Top modular wardrobe designs

[] If you are now ready to invest in a modular wardrobe, we have 6 different modular wardrobe designs that will inspire and guide you in your next wardrobe purchase.

Are you looking for storage space that is trendy, long-lasting, and saves space? Well, then a modular wardrobe design is your solution. A modular wardrobe can be customised according to your needs which means that you can keep your shoes, clothes, accessories, etc organised. Modular wardrobe designs are also easy to install and can be pulled apart and put together. 

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The colour and finishes can be made to match your taste. Therefore, you won’t need to hunt and search for modular wardrobe designs that match your decor all over the city. The beneficial modular wardrobe’s cost depends on the material and customizations. 

6 unique modular wardrobe designs

If you are now ready to invest in a modular wardrobe, we have 6 different modular wardrobe designs that will inspire and guide you in your next wardrobe purchase.


Modular wardrobe for small space

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Modular wardrobe designs are great for small areas because they can be customised for optimum storage. Here, we see one such example of utilising a modular wardrobe in small spaces. White and wood are a timeless combination that creates a minimalist look. There is a three-door cupboard with two overhead units and an open side panel. The gap left is filled with installing a study table. This modular wardrobe design will be great for a kid’s room as they need a lot of storage for their clothes as well as school items. The open side panel gives room for books as well as decorative showpieces.

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Shiny grey modular wardrobe

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Modular wardrobe design 02


This gleaming grey modular wardrobe design is a customised contemporary design to match the room’s decor. Matching your wardrobe’s decor with the space and choosing the finish is one of the advantages of selecting modular wardrobes. The wardrobe reaches to the ceiling to provide extra room and highlight the height of the room. Various units like the drawers, overhead units, and main wardrobe will give more than enough storage for all kinds of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

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Modular wardrobe with mirror shutter 

Modular wardrobe design 03


These chic modular wardrobe designs with mirror shutters will look amazing on any modern home. The wardrobe acts as a storage unit and a vanity unit. If you have a smaller space, this wardrobe will add the illusion of extra room. Another great thing about this wardrobe is that it reflects light and makes the whole room appear more bright and airy. Sliding doors are also great for their space-saving doors. The sleek modern look is brought forward with the classic white colour.

Shiny lacquer finish modular wardrobe

Modular wardrobe design 04


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One way to add a glamorous touch to your home is to have a glossy wardrobe. This modular wardrobe design looks very high-end because of the lacquer finish and the sleek handles. This cream beige looks divine with the dark-coloured walls. This design’s reflective nature will make the space look more available and luminous in compact rooms.


Modular wardrobe with a peak in

Modular wardrobe design 05


This modular wardrobe design is ideal for people who want to show off a few items in their wardrobe. The glossy white wardrobe is paired perfectly with a matte blue. The reflective surface, as well as the glass section, combine well with each other. A benefit of this wardrobe is that if you keep the glass part well maintained, the whole wardrobe will look well maintained.

See-through modular wardrobe

Modular wardrobe design 06


A glass wardrobe with a dark wooden finish gives a luxurious appearance. In this modular wardrobe design, both glass and open shelves are present. The hanging clothes can be kept on the open shelves and the closed shelves can be used for everyday clothes and accessories. This beautiful design is often found in walk-in wardrobes. We love how black and white elements are used in this wardrobe to create a contrasting but complementary look. 

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