Check these inspiring American House Designs

[] The United States is a melting pot of people from all over the world. Not just in terms of ethnicity but also in terms of culture and socioeconomic class. As a result, American architecture has a fusion of styles and designs from all around the world.

Architectural styles in America come and go much like any other kind of art form. Trends from 20 years ago maybe no longer be in vogue, while those from seventy years ago are now deemed vintage trendy. It’s all relative, of course.

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There are so many different home designs to choose from that it may be difficult to choose just one favourite. Take a look at some of the most prominent classic American house designs. 


American house designs, from traditional to contemporary

Colonial style 

When the United States was established, the architectural style of many houses was referred to as ‘Colonial’ and today, ‘Colonial Revival’ is a popular design aesthetic. The two-storey floor layouts and brick construction materials used by early American immigrants, mostly in the 1700s, are common features of colonial-style houses, whether classic or revived. 

Houses of the colonial-style are known for their uniformity, and all the floors frequently include a large number of windows, which are rectangular. Colonial-style American house designs are also known for their glass windows, grand door frames, and large open spaces, among other attributes.

In this historical colonial design style, intricate craftsmanship may be seen in mouldings, chair railings, built-ins, bannister stairways, and floors. New England colonial architecture was the genesis of America’s distinctive colonial architectural style. 

Colonial-style homes are ideal for big families that need a great number of rooms arranged on both the top and lower levels, as well as the ability to enjoy solitude and comfort in their surroundings.

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Tudor style

Tudor-style homes have grown more fashionable in the last decade or two. Modern Tudor-style houses include single-story floor layouts, uphill roofs, transverse overhangs, and high, broad windows, all of which are reminiscent of the early 1600s in England. 

Most people who own Tudor-style homes like them for their ‘storybook’ atmosphere. For these particulars, towering windows, large bedrooms with lots of natural light, and old traditional style with wood accents are significant. 

At first sight, the Tudor houses seem to be nearly Swiss in appearance, even though their period they are unquestionably English. Traditional Tudor homes were originally modest in size, similar to Cape Cod cottages, but they have since been modified. Tudor-style homes, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for small families with two or three bedrooms who wish to make the most of their limited living space.

Tudor-style American house designs may still be seen in various areas of the UK and Southeast America.

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Victorian style 

 This type of architecture, like the Tudor style, is mainly derived from the English architectural style and has many features with the Tudor design. Roofs with steep inclinations and dormer windows towards the eaves are very frequent. 

A lot of the decorations surrounding the doors and windows in Victorian designs are inspired by French architecture, and there are elaborate embellishments and meticulous planning in every aspect of these traditional-style houses. Bonfires, protruding bay windows, chimneys, and levels of windows that gaze out over encircling terraces and balconies are all beautiful architectural features.

A Victorian-style house is likely to be one of your favourite architectural styles, owing to its intricate architectural features, textured shingles, and bright exterior colour scheme. The French influence on the classic Victorian design style in the United States is well recognised.

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Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Rustic style 

Rustic way of lifestyle and modern log cabins have made great strides from their beginnings as hefty wood structures. Traditional log cabins were mostly found in mountainous regions of rural America, but today’s contemporary log cabins are increasingly commonplace on pastures, countryside estates, and of course, in the highlands.

There’s a rustic charm to these well-built houses owing to the use of wood types, including bald cypress and red cedar, as well as white pine. The interiors include enormous windows that provide spectacular views of the surroundings and may be customised in either a multi-story or single floor plan configuration.

The simple log cabin was once a common sight in the woods, but now it can be seen among the most valuable properties in America. Almost every aspect of these houses may be customised to meet the specific requirements of each homeowner, including the use of different types of woods, luxurious finishes, and best-in-class features.

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Ranch style 

The Ranch style house is among the most recognised architectural forms associated with America.  Houses of this type were common during America’s early 20th century suburban expansion. Simple, open floor plans define ranch-style homes. Additionally, ranch-style American house designs often have a lot of space up above, making it possible to add luxurious details like chandeliers. 

With roots dating back to the 1930s, Ranch style houses originally gained popularity in rural regions of America, where rich individuals could construct huge mansions on vast landholdings without spending much money. 

The Ranch style house is still regarded as a classic example of suburban American life at its most exemplary level. These days, ranch-style houses may be found all over the Midwest and southwestern America.

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Cape Cod houses 

Cape Cod-style homes, as the name implies, are those that were built on the peninsula of Cape Cod along the coast. Situated on or near the beach and sea, the homes have a highly compelling appearance. 

