Double fan POP design ideas to glam up your living room

[] Spruce up your living room ceilings with a double fan POP design. Here is a guide.

A lot of people struggle with a small living room. There’s not enough space for storage or luxurious furniture. However, if you have a large living room, your problems are entirely different. Things can look tasteless with a big living room if the space is not equipped with a well-designed two-fan POP design. The false ceiling adds a lot of character to the room, which is essential if your room is large.

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A main hall fall ceiling design for a hall with two fans adds a lot to the space. POP ceilings are all the trend right now. It is affordable, easy-to-use, and versatile. There are a lot of different designs you can go with, and the number of choices can be overwhelming. Let’s look at a few fan POP design ideas for your living room.

Best 5 Modern style 2 fan POP design for hall

False ceiling design for hall with two fans with a statement piece for your false ceiling 

If you’re looking to go for a bit of grandeur in your living room, add this two-fan POP design to it. A statement piece in your false ceiling like a contrasting colour, chandeliers, or abstract design can make your living room stand out from the rest. It gives the space a luxe vibe. If all this feels a little too overwhelming for you, you can also add statement lights to the fans to provide the area with the same feeling as a statement piece.

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[] Latest ideas for false ceiling design for hall

Plus-minus 2 fan POP design

Add order and bring your fall ceiling design for the hall with two fans to life with this 3D look. A plus-minus design plays with levels and helps create two points of interest to your living room ceiling. The recessed and exposed classes help bring a contemporary vibe to the space. Two or three levels ought to do the trick, even though one group works well independently. 

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Recessed fan POP design with accent lights

This false ceiling design is an easy and simple way to keep your POP fans looking trendy while also functional. A recessed ceiling with LED accent lights surrounding the two fans. While the primary purpose of a two fan POP design is to lend some aesthetic sensibility to the electrical appliances, having the extra lighting design is a boon for someone looking for efficient ways to light up their living rooms.

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Customised main hall fall ceiling design for hall with two fans

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You could always get false ceilings customised to your exact preferences. When it comes to fan POP design concepts, the only cardinal rule is to go for a false ceiling design that accentuates and enhances the look of your fans. Use the POP ceiling design to integrate fans as aesthetic elements in your living room. This particular false ceiling design for a hall with two fans uses a recessed boundary to house lighting elements. The white lighting and the false ceiling colour is contrasted by the black accents, giving it a bold look. 

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Beam fall ceiling design for halls with two fans

This false ceiling design takes inspiration from traditional homes in Indian villages. Fans used to be mounted on wooden frames fixed to the ceiling traditionally. This 2 fan pop design uses the same concept but with a few modern twists. For one, it replaces the wooden elements with a modern POP design. It also incorporates a timeless colourway, black and white, to enhance the classic vibe of the space. Using this double fan POP design helps bring about a rustic feel in your room without any rustic elements. 

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