Home remedies for rodents: How to avoid rats at home naturally?

[] In this article, we offer some home remedies for rodents that will help home owners to understand how to avoid rats at home naturally.

Are you experiencing or are worried about rats making your home their own? Rodent infestation is something that many homeowners dread. Not only are rats a nuisance, but they can also be a danger to our health. While there are many ways of catching or avoiding rats at your home, not all of them are humane. Some of these involve killing or poisoning the rats. These methods are unnecessary if you are aware of home remedies for rodents. In this article, we will take a look at why rats are dangerous, as well as how to avoid rats at home naturally.

Reasons why rats make bad house guests

  • Rats can spread diseases and carry pathogens like hantavirus that can be transmitted to humans. Their presence can worsen conditions like allergies and asthma. Rats’ urine and droppings can infest your home with harmful pathogens.
  • Rodents are a danger to household electrical cables, pipes, and wooden beams. Their constant need to chew on things leads to short circuits, which can then cause fire hazards.
  • Rats can give birth to 12-15 younglings in one litter. Hence, if a rat infestation is not curbed, it will continue to grow.

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5 tips on how to avoid rats at home naturally

1. Home remedies for rats: Hide the food

How to avoid rats at home naturally

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Rats feed on the food they find in our homes, like crumbs on the floor or food left on the counter. It would help if you used airtight metal jars to store dry foods like grains. It will ensure that the rats’ sharp teeth and claws don’t allow them to reach the food. Pet foods left in the open are another thing that can attract rodents into your home. Store pet foods away too, to stop this from happening. Cleaning the garbage bin as promptly as possible is a good practice on how to avoid having rats at home naturally.

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2. Rat removal from home: Keep the house clean

Rat removal from home

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If you have ever wondered how to avoid rats at home naturally, the best thing that you can do is prevention. Cleanliness is the essential tool in fighting a future rat infestation. A dirty and cluttered house is a favourite of rodents, because it scavenges and hides quickly. Therefore, you should take out your cleaning supplies and start a deep cleaning of your home.

The kitchen is the first place you need to start for this deep cleaning. Rats like to use cardboard, plastics, and fabric to make their nests. Keep the house clean of any unnecessary items that may be lying around. Keep up this practice and clean your home regularly, to avoid having rats at home naturally.

3. Home remedy for rats in the house: Seal cracks and holes in the walls

Home remedy for rats in the house

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Rats can squeeze into tiny holes – dime-sized or larger. Entry points from the outside help them get into our homes and small, warm holes can become their nests. To know how to avoid having rats at home naturally, survey your home thoroughly and look for any holes or cracks in the wall.

If you find any such hole or crack, caulk them up or use boards to seal them off and stuff steel wool inside so that they can’t chew their way in.

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4. How to avoid rats at home naturally using peppermint oil

How to avoid rats at home naturally

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Peppermint oil is probably the most popular answer you will get when you search for how to avoid rats at home naturally. Peppermint essential oil is very strong for rats and it works as a repellent. A great advantage of using peppermint oil is that it smells pleasant to us and will work as a home freshener.

Use cotton dipped in peppermint oil and leave them near possible entry points and holes where they may hide. This method will remove any present rats from your house and prevent any other rats from coming in. This natural remedy on how to avoid having rats at home naturally is better than any rat poison, because rat poison can be dangerous for pets and people. Potted peppermint plants can also be used near entry points, as an alternative or in combination with this method.

5. How to avoid rats at home naturally with humane traps

Home remedies for rodents: How to avoid rats at home naturally?

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A mouse trap can help you get rid of the mouse efficiently. However, there are many mouse traps like sticky traps that are very violent. A simple bait trap that lets them come in but doesn’t let them leave can be the most valuable and kind way of disposing of rats. All you need are cages with baits that automatically close when the rat comes inside. Peanut butter is a commonly used bait for mouse traps. Place the trap in areas near pipelines, gardens, and garages.

Wear protective gloves and glasses after the mouse is trapped and dispose of the animal somewhere far away from your house, like a field or in the woods. This trap may also be dangerous for smaller pets and curious toddlers.

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