8 Simple Ways To Make Your House Into A Green Home


In the present day, global warming is ensuring that we don’t get to enjoy the chills of the winter season or a nice ‘getting drenched’ session during the monsoons. The entire weather cycle has started to go haywire and critical measures need to be taken asap. It is the need of the hour to go the green way. Everyone, and not just the environmentalists, needs to let go of a lifestyle that is killing the planet slowly.

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Ponder over these points and follow an eco-friendly lifestyle to make your house into a greener home.

Follow this daily, simple to-do list:

1) Give your geyser a rest

Wash your clothes with cold water and detergent. This combination is much better than using hot water. Another simple routine that you must implement is to not keep the tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving. Even if it is for about two minutes. Keep the tap closed. When you leave a room, make sure all the lights are switched off. You might be working late in the night, but instead of putting your laptop in the sleep mode, it is best to switch it off completely. Remember, we are trying to save energy here.

2) Plants Are Your Best Friend

If you are one of the lucky people to have enough space for a backyard, go green and make sure you plant plenty of trees, shrubs and even indoor plants. It is the best and an economical way of bringing the temperature down during summers and get some respite from that humidity. Another good inclusion in your eco-friendly lifestyle will be to harvest rainwater. It can be used to water your garden and you also get to save substantial amount of your stored water. Do not get rid of your grass clippings. When they decompose, they act as natural fertilisers.

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3) Don’t Leave Your Carbon Footprint Behind

Make sure, when you are running your errands, to finish all the work at one go. In such a case, you will not have to take out your vehicle too often. And that is one of the ways in which you can go green and contribute towards restoring the balance to the ecological system by causing less pollution.

4) What the World Needs Now…is Water

If you love showers, simply switch to a low-flow showerhead. If you can adapt to a bucket and mug routine, that is even better. After all, just like you, someone from a deprived community also needs some bath-time. If there are any leaky faucets, make sure you get them fixed immediately so your place can be an eco-friendly house. You don’t want to lose more water and add to the building water crisis in your own way.

5) Switch Off and Recycle

When evening is about to set in, ensure you enjoy natural light for the longest duration till you cannot do without switching on the lights. If you find an army of unused and unplugged chargers, plug them out. Save energy and avoid increasing the hole in your wallet. Instead of using tissues, utilise your old clothes and make rags out of them to clean your home. They also deliver a better result when it comes to cleaning.

6) Go Paperless

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Most of you may not be comfortable with paperwork. With the increasing number of files and your reduced patience, paper also means trees getting cut. In this case, opt for e-bills. You can maintain a record in your email and you will not have to deal with multiple papers. If you also get a lot of junk mails, take your name of off those lists. You might be saving yourself from a sheet of paper but, in reality, you are also helping the world go green by reducing the number of trees that are felled to produce paper.

7) Leave the Toxins At the Door

Another important aspect of an eco-friendly lifestyle is to not permit smoking indoors. This is one of the best ways of clearing the air within your home. Due to the toxic chemicals in a cigarette, you are openly inviting health problems like cancer. This aspect is a complete no-brainer! When you enter home, leave your shoes at the door rather than taking them into your room. This reduces the number of toxins that get a free entry into the interiors of your home besides your having to clean up the floor ever so often.

8) Go Old-School in the Kitchen

Your kitchen pans should be made of materials like cast iron, enamel-coated aluminium and stainless steel. Non-stick pans might be helpful to you while you cook but it can be a cause of concern if the coating gets scraped and the harmful particles enter your meals. And god forbid the plastic containers that are a true reflection of our plastic lifestyle! Get clay or steel containers to store your groceries and protest in your own way against the usage of excess plastic.

These are just some of the simple ways through which you can ensure that you live in a green home and enjoy a healthy and happy life. In contemporary times, a callous kind of a lifestyle has opened homes to a plethora of illnesses. Executing the above mentioned measures will keep you and your family protected as well aiding in your effort in conserving the entire ecological system thanks to your eco-friendly house.

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