Captivating and nearly squat in appearance, Cape Cod-style houses have one storey frame woodwork drapes and a very high pitch on the roof. The big, central chimney, on the other hand, is a distinctive Cape Cod characteristic.

If you are unsure whether or not the house you are considering is in the Cape Cod-style, check for a chimney that protrudes from the centre of the structure! While Cape Cod-style houses used to be known for being tiny and only have a few rooms, these houses have since grown in size and become more elaborate. Some of them have even been converted into villas.

Cape Cod-style houses may now be found all across the country, from the Hamptons to the centre of America and even in locations like middle America. Those seeking a waterfront design that is charming, but not luxurious, might choose Cape Cod houses since they are ideal for small families. For a Cape Cod-style house, keeping things simple and uncluttered is essential. 

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Contemporary style houses

Contemporary is a broad word that encompasses a wide range of architectural styles, from traditional to modern. When it comes to contemporary design, you will frequently recognise it by the fact that the buildings have a definite advanced feel about them without any particular style to distinguish them. Open floor layouts and plenty of natural light are features of contemporary houses.

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Many contemporary design homes include spacious bedrooms, as well as white-cabinet kitchens with light worktops and cabinets. Large families or couples in need of a lot of room will find it in contemporary houses. You will find smaller contemporary-style homes in Florida, California, New York, and other places throughout America.

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Queen Anne House style 

Aside from having many storeys, huge turrets, and fascinating spindle workmanship, Queen Anne houses are one-of-a-kind architectural structures. Following the Civil War, Queen Anne style houses were prevalent in America, and they have continued to flourish because of their everlasting design, which never fails to thrill. The vast number of rooms in Queen Anne residences, like with many other kinds of buildings from the period, makes them ideal for big families. 

Check these inspiring American House Designs


Mediterranean style houses 

Mediterranean-style homes have expanded from Italy and Spain and have established a strong presence in America. Mediterranean-style homes, which are popular in warm-weather regions all over the world, may be found mostly in Florida and California.

Mediterranean-style homes may be built in a variety of sizes and styles due to their open design. Single-family houses with two to three bedrooms are the most common, although multi-story houses with ten or more rooms are also popular. Red tile roofs are a common element of Mediterranean-style houses. 

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Country French style houses

The first country French-style houses in America were built in the 18th century, according to historical records. French colonies were spread throughout the major rivers, such as St. Lawrence, Mississippi basins, and Great Lakes during this period of time. 

After the acquisition of Louisiana by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803, French construction traditions began to wane, although this home design remained popular among Orleans and other regions again for the next half-century.

Traditional country French houses include numerous small windows and coupled shutters, a sloping roof, which is either side-gable or hipped, concrete walls, and a partially timbered framework. Curb appeal is very noticeable, and many homes have beautiful driveways and landscaping designs.

Check these inspiring American House Designs

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Craftsman houses 

It was fashionable to build a Craftsman bungalow from 1905 through the 1930s, and the design is making a resurgence again. The abundance of interior woodworking, such as built-in shelves and seats, is one of the style’s defining characteristics. 

Exterior features include low-pitched rooftops with broad eave wooden beams, protruding roof trusses, sculptural beams or braces beneath gables, and tapering rectangular pillars for porches.

Check these inspiring American House Designs



Which home design is most popular in America?

Although you may not be astonished to hear that ranch houses are the most popular design nationwide, with 34 states reporting them as the most preferred, you might not have anticipated them to outperform the second-most popular style, by more than twice the margin. Single-story homes are very popular in the United States.

Why are most American houses not made of brick?

After World War II, there was a noticeable move away from the architectural brick. Homeowners in the 1950s and 1960s desired suburban houses that were different from their urban equivalents, and updated building regulations did not necessitate brick construction. In turn, this reduced the amount of material and construction workers required to put it in place.

Why are American houses expensive?

House prices are skyrocketing due to a lack of supply and consequently high demand. There was a rise in demand due to reduced loan rates and a desire among many Americans to move out from cities in favour of more spacious homes at cheaper costs.

Why are drywalls used in American houses?

In residential building projects, drywall is often used to surround pillars and hide support beams, as well as to top off concrete structures above ceilings since it is a simple and cheap method of finishing. It is also used to provide survivability to ceilings and walls, limiting the fire from spreading so that people may escape securely in the event of a disaster.

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