Anil Kapoor house: A virtual tour of the Bollywood star’s bungalow

[] Anil Kapoor house located in Mumbai’s Juhu neighbourhood is classic yet modern. In this article, we bring you glimpses of the actor’s luxurious bungalow.

Anil Kapoor has been a Bollywood heartthrob and an evergreen inspiration for all and continues to inspire millions across the nation and worldwide. Anil Kapoor’s house is stubbornly vintage yet not out of style. The story of his lavish Rs 30 crore bungalow in Juhu is an iconic one. Did you know that, along with SRK’s Mannat, the most searched Indian Bollywood celebrity house in recent years was none other than the Anil Kapoor house? 

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Bought in 2000, this mansion of dreams is located in 31 Shrinagar Residency Society, North-South Road No. 7, Juhu Vile Parle Development (JVPD). Fans fondly address it as the AK residence. Anil Kapoor’s house has been the melting pot of all the creative energies of the Kapoor household, besides seeing the formative years of the rising stars Sonam Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor.

Let us now get a glimpse of Anil Kapoor’s house and see what goes on behind all the glitz and glamour.

An unforgettable gem amidst a sea of pebbles

This is exactly how the Anil Kapoor house can be described in words. Even with the Juhu Vile Parle Complex being home to some of the nation’s most wealthy and affluent personalities, the Kapoor residence turns out to be the most ‘Jhakaas’ of them all.

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Designed by Anil Kapoor’s wife, Sunita, an exceptional interior designer in her own right, the Anil Kapoor house has entered Forbes as one of the best-designed celebrity mansions in India. In close proximity to all the premium amenities one can desire, such as the reputed Nanavati and Copper hospitals, Fame Adlabs, and hospitality giants like JW Marriot and Palm Groove, the locational presence of the lavish bungalow is something to be envied.

But if you thought that the real-estate statistics were all there was to the story of the Anil Kapoor house, you are in for a star-studded read indeed.

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The divine entrance, quite literally so

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The very first sight which would grace the eyes of the lucky guests visiting the Anil Kapoor house would be none other than an exquisite Pichwai painting of Lord Krishna himself. Believed to be a symbol of love and harmony, the motif of serenity comes across adequately enough. 

Coupled with the gold embellished cow figurines, the mantra of simplicity is further entrenched onto the visitor’s mind. The ornate yet earthy dark wood pillar and lush greenery set in the black glazing pots, contrasted by the blindingly white marble floor, solidifies that simplicity might not always be bland. 

The dark wood pillar houses within its glass encasing several exotic and priceless sculptures, almost like a treasure trove guarding the world’s wealth. On the other side of the room, images of deities sanctify the space and transform it into a venue of purity and positivity.

From this serene space, the staircase that extends to the mansion’s entire length quite literally becomes a stairway to heaven. The exquisite combination of white marble and dark, wooden earthiness is seen once again in the steps of the stairway. Coupled with the ornate black curvy railings, which seem deliciously wild when viewed against the calm steps, the entire staircase becomes a decidedly regal affair.

There is also a huge window panelled in the exquisite french boiserie style overlooking the famous lush lawn of the Anil Kapoor house. The steps then lead on to the family den of the Kapoor household, which has been touted as the ‘heart of the house’ by Anil Kapoor’s daughter, Rhea Kapoor.

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The family living area, the life of any house

The family living area has been a place for the entire family to gather and connect. On one side of the room lies a comfortable tufted brown leather couch fashioned in elaborate brass detailing, with exquisitely patterned red and orange cushions. Beside the couch is an off-white winged lounge chair meant for animated discussions. An enormous renaissance style painting hangs regally above the couch encased in a gold frame beside a gilded, leaf-like frame.

Beside the couch lies a coffee table and wooden side tables, which contain more of the trademark decorative figurines and trinkets and pictures of the Kapoor household members. The sleek, black and gold brass lamp further extends the tryst of black with bright colours found throughout the house. 

The far end of the room is a personal balcony of Anil Kapoor, which doubles as the actor’s photoshoot spot. This section has a dark wood-panelled mini-library housing several volumes of neatly arranged tomes. The white blinds on the window beside the bookcase are intended to keep out prying eyes, and the angel figurine further evokes religious overtones.

On the other side of the room, there lies a modern dining table with a cuboid light fixture, a sleek yet visibly comfortable off-white couch, a minimal wooden table and an office chair that makes for an impromptu workstation. The lounge gives way to an elaborate glass door guarding a balcony over the lush green garden. The vine-like black railing of the stairs is repeated on the garden’s railing.

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The lounge is a frequented spot for repose and a venue for many well-documented and notable events of the Anil Kapoor house, such as Sonam Kapoor’s Mehendi ceremony in 2018 before marriage and their annual Diwali bash.

The bedrooms 

Harshvardhan Kapoor’s bedroom is exceptionally minimalistic in decor. There is a simple wooden flooring with matching closets and white linen. However, what the room lacks in decoration, it more than makes up for in the exhaustive collection of shoes of all brands perched on a dark showcase with glass covers on one side. There is a green carpet beside the bed.

Across the hallway, Rhea’s room would calm the most frayed of nerves. With majestic off-white walls accentuating the warm brown furniture, the room is the zenith of serenity, only punctuated here and there by sudden pieces of colour. A large tropical-themed artwork adds the most to this welcome variation, seamlessly complementing the vanity and built-in wooden closets.

A massive home-theatre to revisit old memories

It is a given that constant examination of movies in general and personal work, in particular, are the keys to acting success. The Anil Kapoor house includes a home theatre that is nothing short of a living room. This room includes a couch, chairs, a reclining leather massage chair, two large speakers, an industrial-grade world-class projector and a huge screen. Behind a mirrored sliding door lies an enormous collection of DVDs featuring gems of Indian and world cinema.

Anil Kapoor is often seen to have retired into this room for retrospection of his work and serenity. With sound-proofed panelling, this room guarantees a productive and enjoyable yet non-disturbing time for the rest of the household.

In a video posted in 2020 by Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor, the Kapoor siblings gave a virtual tour of their home in Mumbai. They talked about their favourite spots in the house, their childhood memories and the bond they share.

Personal gym to belie the years with

The personal gym, featuring the latest fitness equipment, has become the most frequented spot for Anil Kapoor, who is also a fitness freak. The presence of greenery here has also helped to heighten the zen ambience of the room, as it has the earthy wood panelling.

Seeing the presence of such a remarkable fitness space in the Anil Kapoor house, it is no wonder that AK, much like his house, has aged like fine wine.


Was there any part shot in this bungalow in the Netflix film ‘AK vs AK’ (2020)?

Yes, scenes depicting the Anil Kapoor house in the movie are shot inside the Juhu bungalow.

How many properties does Anil Kapoor own?

Including his Juhu bungalow, Anil Kapoor owns at least three mansions with the other two in central London and California. He also owns many real estate properties throughout the country.

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