Main gate design: House front grill gate design ideas to choose from

[] We examine some main gate designs that home owners can choose from, the common materials used for main gate grill design and Vastu tips for gate grill design

Main gate design

The main gate design in any home has to be warm and welcoming. Apart from providing security, the main gate grill design and doors provide a distinctive character to the house, whether it is a flat or an independent house. From aesthetics to security, grill gate designs have evolved over the years.

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Main gate design 2021 trend

Stainless steel front gate gives an elegant look to your home exteriors. With iron gates, the choice of carvings and colour combination makes it one of the best main gate design ideas.

The simple and minimalist design is among the main gate design trends that ruled the year 2021. A small iron gate design is a perfect idea for Indian homes. An additional grill wall also blends with the modern gate design. One can enhance the look with a brick wall pattern. These gate designs continue to rule in 2022. Further, you go for a sliding front gate to bring a stylish appeal to your house. 

Gate design: Grill materials used

Main gate grill design are designed from different materials such as iron gate design for main door, steel gate design for main door, aluminium and brass. Loha grill gate or iron main door gate design can be shaped for elaborate decorative designs. Cast and wrought iron are both used for grill designs. Aluminium grills as door gate designs are a strong, lightweight and a highly durable material that is resistant to most outdoor weather conditions. These main gate grill design can be powder-coated in various colours. However, aluminium is not suitable for coastal areas, as it may become discoloured.

Steel gate design for main door is strong, maintenance-free, and does not rust, as it has a top coating of chromium oxide. They look sophisticated and have a superior finish. Brass grills also look classic and are durable and resistant to rust. Mild steel is stronger than wrought iron and cast iron is the strongest. As for rust-resistance, mild steel is less rust-resistant than cast iron but more rust-resistant than wrought iron.

The main gate design should reflect the overall style of your home, in terms of theme and colour and blend with the exterior décor. Nowadays, gate grill design can be done in many ways.

[] Main gate grill design for home

Front gate designs for houses

Mentioned below are front gate grill design images for houses that you can evaluate.

Main gate design with folding pattern

Folding gate designs are ideal main gate grill design for home -apartments or even bungalows with space constraints at the entrance. A folding front gate design can be made solely with metals or with wood. This grill gate design can have multiple doors, attached using hinges. The individual panel folds into the other to make way in this type of grill gate design for main door. They are one of the best options for low cost simple gate design for small house.

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Safety grill gate design for the main door

[] Elegant window grill designs for your home

Gate grill design with floral patterns 

Gate design in floral patterns can be fabricated in amazing varieties, with small to big motifs. They can be painted in lovely hues for a small gate design. The main gate grill design for home can have an antique finish, a lovely creeper style, laser cut floral designs, or flower designs assembled by welding, depending on the material chosen for the house gate design.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Sliding grill gate design 

A sliding gate design moves on a rail that is usually fixed to the ground. These grill gate design, which are good options to optimise the available space, move in a horizontal direction either on manual sliding or automated systems. Unlike conventional gates, these sliding gate design simply glide on a rail, without blocking the road like shown in the below grill gate photo. They can be simple, funky, sleek or magnificent in design loha grill gate or wooden gate. They are apt simple gate design for small house.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Main gate grill design for home: Spanish-inspired 

Spanish-inspired entrance gate designs are the perfect combination of style and security. These grills are coal-fired and hammered into a design inspired by Spanish architecture and add a vintage touch. As shown in the grill gate photo, typically constructed from wrought iron, these highly decorative main gate designs for the exteriors can be elaborate with scrolls, ball castings and spear toppers or simpler in style with squared or crossbars. The main iron gate colour combination include black and golden.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Artistic grill gate design 

The main gate grill design can be decorated with customised castings and elegant intricate design patterns with various motifs such as Ganesha, lotus, sun, Warli designs, geometric patterns, ornamental and laser cut designs. One can choose the main gate grill design as per the theme of one’s home, to make an artistic statement, like the one shown in the below grill gate photo.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Grill gate design: Partly designed

Half-wooden and half-grill gate design (jaali) look exquisite. This kind of main gate grill design for door can be designed with metal jali in interesting designs like spiral, classic wave, honeycomb, etc., only on the upper half of the door. For the lower half of the grill gate for main door one can opt for the plain painted metal sheet, wood, or panelled wood, which appears bright and trendy and also ensures the home’s privacy.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Also, creating a main gate design with combination of wood, glass and grillwork, will also give your entrance an elegant look. The gate design can be made only from metal or one can combine the metal grill with wood or glass. One can add a glass panel with an elegant floral carving or geometric design, on the side of the door. One can create a wooden panel to ornament the main door and use glass alternatively for the design on the wooden panel. Opt for stained or frosted glass for privacy, light and to add to the style quotient.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

