Small house design ideas

[] A small house can be designed creatively to ensure comfort and visual attractiveness.

A small house has to be well-designed considering the limited space available. But, a small house can be designed creatively to ensure comfort and visual attractiveness.

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The rise of small house

Small house implies homes that are smaller than the average size. A small house is cost-effective and easy to maintain if designed with efficient space utilisation. Globally, there has been an increase in the number of small homes. As the price of real estate soars, there is an increased awareness about sustainable lifestyles.

Here are a few ideas to help you design a small, exquisite house.

Floor plan and layout for a small house

Depending on plot size, family needs, and Vaastu guidance, design a proper layout for your small house. Maximising space should be the aim when designing a small house. An open plan creates the illusion of space. An open kitchen with an extended dining and living area can feel expansive in a small home. Add smart partitions for maximum utilisation of available space. Homes with indoor-outdoor connections also appear large. Small homes have a charm. There are innumerable ways to make the small space pleasing with proper layout for the rooms, windows, and balcony.

Small house exterior design

With beautiful exterior features, even the smallest house can look attractive. A well-designed deck or a lush garden with an attractive gate can make a small house stand out. Opt for a few potted plants and artificial turf to create a small garden. Glass and wood exterior is trendy. An elevated entryway can bring a regal look. The lower portion can be used as underground parking or a spacious basement. You can also have a small house design in the colonial style with an arch, pillars, and a garden.

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In India, people prefer to have a spacious entrance with a small decorated centre for the holy Tulsi plant. These front designs can have a seating area with pillars that provide an airy and spacious exterior to the house. Brighten up the main gate and entrance with hurricane or pendant lights. Paint the exterior of the house in a vibrant, two-colour combination or use fancy stones and tiles that blend well with the main gate design.

Small house roof design

Depending on the style of the house you can opt for a flat, slopping, L-shaped, or triangle-shaped roof. You can also combine roof designs. Flat, gable and semi-circular roofing designs provide a unique beauty. Elevate the visual appeal with well-placed lights. Consider covering parts of the house with a roof, and designing the living room or kitchen with thin slabs of wood and glass to let in natural light. You can also opt for a green roof made with a waterproof layer and drainage system. These roofs give city dwellers a green space without taking up any additional area outside the home.

Small house living room

Opt for a large room combining the kitchen, dining area, and a common area for family recreation and entertainment. Design curved ceilings, large windows, and broad diagonal views across the living room to make the small house feel large and luxurious. High shelves will help make the space feel less cramped. Vertical space design plan and high elongated windows to allow natural light will make the room look expansive. Use blinds instead of curtains to make the room look taller. Consider furniture with petite arms for a small room. Use one or two-seat cushions to make a smaller sofa look long and sleek as opposed to three sofas, a couch, a love seat, and an armchair. Design the living room by breaking down the seating arrangement to give family members their personal space. Divide the room into zones (reading space, playing area, entertainment, etc.) to bring a purpose to each area.

Small house kitchen design

An open kitchen space appears large and airy even when it’s small. Apt lighting and window placement can add to the sense of space and comfort in a kitchen. Light wood finish, frosted glass cabinet shutters, and soothing paint colours work well to expand the perceived space of the kitchen. Incorporate racks or pull-outs instead of cupboards. Make a tall pantry rather than a wide one for storage to ensure that no space is wasted. Have a few open shelves and decorate the kitchen with potted herbs to add freshness and colour to the small kitchen.

Small house bedroom design

Small duplex house interior designs need detailed planning and creative decoration ideas. Conceal as much as possible. Opt for furniture with storage, under-bed boxes and headboard storage. Convert a part of the small bedroom into a home office with a decorative, retractable divider. Bedroom furniture should not be overwhelming. Choose sliding wardrobe doors in a small bedroom or build a wardrobe inside wall cavities. In the kid’s bedroom opt for multifunctional bunk beds, combining a study table, book storage, dressers, and wardrobes. The lower bed can also fold away to create a comfortable space for children to play. Use calm and neutral colours to enhance serenity.

