Rent a plant service: An easy to way to add greenery to a space

[] Renting plants enables a property owner to create a lush green environment that is healthy, without having to worry about the actual maintenance of the plants

It is an established fact that there are various advantages to living in natural surroundings and having plants around us. For home owners, who do not find it possible to grow and nurture plants, there is now an easy option and a trend that is on the rise – renting a plant. With greater awareness over global climate change, people have realised the importance of their own individual contributions, says Bharat Soni, managing director of Go Green Nursery Pvt Ltd. “Hence, people have started nurturing greenery in their homes and work places, by utilising spaces like balconies terraces, lobbies, colony gardens, etc., and are also renting plants,” Soni adds.

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Advantages of growing plants in urban areas

Anjani Mehta, proprietor of Veena Nursery, which offers services such as earthscape design and maintenance and sale of live and artificial plants, points out that buildings’ interiors often have fancy paints, furniture polishes, curtains and carpets, sofas and chairs covered with artificial fabrics, all of which carry various chemicals and complex compounds. “All these deteriorate with time and the molecules float in the space. Plants can clean such air, no matter where they are. Moreover, plants are inexpensive to maintain and they do not emit any noise,” adds Mehta.

Live plants will usually outlast any air purifier. Plants not only absorb chemicals from the air, but also automatically balance humidity and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide and increase oxygen. “The water evaporating from the leaves of office plants creates a humidity level that office workers find very comfortable. While any houseplant will clean the air, the ones that are most effective are dracaenas, palms, ferns, English ivy, peace lilies, bamboo plant, daisies and spider plants,” Mehta explains.

[] Add greenery to a small space, with vertical gardens

Services offered by plant rental agencies

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Plant rental services are increasing in metro cities. Usually, such services are availed of by corporates, malls, hotels, hospitals and even a few home owners who have huge spaces, as they can get a variety of flowering plants. “In today’s fast-paced life, people at corporate offices and institutions hardly have the time or patience to maintain plants at workplaces. Offices are also centrally air-conditioned. This means that there is barely enough sunlight required for plants to survive. Hence, people prefer hiring services for plants, as it ensures a hassle-free experience,” says Soni.

Renting of plants is all about creating green and serene areas, says Yasmin Shaikh, the administration head at Khushboo Farm Pune, which offers services like a plant rental library, gardening materials, etc. “As one gets a wide choice with rentals, one can keep changing the plants monthly or even fortnightly. Further, plant rental services have skilled resources, who can take complete care of the plants. By hiring plants one does not have to worry about watering it, pruning or cleaning the leaves and spraying insecticides, as all the maintenance is taken care of by the supplier of the plants,” Shaikh elaborates.

It is advisable not to keep plants for long periods in poor light. The plants have to be taken out every 15 days on a rotation basis and another set of plants should be kept in its place. “There are no indoor plants in nature – only plants that grow in the shade of the larger trees,” Mehta explains. “No plant can survive nine hours of extreme cold (when the air-conditioner is on) and followed by 15 hours in a hot space, in a 24-hour cycle. So, they die out sooner than their usual life span and have to be replaced. Consequently, hiring is a better option as it turns out to be cheaper in the long run and expertise is available too,” concludes Mehta.

Advantages of renting a plant

There are a number of facility providers in India that have started offering plants on rent, for offices and other commercial, as well as domestic needs. The process is simple, hassle-free and economic. Here are some of the advantages of renting a plant:

Freedom to choose from a variety of plants

You will not have to stick with a specific plant till the time it is replaced. You can create a different look for the space every month, by getting the plants replaced as often as you like. With this, you can also realise which type of plants look good and work well in the office environment.

One can opt for seasonal plants

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With plant rental services, you can opt for seasonal plants, which will not be possible if you are planting it on your own. Replacing it every season and then waiting for them to grow to full strength, will not work in an office environment, where round-the-clock air-conditioning creates a dry atmosphere. Also, in-season plants always look more apt in the office, as well as home. They are easier to find and care for.

It increases plant longevity

Plants need constant care and the right type of grooming method, if you want them to look fresh and last long. Most of the office plant providers offer services to replace the plant every 15 days, so that the plant gets to be in the outdoor environment, to renew its freshness. The service provider basically takes care of everything that a plant would need, to grow and flourish in the workspace.

It is more economical

Renting a plant is more economical as you will not have to spend on buying containers, hiring help to maintain it and the transportation cost, if you have to replace them often. Renting a plant would mean getting regular maintenance for your plants, in matching containers and pots. You will not have to worry about the additional expenses if the old plants wither away. You also do not have to spend on different plant varieties and the essentials for their care.


Which plant is best for office?

There are a number of plants that are ideal for your work desk. You can choose from Devil’s Ivy or Peace Lily.

How do you keep an office plant alive?

Avoid over-watering and take care of lighting and temperature, if you want the plant to last long.

Are plants good for the office?

Plants in the office helps in improving air quality and removing harmful pollutants. It also stabilises humidity levels.

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