Open kitchen in Indian homes: An elegant way to bring your family together

[] An open kitchen gives them the possibility to cook and chat with the family or entertain guests simultaneously. Mentioned below are some of the options of open kitchen design for you.

For ages, closed kitchen designs have been the norm in India. They offer good privacy to the chef and their recipes while restricting the smoke and spices from entering other rooms. Furthermore, civil engineers and architects usually offer closed kitchens in their schemes, unless you want your kitchen custom-built according to your specifications.

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However, an open kitchen design is currently gaining ground among Indian households. Especially with the emergence of nuclear families, people increasingly prefer them over closed kitchens. The way they elegantly blend with the rest of the house goes perfectly well with modern home designs.

Indians are usually a bunch of chatty and amicable folks. So an open kitchen gives them the possibility to cook and chat with the family or entertain guests simultaneously. The open kitchen design trend offers the culinary expert and the hobby chef to exhibit their cooking prowess to the rest of the people inhabiting the premises. 

Why prefer open kitchens over closed kitchens? 

Saves space and time 

Imagine you have to cook urgently because it’s dinner time, but you also don’t want to miss your favourite show. Or you have to simultaneously cook and ensure your kid isn’t slacking off while studying. All of these are made possible by building an open kitchen at a strategic place from which all the other rooms are visible. You’ll be able to multitask effectively, thus saving a lot of time spent on individual work. 

With modern kitchen appliances and a cabinet system to store items, opening kitchen in the living room, for example, actually saves space by freeing up an entire room that the kitchen would have occupied. It also adds depth to your living room decor. If you would still like some privacy while cooking, simply demarcate the cooking area with a glass panel. 

More time to spend with friends and family

An open kitchen design quickly becomes the heart of the house rather than just a workplace. If you’re a people’s person and love inviting your friends for dinner, they would not get bored and can even join in your cooking adventures. Serving food for the guests during parties while simultaneously entertaining them has never been so easy. In addition, your spouse or kids would love to see how you cook during their off-times. 

Requires less maintenance

A separate kitchen room would mean that it will be accessed more often compared to the other rooms in your house. Grease, soot, dirt and dust can quickly accumulate in the cracks and crevices between shelves and cabinets. You have to dedicate a separate day to clean it up, and it requires a lot more effort to maintain that same amount of cleanliness. 

Since kitchens are places of intense activity throughout the day, oil particles and soot are bound to accumulate in their nooks and corners. Unless you have installed a highly efficient electric chimney, the odds of maintenance and cleanliness are not really in your favour. 

The typical open kitchen design is usually implemented within the living and dining room, and this space gets the same cleaning treatment as the rest of the rooms in the house. Added to it is the anxiety of creating a bad impression on guests with all the kitchen clutter, which prompts house owners to keep the open kitchen always presentable. Modern solutions usually included in such designs as exhaust fans and chimneys also help keep the soot and grease away. 

Increased natural luminance and ventilation

Walls are enemies of light. They block the light rays and the free passage of air, often leading to suffocation. It is exceptionally accurate in kitchens where there are already many oil particles, and smoke and an enclosed space can increase your chances of encountering a suffocating environment.

The name – open kitchen design is self-explanatory. It does not have extra walls and allows the ease of airflow. Furthermore, an open kitchen can share lighting appliances with the living room, thus cutting down the budget on electricity. 

High resale value

Since an open kitchen design is growing in popularity, houses that implement such a design command a massive resale value. It is trending in every corner of the world, making it turn into a more significant return on investment when you do your kitchen makeovers.  

Design ideas to implement into your open kitchen

The following is a curated list of the best open kitchen design ideas for your home. 

