Swing vs slide cupboard: Which is the best bedroom cupboard for you?

[] When designing a bedroom space, go for the right bedroom cupboards designed to meet your space needs in the best possible way. Here is a guide.

Are you confused between the two most common styles of bedroom cupboards, i.e., swing or slide? When you buy a bedroom cupboard, you want it to last. Therefore, choosing one bedroom cupboard can be difficult if you don’t know the pros and cons of swing and slide bedroom cupboard styles. There are many you should consider, like the size, material, colour, finish, etc., before making your choice.

You are reading: Swing vs slide cupboard: Which is the best bedroom cupboard for you?

The bedroom cupboard depends on the space available for the cupboard, your budget, and the design of the room. In this article, we discuss both the swing and slide cupboard and their features so that you can make the best choice for your bedroom self-design.

What are swing and slide bedroom cupboards?

Swing bedroom cupboards are made of doors that are attached to a hinge. This hinge helps the door in swing, opening or closing. It is the most commonly found cupboard door. This is the traditional choice for people when it comes to cupboards. It can be used on various shaped cupboards, including triangle, pentagon, and L-shaped bedroom cupboards.

Sliding cupboards have doors that slide on a metal rail horizontally. Sliding doors are a contemporary design that works best when you have three or more door spaces. These bedroom cupboards save space because they don’t open outwards.

Swing bedroom cupboard: Pros and cons 

Pro#1- Variety in colours and finish

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Swing style cupboards are great for a bedroom self-design since they come in so many styles, colours, and textures. These bedroom cupboards have been around for a long time, and hence the market is filled with varieties of swing cupboards. The shutters can be laminated, mirrored, or coloured to match the room. The handles can also be made of stainless steel, wood, brass, and you can even go for a handleless bedroom cupboard.

Pro #2- Hanging space and full visibility

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With a bedroom cupboard that swings, you will be able to have full visibility of the whole wardrobe. There is also extra hanging space that can be created on the back of the swing door. This space can be used for storing belts, scarves, bags, and accessories.

Con #1 – Consumes space

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Hinged doors extend outwards and hence require clearance. This might cause problems in small bedrooms. If hinged bedroom cupboards are placed in small spaces, the area in front of it is unusable. This problem doesn’t arise in sliding bedroom cupboards.

Slide cupboard: Pros and cons

Pro #1- Sleek and large

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If you are looking for a large cupboard that can fit over an entire wall during your bedroom self-design, a sliding door cupboard is the one for you. With lots of space for everyday items like clothes, shoes, bedsheets, blankets, etc., a sliding bedroom cupboard is an accommodation haven.

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The neat and straight look of floor-to-ceiling sliding cupboards also gives a sleek look. Different colours and textures of the sliding cupboard can match the room decor and give it a contemporary look. Mirrored or frosted bedroom cupboard doors are also an option for sliding door designs.

Pro #2 Saves space

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Sliding doors bedroom cupboards help in saving space because they open along a horizontal plane and not outside like swing doors. For small bedrooms, this can be a huge boom as each inch matters. Confined or compact spaces are not a bother with sliding door bedroom cupboards like they are for swinging doors.

Con #1 – Visibility and maintenance

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At any given time, only 50% of your bedroom cupboard will be visible to you. This means you will not be able to have a complete look at the bedroom cupboard while dressing up, which can be annoying.

Sliding doors require good maintenance. Dust and debris can accumulate in the tracks and cause jamming of the doors. The wheels of sliding doors can also come out and may need replacement. Over time sliding doors also start to sag because of the weight. Proper upkeep can help in taking care of these issues.

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