Use candles, for a home with a glowing décor and pure energy

[] We look at some simple ways, in which home owners can experiment with candles, as décor elements and to influence the energy of one’s house at any given point of time

Candles, as décor accessories, can easily be used to adorn a home or any venue of celebration. Besides having ornamental value, candles have been known to effectively bring about an energy shift in any space. The soft, glowing radiance of burning candles in a room, not only enhances the décor of the space but also alters the vibrations there.

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Since Vedic times, fire has been considered as a destroyer of negativity. Hence, a lit-up candle radiates powerful, yet soft and positive energy, into your home.

Feng Shui tips for using candles at home

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Feng Shui practitioners and space healers suggest various ways, in which you can use candles throughout your home, to revitalise the atmosphere.

  • If you wish to feel more settled and intimate in a relationship, then, cleanse the south-west part of your house/room and place a couple of candles there. Light the candles and keep them lit for at least 30 minutes, every day.

Use candles, for a home with a glowing décor and pure energy

  • Do you think some areas of your life would benefit, if you are more of an extrovert and become more expressive? To bring about a transformation in your emotional state, place a group of candles in the south direction of your home/room while keeping this thought in your mind and keep it lit for some time every day.
  • Feeling confused and clouded? To gain valuable insights into your life, clear and cleanse the north-east part of your house and light a candle there. Meditating upon the flame of the candle, as you sit facing the north-east of your room, is known to dispel confusion and bring clarity.
  • A pair of candles placed in a clay holder and kept in the west part of your room, is believed to heal and nurture romance.
  • It is believed by many that three is a number for growth and change, while nine is a number for fulfillment. Burning three candles in the kitchen or on the dining table, is said to attract prosperity. Burning nine candles in your living room stimulates positive energy, while also creating a pleasing ambience.

[] Add a glowing touch to your home, with candles

How to use coloured candles for a positive impact

Those who believe in colour therapy, can even choose coloured candles that link to their aspirations. For example, you can opt for the harmonising vibrations of green, to soothe and balance emotions or bring in a sense of security and protection; orange to enliven and enthuse; red to revive passions, encourage or stimulate; blue to engender feelings of peace and so on.

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Use candles, for a home with a glowing décor and pure energy

Use fragrant candles to uplift a space

Home owners can also use candles to heat essential oils and spread the fragrance in one’s room or home. For example, fragrances like basil can be used to create an atmosphere of harmony in the house and to increase the empathy of people living there. Similarly, jasmine can be used to reduce anxiety and help meditation, lavender to relax and soothe, while the fragrance of rose can be used to encourage feelings of love, etc.

DIY suggestion, to maximise the positive energy from candles

At your work station, get into a relatively calm and meditative mode. Hold two or three yellow candles and focus on the projects you need help with. Light the candles and visualise positive impact. It is believed that this exercise empowers your concentration and creativity. It is worth remembering that your intent is the most powerful energy shifter. Hence, for any positive impact of using candles in the home décor, it should be combined with positive thoughts.

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