic brown and white stairs

Source: Pinterest 

9. The play of colours duplex staircase design 

A little colour never hurts anyone. Colour enhances the energy and charm of your duplex. Choosing a pop of colour to complement the rest of your space makes it look more alive and welcoming. Some of the crowd favourites for coloured duplex staircase design are magenta, bright yellow, orange, and green. You can opt to paint the adjacent wall with a lighter contrasting shade to that of your duplex staircase for a higher impact. 


Source: Pinterest 

10. The monochrome duplex staircase design 

The monochrome is an iconic combination that can never go out of style when it comes to duplex staircase design. If you like to keep your living spaces very simple but aesthetic, then monochrome will work perfectly for you. A fleet of black staircases with white railings or vice versa looks magnificent. 


Source: Pinterest 

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