Ways to get rid of cockroaches at your home

[] Mentioned in this article are ways to get rid of cockroaches at your home

There is little question that cockroaches are the most hated bugs on the planet. Furthermore, they are indicators of an unclean environment because of their capacity to spread illness. Infestation of the kitchen and other areas of a home is a common occurrence for these pests. It’s understandable why people are continually looking for ways to get rid of cockroaches.

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It would help if you acted quickly to keep them under control since they are growing at an alarming pace. Natural Indian cures and preventative techniques may be used as a starting point, but professional pest treatment is also a terrific option. These ways to get rid of cockroaches use items that are often found in one’s house. Continue reading to learn how to quickly and effectively eliminate cockroaches. 

Where do cockroaches gather in households?

Cockroaches are adaptable and can live practically wherever food crumbs, water, and refuge are readily accessible. As a result of the similarities between people and bugs, it is no coincidence that pests flourish in homes.


Trash or yard clippings that are too near to dwellings might attract insects. The fact that these pests usually hide in places where food and water are readily available means that they may easily travel into your kitchen or bathroom. They prefer to hide in:

  • The sink’s cabinetry
  • In or beneath trash bins
  • In close proximity to food preparation areas
  • Including wood and cardboard, which are both porous

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A cockroach infestation outside is frequent beneath decks, in areas with plumbing or sewage leaks, and in or near:

  • Brush
  • Explore the nooks and crannies
  • Dumpsters and trash cans
  • Logs that have been strewn around
  • Litter from trees and shrubs
  • Mulch
  • Sheds for storage

10 best home remedies to get rid of cockroaches

  • Boric acid

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Boric acid is widely considered among the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches. For optimum performance, dust a tiny amount of this powder into cracks and floors and allow it to settle for a few minutes until cockroaches come into touch with it and succumb to their fate. When boric acid gets moist, it loses its effectiveness. Please remember that this powder is hazardous and must be kept away from pets and children at all times.

  • Baking soda

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Controlling the spread of these pests is easy using a mixture of sugar and baking soda. Cockroaches will be lured in by sugar and killed by baking soda. Once you know where they hide, you can spread this mixture in specific areas.

  • Neem leaves

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It has been utilised for various purposes, including pest control, by Indians for centuries. Cockroaches are susceptible to the powerful components found in neem oil and powder. A spray bottle filled with water and neem oil may be used to eliminate these pests by misting them with the mixture. You need to sprinkle it on the places infested with cockroaches at night and then do it again in the morning if you’re using neem powder.

  • Peppermint oil

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When it comes to ways to get rid of cockroaches, nothing beats peppermint oil. Spray the infected regions with a solution of peppermint and saltwater oil. Consistent use will make a noticeable improvement.

  • Bay leaves

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Place crushed bay leaves in cabinets or other locations where you’re likely to see them. You may also boil several leaves and use the resulting water to disinfect infected areas.

  • Fabric softener

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If you’re looking for an alternative for market repellents, try mixing fabric softener with water and storing it in a spray bottle. Whenever you spot a cockroach, spray this mixture on it directly and watch it die. But, this might not be the best solution for a large-scale infestation.

  • Silica aerogel and sugar

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Cockroaches may be effectively eradicated with the use of silica aerogel. In a 3:1 ratio, combine the silica aerogel and the sugar. Place a generous amount of this mixture in cockroach-infested areas. To get the most significant outcomes, keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Pepper, garlic and onion

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Prepare a mixture of pepper powder, garlic, and onion paste and add one litre of water to it. Disperse the solution in the affected areas with a fine mist of water or soap. They won’t come near because of the mixture’s strong odour.

  • Pine-sol and bleach

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Infested areas should be sprayed with a combination of boiling water and these two chemicals. This may be a very successful way to get rid of cockroaches from your house without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Cucumber

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Slice up a couple of cucumbers and store them in an airtight tin can. Cockroaches dislike the scent of cucumbers in tin jars because of the chemical reaction.

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