7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

[] What can you do to enliven your bedroom space and give it a rich look? We offer some tips…

Most people focus on improving the look of their living rooms, because this is where they welcome their friends and guests. Consequently, other rooms in the house are often neglected. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the value and meaning of a home itself has changed. It is no longer for the guests. It is for you and your family first. Even if you do not want to spend much, there is much you can do, to give it a makeover. Let us focus on what you can do, to enliven your bedroom space and give it a rich look.

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1. Focus on the fabrics

Whether your bedroom is big or small, rugs can add a bit of glamour and warmth to the room. Not just that, adding a rug will help you be more methodical and organised about the cleaning. For example, you will be more careful about keeping the room tidy. Often, traces of hair and coffee spills, can be seen in bedrooms. Having a rug would mean you will have to be extra cautious about how you conduct yourself in your room. You could go in for a floral rug or a jute mat – any fabric that goes with the overall décor of the bedroom.

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7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

It is also important to use good curtains in your bedroom. Curtains define the look of a room. Choose light colours or warm ones in shades of white, grey, beige, gold, etc. Very dark curtains look grim and see-through curtains do not serve the purpose, if you need privacy.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

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2. Add some greenery

This is the simplest trick, to make your bedroom look lively, neat and rich at the same time. You can opt for ferns and other indoor plants. Use a space near the window or your dresser. Besides improving the look of a space, plants also add a calming touch to the space, as you watch it grow over time. It is the most inexpensive way to infuse some energy into your room.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

3. Classy throw pillows

While everyone has their own style, throw pillows on the bed are quite lavish. Depending on the overall décor, you can choose the colour and fabric of the throw pillows. They add a great look to your room and are not at all expensive.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

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4. Lamp shades and lighting

Beautiful lamp shades add to the beauty of the room, while moderating the amount of light you require at different times. A number of choices are available in the market. You can choose between fabric, parchment, glass, Tiffany glass, paper or plastic. In fabric, jute is the latest trend.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

5. Keep the dressing table neat

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If your dressing table / closet is in the bedroom or adjacent to it, make the space charming. Declutter it and keep your space organised. An unkempt dressing area with combs, brushes and vanity items scattered around, can negate all the work that you have been doing, to improve the look of the room. Have separate compartments for your partner, in case you are using the same dresser. This way, your daily-use items will not get mixed-up.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

6. Add some artwork

With pieces depicting of your socio-cultural inclinations to abstract ones, there is a wide variety of artwork available, which can be added to your bedroom. The important thing to consider, is to avoid going overboard. Too many paintings and pieces can not only spoil the calm in the room but it can also make it difficult to clean the room.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

7. Use the storage space

A cluttered bedroom is a turn-off. It soon starts giving negative vibes and may not be your preferred place to relax and sleep. Make sure that the clothes go right into the storage space you have allotted for it. Towels and vanity items used in a hurry, often end up on the bed. If you crave for a luxurious look, cleanliness is the first step.

7 budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom

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What is the Konmari method of tidying up the bedroom?

The Konmari method of cleaning, introduced by Marie Kondo, is a perfect way to organise and declutter your home. You can use it for your bedrooms and make it a way of life too.

What wall colours make the room look luxurious?

Lighter and warmer shades look better in any room, including the bedroom. You can use white, although it is high maintenance and requires a lot of care. You can also go in for shades of grey, gold, beige and warm shades of blue. These will look good only if the furniture and décor that you place in the bedroom complement it.

What lights should I use in the bedroom?

For the bedroom, you can use a combination of ceiling lights for general lighting and table lamps or bedside lamps for specific tasks, such as reading, etc.

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