Choose the right dining table design for your home

[] In this article we examine the different materials, shapes and trends in dining table design, to make it easy for home owners to select the right one for their needs

A well-designed dining table is not merely a piece of utility furniture. It is one place where the entire family sits and connects at mealtime. So, here are a few ideas to select a dining table design that you and your loved ones can cherish and create memories while dining.

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Dining table materials

The type of material that you choose to design the dining table depends on the theme of the room, budget, space, etc. Today, there are various options – from full wood or metal, to wood and glass combined.

Wooden dining table design

Wooden dining table design

Solid wood like rubber wood, mahogany, walnut, teak, sheesham, etc., are most popular dining table design materials. A wood dining tables design looks classy and it is durable and sturdy. Solid wood tables are expensive but last for years. Today, one also gets tables made from engineered and composite woods such as ply and MDF that are durable and strong but may not last as long as wood.

Glass-top dining table design

Glass dining table design

A glass dining table design adds a sophisticated, modern look to the overall home décor. Glass dining tables are ideal for small rooms as due to its transparency, it imparts a visual appearance of spaciousness. A table with a glass top may have a wooden or metal frame. Glass is prone to scratches and has to be dealt with care. It can be wiped and easily cleaned without much hassle. For the glass top, tempered glass is better as hot items can be placed. Frosted and stained glass can be used for a stylish appeal.

Stone-top dining table design

Marble dining table design

There are a variety of stones that can be used as dining table top designs: marble, quartz, onyx granite, etc. These require high maintenance, regular resealing and frequent cleaning. Moreover, such table tops are heavy. So, shifting such dining tables will not be easy. Dining table designs with stone tops can lend sophistication to the dining space.

Metal dining table design

Metal dining table design

Metal designed dining tables have become trendy and they go well with regal, contemporary and industrial interior home décors. Steel dining tables are popular as they are durable and long-lasting. Even muted golden, brass or sparkling silver colours and lacquer are being used for a luxurious touch to the dining table base, as well as the top.

Laminate top dining table design

Choose the right dining table design for your home

Laminates are used as an ornate layer for a core material like plywood or MDF. Laminate top dining table designs have different layers of materials that can include PVC and high-impact melamine. Some also have a wood-grain finish. It is sturdy, durable and easy to clean but not as long-lasting as wood.

[] Vastu Shastra tips for the dining room

Shape, size and seating capacity of dining table

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Dining tables can be designed in various shapes, such as rectangle, square, round and oval or free flow. While square and rectangular dining table designs are the most common, round or oval tables provide space for people to move around, as it cuts off the corners but still has good surface area.

Before you plan to buy a dining table, measure the space where the dining table will be placed. The dining area should have enough walking space around it, after the chairs are arranged. Keep extra space of a few inches behind the chairs, so that they can be pulled back from the table and to ensure one can move around comfortably.

In a large dining room, one can place a standard-size dining table, or even a large, oversized table. For a small room, opt for a sleek, modern dining table design.

One can opt for two-seater to 12-seater dining tables, depending on one’s family size. Each person should have about two ft of space to eat comfortably. Most dining tables are made according to standard measurements. The standard width is 36-40 inches while the standard height is 29-31 inches.

Different designs of dining tables base

The dining table design has to be functional and yet aesthetic in appeal. When sitting, make sure that there is enough legroom underneath the table. One of the simplest types of dining design has four legs, commonly used for square and rectangular dining tables. A table with slim legs in each corner makes it easier to fit in ornate chairs. Single pedestal dining tables have a large, single pedestal which is ideal for small spaces as there are no table legs which makes it easier to get up and sit down at the table.

The trestle designed dining tables’ base has a specific construction called a trestle, usually one trestle at each end of the table. Each trestle consists of a horizontal plank, atop which sits the tabletop. Trestle tables are sturdy and look good in traditional interior designs.

Dining table leg designs can be simple or elegantly carved or shaped in the form of animals, birds or flowers.

[] Wall colours for the dining room

The design of the dining table chosen should blend with the décor of one’s interiors. Here are the most popular dining tables styles.

Modern dining table design

Modern dining table design

Modern dining tables designs are usually sleek, with horizontal and vertical lines and have no special adornment. They also feature natural, modern materials, such as steel legs and stone and glass tabletops.

