7 courtyard house designs to take inspiration from

[] Want to style your courtyard with some out of court ideas? Check out these 7 courtyard house designs to take inspiration from

Earlier, courtyards were only limited to official infrastructures and institutions where employees and students could relax and socialise outside. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to commercial places only and if you’re one of them who took the plunge to make a courtyard beside your house, you’re absolutely at the right place.

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Homeowners generally build courtyards for dining, exercising, and hosting parties out there in the open for some extra space right outside their home sweet home. As the courtyards can be affected by the outdoor weather conditions, ergo, you need some courtyard house design ideas that can mitigate the harsh weather conditions and serve their appropriate purposes. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for some cool courtyard house designs, check out the following ideas below to see some options and choose the one that you like the best. 

7 Courtyard house design ideas

  • Japanese courtyard house design with garden


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The concept behind the Japanese-style courtyard house design with a garden is to create a perfect natural setting by taking inspiration from nature. The fundamental idea is to reduce the scale of true natural components, such as the ocean, mountains, and waterfalls, and to construct your area. Trees and plants that grow and bloom at a specific time annually and add colour to the space, too, are part of the concept. Every element has been thoughtfully placed. The area where water cannot be used is substituted with the concept of sand with water ripples. It can take a minimalistic approach while engaging the user. The true beauty of nature has been reduced and is ready for you to discover. A play on scales and proportions, all of these can be summed up in one word: Courtyard.

[] Simple house design

  • The Italian courtyard house design


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Source: Pinterest

The Italian courtyard house design is all about warmth, classical values of order, and beauty. There’s more to it than just the scenery and a glimpse of the garden. Its primary purpose is to give visitors a contemplative space to take in the garden’s sights, sounds, and fragrances. The aim is to include the courtyard in the habitable list because it is where you spend most hours, and it serves a daily function. It clearly depicts a comfortable outdoor eating area blended with the courtyard, bringing the concept of a courtyard another step further by converting it into a living place.

[] All about Kerala house designs

  • The Mughal courtyard house design

Mughal courtyard house designs

Source: Pinterest

Mughal gardens are a superb example of a rectilinear arrangement representing the ideals of discipline, symmetry, and balance and are inspired by the Persian design. This courtyard house design can easily be accommodated in your courtyard. It also includes the topiary, in which the plantation is cut into desired forms as well as the growth is regulated. A water body is another element that can divide an area within space or establish a focal point. Even a few components, such as Islamic arches, can be added to give the courtyard the character of the surrounding structure, blending the courtyard into the structure. It’s a lovely halted history that’ll provide you with both bodily and visual pleasure.

  • Lavish courtyard house design

Lavish courtyard house design

Source: Pinterest

Courtyards are the perfect places to try out new ideas! By simply having fun with intelligence, your patio may become a creative environment as well. One option is to divide it into little nooks, one of which might be a sit-out zone and the other a water body where you can have an outdoor shower. The materials, colours, and pergolas all contribute to the overall feel of the area, creating drama and converting a mundane courtyard into spectacular courtyard house design.

  • Minimal courtyard house design

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Minimal courtyard house design

Source: Pinterest

If you have a small home and the requirements such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen and so on have used up all of the space, you may want to consider adding a pondering place that brings the outdoors into the play. In this situation, rather than giving an accessible and big courtyard with seat-outs, you may provide a courtyard house design that can bring in the skylight and green and links you with the outdoors, thereby resolving the problem of limited space. It’s small, but it serves a larger function. This space can truly overlook the first level and remain open to the sky, adding to its charm.

  • Fountain styled courtyard house design

Fountain styled courtyard house design

Source: Pinterest

If you prefer the well-kept greens of a garden to the richness and wildness of a forest, this courtyard house design plan should appeal to you. Plant a wide selection of florals and green plants in your courtyard. A fountain in the centre adds a relaxing finishing touch. 

  • Moroccan style courtyard house design

Moroccan style courtyard house design

Source: Pinterest

Introduce a bright Moroccan-style courtyard house design to bring it to life. You can incorporate a lot of luxuriant vegetation, including ferns and beautiful grasses, and terracotta components like urns and tiles into your design. You can use pots and throw cushions in a mix of solid patterns and block colours to bring out the brightly coloured theme. You can also combine the famous indoor-outdoor furnishings, such as ottomans or a daybed, with mosaic-style tile features, which will bring out the best of your Moroccan theme.


How can you design a courtyard?

You can select a particular theme and go with it, or you can also mix and match the themes according to your liking.

What can you include in a courtyard?

If you have ample space, incorporate a garden and a central fountain, but if the space is restricted, then you can use small pots and plants; you can also use pebbles to connect with the outdoors.

Can you build a courtyard inside the home?

A courtyard can also be built inside the home. You can incorporate a traditionally designed courtyard in the middle of your house and surround it with the house.

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