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[] Boundary wall designs for Indian homes

Moroccan inspired main gate grill design 

In this main gate, Moroccan-style shapes are fabricated in metallic bars to create a floral, mesh-like pattern. These main gate grill designs bridge the gap between old-world geometric design and modern fabrication, with intricate metal inlay work and exotic gate painting design. Main gate colour combination for Moorish designs can be blue, yellow and brown.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Vintage main gate design 

Brass doors and grill gates have been popular front gate design since Victorian times due to their elegant features. If the theme of the home is vintage, let the design of the security gate blend with it. In brass, different types of finishes include polished brass, gunmetal brass, standard brass and anodised brass. These can be selected as per the theme of the house gate design, to add a touch of opulence.

Safety grill gate design for the main door

Stainless steel main gate design 

Steel gate design main gate look modern and the design is based on a variety of operating models from swinging to sliding house gate designs. One can embellish the steel gate design with fancy patterns or decorations ornamental gate like this can double up its value. One can design a steel gate in vertical or horizontal bars or opt for the intricate laser-cut gate design and painted finish. Depending on the style of the house incorporate the fancy motifs on the steel grill by using a customised and decorative steel gate.

Main gate grill design with metal mesh

Metal mesh can work well for the main gate. Best main gate colour combination is when they are painted in colours like black, brown, blue beige or white etc. The durable metal fencing and railings ensure safety without blocking views. Steel (stainless, powder-coated or galvanised) and aluminium are popular and durable choices for a mesh design. The main gate design with a wire mesh can be made decorative with geometric grillwork and also prevent insects from entering the house.

Main grill gate design with a pergola

Adding a pergola to the front gate enhances the home visual appeal. The pergola can be designed with a frame for holding red clay tiles theme its traditional of the house. Or else design a pergola with metal, stone, glass reclaimed wood to go with the design of the main gate. Lights fixed onto the pergola frame can make the entrance bright and inviting. One can select a pergola in either an open or a closed design, or with some light and transparent material, to protect and decorate the main gate.

Main gate colour combination 

The gate design can be painted in various colours such as black, brown, silver, gold, blue, white, red, etc. Opt for a main gate colour combination that matches with the home’s façade, wall and exterior design. Use the metal primer to coat the gates. Clear the rust away, before applying the metal paint.

Choose a paint that is suitable for the kind of metal used in the making of the gate. Oil-based or alkyd paints are better for wrought iron gates as they have a durable finish and resist water. For galvanised metal grill gates, avoid oil-based primers and paints. Instead, opt for acrylic primers and paints specifically designed for use on galvanized surfaces. A metal gate should be painted once in a while, to avoid rusting and peeling of paint.

Tips to maintain house gate design 

  • Security is the most important feature of a front gate design. Hence, ensure that you use good quality, sturdy material for the main gate design.
  • Ensure that the dimensions are properly measured and decide on the design, main gate colour combination, whether it will be sliding or folding, etc., based on the space available.
  • Choose the main gate design, based on your home’s interior. Consider the requirements of small children and pets, if any. Reduce the gaps on the door grill gate or use metal mesh to keep your pets safe within the home.
  • For flats, the safety gate design has to match the main entrance door, to lend an appealing look.
  • Always select good quality locks, latches, hinges and handles. Install a security camera, video doorbell, alarm, spikes, or electric fencing for more security.
  • Usually, it is cheaper to install a manual gate, as compared to an automatic one. Select, according to your budget.
  • Regularly lubricate the metal gate locks and latches, to keep them free from rust.
  • If need be, affix an insect net behind it, to keep pests away.

Vastu tips for main gate design 

  • A main gate design using wood and metal is recommended for the south direction.
  • A main gate design made of metal is apt for the west direction.
  • A silver-painted gate grill design is ideal for the north direction.
  • A wooden main gate design decorated with a metal grill or accessories, is good for the east direction.
  • Do not keep the main entrance gate higher than the compound wall.
  • The main gate should be brightly lit to attract prosperity and positive energy. According to Vastu there should be no darkness in and around the main gate.
  • The main entrance gates should always open in a clockwise direction and open inwards.

[] Vastu Shastra tips for the main door/entrance


What is the best material for a safety door?

Steel is a popular choice for the main gate as it gives a modern, sleek look. If you desire design over durability, then, iron is a better option.

How can I decorate the grill gate?

Use door knockers, wind chimes, small metal bells, metallic nameplates, a laser-cut house number, torans, etc., to decorate the main gate.

How to do the estimation of the cost of the grill used for making the main gate?

The cost of the grill is stated on a per sq ft-basis. It depends on the metal chosen, design, style and its sophistication, construction, types of joints, welding, etc.

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