Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

[] Her 2,500-sq ft house in a high-rise at Andheri west, is the perfect place for her family, says actress Deepshikha Nagpal

Actress Deepshikha Nagpal has been quite selective in choosing the roles she has portrayed, since she started her career in the cinema world. The same discerning approach is reflected in the actor’s choice of home, a spacious ultra-chic home, largely inspired by the European style.

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In her 2,500-sq ft house in a high-rise at Mumbai’s Andheri west that exudes a cheerful and tranquil vibe, Nagpal, who has acted in various Hindi and Punjabi films, such as Partner, Gangster, Badshah and Koyla, finds her dream come true.

Deepshikha Nagpal home

“I recently moved to this property, after spending 15 years in Malad. I just could not wait to get the occupation certificate for the house,” says Nagpal.

Nagpal converted the 4BHK home into a 3BHK property to make it more suitable for her family. The modifications in the property and the décor, were planned in accordance with Vastu Shastra guidelines.

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Deepshikha Nagpal house

“I have worked extremely hard to shape-up the house. I used the past couple of years to visualise the décor and started shopping, accordingly. I designed the house myself and got it executed by a contractor. My teenage children were also totally involved in the interior process and the interiors reflect our personalities,” says the actress who has appeared on various TV shows, including Baa Bahoo aur Baby, Son Pari, Bal Veer, Shaktimaan, Main Bhi Ardhangini, Bigg Boss 8, etc.

“My home is the perfect place for my family. It is a place where my two kids and I can revel in one another’s company. Thanks to the huge windows and east-west opening, the home has ample sunlight, abundant breeze and of course, spectacular views from each room,” Nagpal adds.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

Deepshikha Nagpal home interiors

The living room is done up in a refreshing blue and white theme, giving it a Mediterranean look. Even the main door has been designed in the same colour. White adds to the brightness of the space and makes it look bigger. The entrance foyer has a huge mirror, which covers the entire wall and adds vibrancy to the space. The walls of the house are white and what adds colour are the soft furnishings and accessories. The sleek assortment of furniture gives the home a clean and minimal look.

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The blue and white sofas, layered curtains and a soft blue furry carpet add to the plush appeal, besides making the room appear serene. Italian tiles have been used for the flooring throughout the house. The floor-to-ceiling windows are designed to ensure functionality and maximise ventilation and natural lighting. The living room has a statue of the laughing Buddha purchased from Pushkar in Rajasthan and a huge fibre tree with various angel figurines, bought from Austria.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

The living room is bifurcated into different sections – the seating and the lounge area. The dining table, chair and the bench are all white. The design has the ambience of a café, according to Nagpal, as it is the family’s bonding space where they enjoy their meals together. The wall near the dining table too has mirrors and the carved wooden frames are hand-painted in blue by the actress herself.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

The living room has been extended, by breaking one of the room’s walls and the entertainment area-cum-lounge has a huge TV, a sofa-cum-bed, a bar and a red carpet, which adds zest to the overall décor. The lounge area, which has a folding partition, can double up a guest room too. The stylish bar near the window which is blue and white in colour has accessories and retro film posters, which the actress bought from Las Vegas.

The rooms in Deepshikha Nagpal’s house

Nagpal’s room, which has a soft and gentle colour palette, is done largely in white along with a touch of grey and blue.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

Three pieces of artwork framed behind the bed, add colour to the space.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

The bedroom wall is adorned with photos of her family. The room has a white wardrobe, a white carpet, a huge and comfortable blue winged chair and a grey sofa.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

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For her daughter Vidhika, the actor has planned a huge storage space for clothes and shoes.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

The bathroom, which doubles as a make-up room, has enough storage for her cosmetics.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

Her son Vivaan’s smart bedroom is a typical teenager’s room with gizmos and is controlled by mobile phone apps. It has a computer and a projector, too.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

A Nanoleaf smart lighting system illuminates the space, with a range of light-changing colour panels that are controllable via smartphone and adds to the energetic vibe. The room also has a 360-degree swivel gaming chair and a gaming desk setup. The see-through glass wardrobe makes the room opulent and spacious.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home

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The entire house has various lamps, ceiling lights and colour-changing LEDs that make the space radiant and accentuate the overall décor. Comfort, beauty and aesthetics all contribute to make this home a perfectly cosy place.

Inside actor Deepshikha Nagpal’s Andheri home


Where does actor Deepshikha Nagpal live?

Deepshikha Nagpal lives in Andheri west, Mumbai.

When was Deepshikha Nagpal born?

Deepshikha Nagpal was born on August 20, 1977.

Who are Deepshikha Nagpal’s parents?

Deepshikha Nagpal’s parents are Ashwini Kumar Nagpal and Shraddha Panchotia.

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