Types of kitchen flooring for your modern kitchen

[] Listed in this article are the various types of kitchen flooring ideas for your modern home.

The kitchen is quite different from the other rooms in the house. All the surfaces in the kitchen have to go through a lot of water, steam, and heat on a regular basis. If you do not choose your kitchen flooring wisely, you might end up with cracks on your flooring or just an overall unappealing kitchen flooring that does not last for a long time. Today kitchen designing has changed a lot; modular kitchens built out of open style design have become quite common.

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For you to use simple tiles for your kitchen flooring might feel drab, considering everything else is so modern and up-to-date. There are a bunch of options when it comes to the types of kitchen flooring that you can use to make sure your kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing while also being functionally useful. So, if you are looking for a classy and sophisticated look to your kitchen where the cost is not a barrier, or if you are looking for an affordable kitchen flooring solution, here are all the best types of kitchen flooring.

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5 best styles and types of kitchen flooring

Laminate wood flooring

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If you want to go for affordable types of kitchen flooring, laminate wood flooring is a great option for you to add the perfect flooring solution to your modern kitchen on a budget. Laminate wood flooring offers great looks, and it is very durable with the ability to sustain the heat, moisture, and water that runs rampant in a kitchen. Other than the durability and looks, this flooring solution is very easy and quick to install, and if you want to replace it, you can do that very quickly and easily too.

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Ceramic tiles

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Ceramic tiles are one of the most common types of kitchen flooring used in different parts of the world. This is mainly because ceramic tiles are very easily available. These tiles are very hard and non-slippery making them safe for children and the elderly. These tiles are also resistant to water, heat, and moisture; however, cleaning them periodically will help them look the best in the long run. The best feature about ceramic tiles is that they are available in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Ceramic tiles are one of the most used types of kitchen flooring, and the variety of colours and options ensures they will remain popular in the future too. Ceramic tiles are beautiful and practically fit in any kitchen, no matter the type of styling you have in your kitchen. Since tiles are made from clay, they are affordable as well, so if you want to change your flooring after a few years and go for a new style, you can easily do that.

Concrete flooring

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Concrete kitchen flooring is one of the most durable types of kitchen flooring. Concrete flooring is completely safe from heat, moisture, and water. It is resistant to fall damage of kitchenware, and it is very affordable as well. In terms of looks, concrete flooring gives out a very industrial and functional look that is best suited for large kitchens that are active throughout the day.

If you want simple and durable types of kitchen flooring, concrete is a great option. Other than that, concrete kitchen flooring is great if you want to go for a professional kitchen, as it will keep the flooring out of your way when you have to get things done in a hurry. If you want to set up your own cloud kitchen, concrete can be a great choice for the flooring too. Just make sure you wear slippers in the kitchen during winters, as concrete can be quite cold.

Marble flooring

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Marble flooring is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful types of kitchen flooring because of the earthy natural look that it brings to your kitchen. Apart from the very chic look that it provides, marble flooring has a lot of beautiful colour variants giving you a variety of options for your kitchen flooring. Apart from looks, marble is also durable and does not get affected by the heat and moisture in the kitchen. It is also quite a durable flooring solution as it can withstand some damages before cracking completely.

So, if you want to go for a very premium and sophisticated type of kitchen flooring, marble is a great choice for you. Just keep it clean, and you will always have a beautiful kitchen. Marble is a natural product, and sourcing it can be expensive, but marble is also very long-lasting and can withstand moderate to heavy use with no problems. So, if you go for marble flooring, you can expect your flooring to last for a long time.

Hardwood flooring

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Hardwood flooring is a great modern flooring solution that is becoming more popular by the day. If you also want to go for modern types of kitchen flooring, hardwood flooring is a great choice. The best feature of hardwood flooring is its great looks and good durability. These tiles can be refinished, so you can change the look even after they are installed without replacing them.

Hardwood flooring is becoming a trendy type of kitchen flooring, and currently, it is one of the best flooring solutions for your modern open plan modular kitchens. Hardwood flooring gives a very classic look to your kitchen, making it extremely photogenic. Make sure a flooring that does not have too much of a wide plank, and you will be all set with a durable and long-lasting beautiful wooden flooring for your kitchen.


In India, concrete, ceramic tiles, and marble are the most popular types of kitchen flooring used.

Is wooden kitchen flooring durable?

Yes, wooden types of kitchen flooring are durable. They can also withstand considerable fall damage to kitchenware.

What types of kitchen flooring are best for children and the elderly?

For children and the elderly, it is best to not go for types of kitchen flooring that are slippery.

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