Traditional dining table design

Old dining table design

Dining tables in traditional style are made from dark woods and are designed with decorative moulding and feature pedestal legs or traditional corner legs. Traditional tables often come with matching chairs.

Farm-style dining table design

Choose the right dining table design for your home

Farm style dining tables are designed with distressed wood for a rugged effect. Farmhouse tables are heavy, rustic tables that have a rectangular tabletop and thick, sturdy legs. To add colour, sometimes the legs and skirt of the table are painted while the tabletop is left with its original wood finish. Scratches, dents and an uneven finish are part of the style.

Industrial style dining table design

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Choose the right dining table design for your home

Industrial design-inspired dining tables are usually made of metal bases and wooden tops in a modern but rustic look. Salvaged or up-cycled materials are common and lend character to industrial dining tables. Some industrial tables feature a wood tabletop with metal legs or supports, while others are entirely constructed of recycled metals.

Scandinavian dining table design

Choose the right dining table design for your home

A Scandinavian-designed dining table is simple, with sleek, minimal, clean lines and finished in a light beige colour. It is also available in other neutral colour varieties like black, dark brown and white. The main elements of the Scandinavian design are functionality, simplicity, craftsmanship, no intricate detail and the abundant use of wood.

Shaker style dining table design

Choose the right dining table design for your home

Shaker dining table designs are classic, timeless, sleek and simple dining tables. They are designed from maple, pine and cherry wood. Shaker furniture is defined by simplicity and utility, without unnecessary embellishment. Shaker tables often have a rectangular table top. Shaker legs are wider at the top and taper down.

Japanese style dining table design

Choose the right dining table design for your home

The most significant feature of a Japanese dining table design is the low-level of the table. Instead of chairs, mats or cushions are used. The ‘chabudai’ is a traditional table made from wood, either in square or oval shape that requires floor seating. This short-legged table ranges from 15 to 30 cm in height.

[] Design ideas for small and large dining rooms

Extendable / Folding dining table design for small spaces

In small homes, where one wants flexible solutions, extendable dining tables are available that transform the four-seater dining table into a six-seater or more. One can also opt for a wall mounted dining table, if space is an issue. A foldable dining table with storage ensures that one has space for tableware and it can be stowed away after mealtime.

Workstation-cum-dining table

During the pandemic, many of us have reconfigured our homes to accommodate WFH and school options. So, one may need a multi-functional dining table that doubles-up as a workstation by day and a dining table at night. For this, the dining table has to be large enough for one’s laptop and other workstation accessories. It should also have a comfortable height for one to work. Yu can store work supplies in baskets, boxes or a small console close by for additional storage.

Dining table designs with storage

In homes where space is an issue, a dining table design with in-built drawers or a shelf to store things like napkins, tablecloths and cutlery, is an ideal choice.

Dining table designs with lazy Susan and built-in hot plate

One can design a lazy Susan (a circular rotating tray) on a table to make serving easy. Today, new-age dining tables also come in with built-in hot plates that keep the meals hot.

Dining table seating

Most of the time, chairs for the dining table are designed with the entire set, to match the table seamlessly. However, one can also choose varied seating options, to add a dash of exclusivity in the dining room. One can mix and match different chairs, side chairs or armless chairs, upholstered (cotton, velvet, leather) chairs with arms, etc. One can also opt for a bench to be placed on the other side of the table as it is a great space-saver. A dining table with a comfortable sofa for seating is now in trend but ideally, the sofa should be kept near a wall.


What is a dining room table with a leaf?

Some tables can be extended, thereby, allowing for more seating. Such tabletops pull apart at the ends, opening the centre of the table to provide a space where a leaf (an add-on wooden top) can be inserted to make it bigger.

What is a tempered glass top table?

Tempered glass is harder than normal glass and is more resistant to temperature changes. It also breaks differently and does not have the sharp edges that normal glass has when it breaks.

What should be the shape of the dining table according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, dining tables should be in a square or rectangular shape, as it represents stability.

Which colour dining table is a better choice?

Opt for the dining table design in black, grey, brown and white, as these are always in trend and blend easily in most home décor themes.

How can I dress up the dining table?

Choose a colour palette to dress up the table, with fancy table linen, candles and fresh flowers.

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