A pink and white open kitchen with quartz countertop

Pastel colours are soothing to the eye, primarily when using mild shades like pink and white. The vibrance of pink is curbed from growing too powerful by the white sections, which is the dominant colour in this design. The quartz countertop and patterned backsplash cut the monotony beautifully. You can also include a breakfast counter with cosy stools to create the perfect space to dine, chat and even enjoy their favourite television shows. 

open kitchen1 1

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Source: Pinterest

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Semi-open kitchen with partition

If you’re undecided on whether to go for a closed or open kitchen because the benefits of both worlds allure you, then this excellent design is tailor-made for you. The subtle partition in-between, made of glass panels or clever placement of cabinets, offers you privacy and hides all the kitchen clutter from the guests. This strategic opening kitchen will offer enough space and light while artfully concealing the cumbersome and clumsy details.

open kitchen2 1

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Source: Pinterest

Semi-open kitchens are a recent phenomenon. According to real estate statistics and trends, their market value is going up by leaps and bounds. As a result, you will be offered reasonable prices from willing builders.  

Compact kitchen with efficient storage options

A clutter-free storage system with a lot of display space is one of the requisites of an Indian kitchen. A dirty kitchen space tarnishes the look of the overall living room and causes very poor utilisation of the existing storage space. 

open kitchn3 1

Source: Pinterest 

While opening the kitchen in your living room, implement modern storage units like skirting drawers, pantry pullouts, tall units, appliance garage, bi-lift cabinets, and magic corners to organise your utensils, cutleries, kitchen appliances and groceries properly while keeping the non-essentials out of view from your guests. 

Open kitchen with a multifunctional kitchen island

A kitchen island style gives an exciting look to your open kitchen. They are also convenient for cooking together. Add a kitchen sink to elevate the efficiency of this kitchen unit. Add a base cabinet to your kitchen island to store your crockery, cookbooks, essential kitchen appliances or utensils. Lastly, finish off with some high stools for guests to sit, rendering a hotel-like ambience to your open kitchen design. 

open kitchen4 1

Source: Pinterest

A modern kitchen with marble flooring

Marble flooring with glossy laminates can exude a premium, grand ambience. Since the laminates reflect light, strategically illuminating the kitchen would create the illusion of more space. Marble floors can make the quintessential look of traditional Indian kitchens. This marble is then complemented by modular furniture and kitchen appliances that are up-to-date with the latest trends, preserving tradition while simultaneously offering the benefits of a modern kitchen. 

open kitchen5 1

Source: Pinterest

A living room open kitchen design with a wooden finish and a good choice of lights

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Wood has always been the go-to material for creating an antique and timeless look. The wood used to render classy and timeless appeal to architectural units is extracted chiefly from Sheesham (Indian rosewood) teak, mahogany, or balut (oak). The advantage of using wood is that it goes well with any kitchen design – be it traditional or modular. 

open kitchen6 1

Source: Pinterest 

As you’re opening kitchen in the living room, be sure to implement a chimney to ward off extra smoke and soot, keeping the room pollution-free. Include some black cabinets to create stark contrast of colours with the wood. 

open kitchen7 1

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Lastly, use some ornamental pendant lights, cabinets with backlights, and strip-LED lights to add an element of drama to your kitchen. They also help to spice up your kitchen parties. 

A vibrant open kitchen with Pantone colours and a wine rack

Bright, trendy colours can create a magical effect, especially when you have a softer or muted colour to complement them with. You can play with colours in this specific open kitchen design to create a magnetic palette. You can go with a bright yellow colour along with a shade of grey to break off the monotony. These colours can give your kitchen a welcoming and youthful look. 

open kitchen8 1

Source: Pinterest

The wine rack is a fine way to flaunt your liquor collection to friends or to grab a bottle after a tiring day of work. 

open kitchen9 1

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To top off this design, use many modern kitchen appliances like electric ovens, microwaves, and a chimney for effortless cooking and keeping the space clean for years to come. After all, modern appliances always add to the aesthetics of a modern kitchen. 

You can improvise on the recommended open kitchen design ideas and themes to create a stellar effect in your own living space. 


Is an open kitchen a good idea?

Open kitchen is a great idea for tiny homes, as it allows for space to flow seamlessly, thereby making the house look more spacious than it actually is.

How do you close an open kitchen?

A sliding door gives you the option of completely closing off the open kitchen and glass panels or pass-through entrances allow for the partial blockage of the kitchen.

Is the open kitchen good as per Vastu?

A Vastu-compliant open kitchen or closed kitchen, is best located in the southeast direction since the fire element (Agni) is predominant in that direction.

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