Best colours to use in a small house

Light shades in a small home make it visually big. Choose light shades of blue, green, or yellow to create an impact. Shades of whites can create an impression of large living space. Add a splash of colour with aqua blue, baby pink, or light green to balance the white. Whatever colour you pick, ensure that it is present only to highlight, and not to overwhelm.

Duplex small house design

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Ensure that the layout of the small duplex house is based on the needs of the family members. A double-height wall in the living room that goes straight up to the second floor can be the accent wall that adds to the impact. The big wall can also function as a canvas to display paintings, photographs, and accessories. A staircase in a small duplex house can be the focal point, and elevate the décor. Space underneath the stairs can be valuable for storage. Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains, which adds to the illusion of space. Consider wall and ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures rather than standing lamps to free up floor space. Duplex houses can also have a green garden on a large window sill or vertical living room indoor garden.

Small house design for elderly

Comfort, safety, and accessibility are key concerns in a small house design for the elderly. Look for simple designs that do not hinder the aesthetics, and aid the mobility needs and safety requirements of the seniors. Design ramps with adequate gradients, and stairs with handrails or safety bars. Bathrooms should have grab bars and anti-skid flooring. Adequate ambient light for general lighting and focused lights for activities should be planned. Plan wide doorways to make the space approachable for a wheelchair. Smart technology in home design can make it easier to operate fans and lights with remote control. In the kitchen, plan shelves and storage areas at a comfortable height for them to access.

Eco-friendly small home design

If you want to design a small home to reduce your carbon footprint, and save resources and maintenance costs, choose sustainable material. Choose solar panels instead of electricity. Insulated walls and roofs will keep the house cool and reduce the need for air conditioners. Think about cavity walls with insulation to keep the entire house cool, and save electricity. Furniture made from recycled wood or natural material can look chique. Water hyacinth river grass, bamboo, and recycled wood banana bark are some options to look for. Rainwater harvesting and a greywater treatment system can meet your water needs. Replace tile or cement flooring with bamboo, cork, or linoleum, a material made of natural and renewable materials. Gardening spaces can be integrated into the small home design as a kitchen garden, rooftop garden, or back yard garden. Use non-toxic, zero VOC paint for your home.

Space-saving furniture design for small house

Multi-functional furniture that is custom-designed for smaller spaces is apt for a small home. Look for dining tables and beds that can be collapsed or folded away, or multi-functional furniture like wardrobe cum study unit, and sofa-cum-beds. Foyer partitions can conceal shoe storage, and display artefacts. Headboard storage can replace the need for side tables. Integrate electrical points into headboards or drawers for easy access and storage of chargers.

Replace wood with glass, wherever possible, to create a visual sense of expansion. Furniture with thin legs and clean lines can also make a space look big.

Tips to design and decorate a small house

  • Design a small home with high ceilings to make the rooms feel big and luxurious.
  • A small home need not be boring. Make it aesthetically pleasing and stylish with vibrant accessories.
  • Mirrors and glass décor will reflect light and make the room feel large.
  • Glass on wardrobe doors give a classy look to the house. Use toughened glass as a partition to make your space look and feel light.
  • Integrate ample storage and utilise hidden spaces. Space behind the door is often underutilised. A laundry bag or bags with books and toys can be placed on hooks behind doors.
  • Use 16 mm plywood instead of 19 mm for designing small home furniture for more space.
  • If you have a monochromatic backdrop in a small house, decorate it with colourful accessories for a warm and welcoming feel.


Which themes can I use for my small house?

A small house can be designed in colonial, Moroccan, Scandinavian, and Victorian style. You can also opt for contemporary, cottage, Kerala, villa, or haveli style.

How can I have storage in a small bathroom?

A full-length mirror in the bathroom can double up as concealed storage. The bathroom basin can have under-counter units with storage. Hang colourful baskets on bathroom walls to keep toiletries.

How can I use light in a small house to make it look bigger?

Ensure there is plenty of natural light as it makes the home appear spacious. Try sheer window treatments or white blinds to let in natural light. Combine ceiling light fixtures or table lamps for a cosy and bright atmosphere.

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