Décor tips for a peaceful and calming home

[] Everyone desires a home, which is a private haven, relaxing and a place to rejuvenate oneself. We look at how home owners can, with just a little bit of planning and a few décor aids, create a serene atmosphere

In today’s frenetic world, it is important to create a calm and peaceful home, to recharge and begin a new day, refreshed. Every personal space has a calming vibe and every home reflects the personality of the people living in it, says Sameer AM, founder and CEO of Bonito Designs. “Sometimes, one just needs to give it a few additional touches, in order to bring out the best,” Sameer adds.

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Organise and de-clutter

Clutter produces physical chaos and is an unwelcome visual distraction. “When one’s eye can skim smoothly across clean, clear surfaces throughout one’s home, it becomes easier to stay focused on the present and avoid stress. Clean, clear floors and surfaces, streamline one’s life. Hence, home owners should make storage for items, so that they can either be organised better or hidden away. For example, tangled cables and cords can be an eyesore. Have one area, where the chargers can be stored out of sight, when not in use and if cables and wires cannot be concealed permanently, find a way to disentangle and organise various cables neatly and hide them behind the appliances,” suggests Sameer.

Home lighting

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Light not only helps in illumination but also aids relaxation and creates the right ambiance. Using natural light, is an easy way to create a peaceful home. “Mood lights can work wonders, in creating a calming atmosphere. It sets the right mood, leaving one cheerful and relaxed. Opt for blue, amber or even off-white colour lights, as these can improve sleeping patterns. It is best to position the lights facing downwards, to ensure that the light does not hit the eyes directly. A slight tilt will also work, as the glare will not fall on your eye directly,” states Tuhin Roy, founder, Jumping Goose.

Dedicated recreation space

Dedicate one space for yoga or meditation, exercising, painting or anything else that relieves stress. “Create a reading nook in your balcony and add a cane swing or a low seating, with lots of throw cushions that are bright,” adds Roy. The colours used in the house should be soothing for the mind and soul. Avoid excessive use of black and grey colours at home. Bedrooms can be done up in soothing colours such as pink, peach, light yellow, green and other light colours. These colours create tranquil vibes and invite healing energy. “Go for pastel shades or plain white. Lighter hues work well, in creating a calming ambience and help in de-stressing the mood in one’s home. One can also opt for sea-green, to depict the tranquility of the sea,” states Roy.

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Curb the noise

To reduce traffic noise, soundproof the walls and ceilings, by doubling up on drywalls and caulking the gaps from where sound enters. Soundproofing can be done, by adding insulation and sound-dampening fillers, such as perforated gypsum boards and glass wool between partition walls or in false ceilings. Carpets, drapes and other soft materials, also help to absorb sound. “For walls, a cheap, sound-muffling solution is 4×8-ft fibre-boards, a recycled cardboard material that is available at reasonable prices. Moreover, these can be painted, to add colour,” says Sameer.

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Music can have a substantial impact on your mind. “Some people experience a calming effect by listening to classical music. For others, familiar tunes from their past, can make them feel happier and more at peace. A room with good acoustics that allows the music to reverberate, while also cutting out unnecessary background sounds, can create a calming space in your own home,” explains Sameer.

Create a natural environment

Bring natural elements like plants into the house, which help to clean and oxygenate the indoor air, making it easier for you to breathe. Arrange some fresh flowers in pots, to make the home more cheerful. Indoor water fountains can also lend peace and calm to the interiors. The sound of trickling water has a tranquil effect and connects us to nature. Other natural materials, like fabrics, furniture, etc., can also affect one’s mood. Add natural materials like rough jute, linen, old leather, pure silk and raw wood in the home.

Bharti Bansal, a homemaker from Mumbai shares that “I have a corner in my study, where I have my deities and also a Buddha idol and a huge metal hanging bell, gifted by my grandmother. In the morning, I light a diya and ring this bell. It makes me feel peaceful and in harmony with my inner self. The idol of a meditating Buddha, creates an aura of calmness all around.”

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Tips, to create a soothing ambience at home

  • Create a purifying, rejuvenating atmosphere in your home, by choosing natural scents like those from beeswax candles, essential oils and fresh flowers.
  • Opt for candles and tea lights, to provide a soft, warm glow that can help you to unwind.
  • The bathroom can have a shower curtain with soothing colours or prints. Avoid clutter on the counters in the bathrooms and instead, opt for closed storage. Scented candles, incense sticks or diffusers, can also be placed to create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Add chimes to the entrance or balcony areas, for a soft, tingling sound.
  • Display pictures, posters or souvenirs and knick-knacks from trips that remind you of good times.
  • Put up positive quotes around the house, to help you stay focused on your life.

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