Explore the spellbinding beauty of Rashmika Mandanna’s house

[] In this house, we give you a sneak peek of actress Rashmika Mandanna.

Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most well-known actresses in the south-Indian film communities, mainly Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. She has been making great strides in various indigenous film industries, including Tollywood, since her first release in Kannada – “Kirik Party”.

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Currently, she’s all set to release her Bollywood debut, “Mission Majnu”. She’s been making headlines recently regarding her role in the superhit Telugu movie “Pushpa-the Rise,” where she looks phenomenal. One can only wait to see her reach for the stars, as she is among the most promising actors in the Indian Film Industry currently. 

Recently, Rashmika Mandanna has purchased a brand new home in Mumbai for her upcoming role in “Mission Majnu” opposite Siddharth Malhotra. She bought this place to avoid staying in hotels while shooting for “Mission Mangal”. As primarily a south Indian actress, she had to travel a lot back and forth from Hyderabad to Mumbai for shooting purposes and this house is her place to relax and rewind.

Her new bungalow in Mumbai is stunning, with its unique contemporary architecture and subtle appeal. It has been the talk of the town for a while now, so let’s look at the features of her brand new Mumbai place.

Features of Rashmika House 

The outside view

Firstly, let’s look at the outside view of this gorgeous new Rashmika house. Made with contemporary architecture, this house looks splendid with a soft white colour that contrasts with all the greenery surrounding it. Rashmika Mandanna’s affinity towards natural beauty is well-known and her new home is proof of it. There is a beautiful green lawn outside, with a stunning Christmas tree in the house’s backyard. It has a French door that shows the way to the gorgeous patio outside. The lawn is surrounded by many beautiful plants, which adds to the spectacular appeal of this place. 

Privacy is essential in every celebrity’s life and it is a prime feature of the Rashmika house. With a striped fence and compound walls, the actress has prioritised her privacy. 

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The house’s natural ecosystem also helps keep it cool during the summer. It’s bliss, for we all know how hot Mumbai gets during the summer months. 

The giant metallic gate in the front opens up to the plethora of greenery. The white stone flooring of the courtyard leads to the Gazebo entangled in some beautiful leafy vines creating a relaxing environment in the Rashmika house, where one can appreciate and immerse oneself in nature, leaving all the stress of work-life behind. 

The outside view of the Rashmika house gives a peek into the actress’s personality, as we can witness her love for nature and her affinity towards building a relaxing and peaceful ambiance. After all, she is a busy woman, and this house can offer a wonderful place to relax, read and spend some quiet time with herself after a long shoot. 

The Rashmika house has been given the name “Serenity” quite aptly.

What makes the outside of the Rashmika House interesting?

We don’t get to know much about the celebrities we love in most cases. But some aspects of their personalities become prominent if one pays attention to their home.

In the neoclassical layout of the Rashmika house, adorned with the soothing greenery all around and the comfortable patio and the beautiful front porch, one can see the actress’ love for the aesthetically appealing surroundings and calming atmosphere. 

The aesthetic look of her front lawn is garnished by dewy sunlight in all the pictures, which shows how much she loves being in tune with nature. 

The colour palette of the new Rashmika house is appealing. One could easily spot some beautiful white lilies with some splendid red flowers in the pictures of her new home, which goes perfectly with the look of her house. The subtle green and white colour combination makes the place lively. The chequered flooring on her verandah adds a hint of traditionalism to her home, and the beautiful red carpet makes it a fun place to shoot pictures. Besides, she can try her modelling walk whenever she feels like it. 

Rashmika house: The inside look with awe-inspiring interior designs

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The inside of the Rashmika house is just as glamorous as the outside, with contemporary wooden furniture and ample lighting. The maroon, brick and dark brown tones fill up the inside of her home, and one can even spot three beautiful chandeliers in her house, which creates an exquisite look. 

One of the impressive things about the decor of the Rashmika house is that the actress loves minimalistic decor. You won’t find too many furniture pieces or too much art. There is a balance, preventing the interior from looking crowded or clamped in any manner. It also protects the natural and subtle aesthetic of the house without defiling it with too much pretentiousness.

What Makes Inside of the Rashmika House interesting?

 We know for sure that this brilliant actress, after looking at her place, has no space for overwhelming pretentiousness in her life. The inside of her home looks just as majestic as the outside, even without any over-the-top decor products. 

The way furniture is placed in her house shows how organised she is in real life. There is a touch of simplicity in her modern home, and the decor reveals how minimalist and aesthete she is. 

Another fascinating thing in her home is the use of natural colours. Even though one can find some bright tints here and there, most of her home is wrapped in nude and beige shades. The wooden furniture looks simple and is paired well with the mix of maroon, taupe, and copper shades all over her house. It creates a soothing effect inside her home and allows natural lighting to fill up every corner of the house to give it a glowing and splendid look. 

The new Rashmika house also has a beautiful balcony where one can witness the glory of the setting sun in full force every evening. This whole place is the perfect example of a simplistic home, with a comfortable ambiance and a relaxing aura. It helps to serve the purpose it was purchased for-to give a place for comfort, beauty, and peace to the busy actress. 


Where does Rashmika Mandanna live?

Rashmika Mandanna has several residences, especially in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Why did Rashmika Mandanna buy the new Mumbai home?

What is her new Mumbai home called?

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