Aamir Khan house in Mumbai and Panchgani: A look into the actor’s luxe properties

[] Superstar Aamir Khan owns many properties in India but Aamir Khan house in Mumbai and his Panchgani property are where he feels at home. Beautifully planned, Khan is not just ‘Mr Perfectionist’ when it comes to his choice of films but also his abode

Aamir Khan’s net worth is Rs 1,434 crores or USD 204 million. It is but natural that an actor as celebrated as him can afford a fine lifestyle, just like his choice of movies. Recently, the actor, director, filmmaker and television talk-show host, ended his 15-year old marriage with Kiran Rao, a prominent director and producer. The marriage of Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan was considered as one of the most creative associations in Indian cinema, as it had brought together one of its leading superstars and an independent filmmaker who aspired to make her mark as a writer-director.

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Earlier, the couple has invested Rs 35 crores in commercial real estate in Mumbai, in SV Road in Santacruz West, in a building called Prime Plaza as part of Amir Khan property investments to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Let us take a look at Aamir Khan’s properties in Maharashtra.

Aamir Khan house address

Aamir Khan house in Mumbai is a luxurious apartment in Pali Hill, Bandra. The PK star owns two apartments in Marina and one apartment in Bella Vista. Aamir Khan house address is Marina Apartments, Pali hill, Bandra, Mumbai.

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Aamir Khan house in Bandra, Mumbai

Previously, Amir khan house was a plush property at Freeda One in Carter Road, when Aamir Khan residence at Pali Hill home was under renovation.

At Marina Apartments, the megastar’s wife Kiran Rao was the brain behind the décor, of the house which is nature-themed. The 5,000-sq ft Aamir Khan property is spread over two floors and is designed by renowned designer, Anuradha Parikh. The refurbished Aamir Khan home Mumbai is simple, yet perfect and brings in a sense of novelty and is complete with a study, a central living space and a workout area.

A family man, Aamir’s pictures on Instagram with producer-director-screenwriter ex wife Kiran Rao, daughter Ira Khan, sisters Farhat and Nikhat Khan, son Azad Rao Khan and others, in warm home settings, show the megastar at ease with his family around him. Shown below is Aamir khan house image.

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Aamir Khan home

Freeda Apartments, Carter Road

Aamir Khan net worth

Aamir Khan properties

A look at Aamir Khan’s luxurious properties in Mumbai and Panchgani

A look at Aamir Khan’s luxurious properties in Mumbai and Panchgani

A look at Aamir Khan’s luxurious properties in Mumbai and Panchgani

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Aamir Khan house in Panchgani 

Here is a glimpse of Aamir Khan ka ghar at Panchgani, in Maharashtra. The couple are said to spend a lot of time with family here, as it is thoroughly fit for some outdoor fun. It is spread over two acres (9,787 sq metres) and cost him Rs 7 crores in 2012-2013, just a few months after his marriage with Rao. This Aamir Khan property initially belonged to Homi and Zia Adanjias. The stamp duty on this property came to Rs 42 lakhs.

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Aamir Khan married Kiran Rao in Panchgani, which makes the place all the more special. What’s more? His superhit movie, Raja Hindustani, was also shot in Panchgani and the star took an instant liking to this place.

Aamir Khan Panchgani house

A look at Aamir Khan’s luxurious properties in Mumbai and Panchgani

A look at Aamir Khan’s luxurious properties in Mumbai and Panchgani

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Aamir Khan house in Uttar Pradesh

In addition to these Mumbai properties, Aamir Khan is the owner of 22 houses in Shahabad, Uttar Pradesh. These houses are Aamir Khan’s ancestral property and he bought them from his uncle who was searching for a buyer for these properties. Sales deeds of these Aamir Khan properties are registered under his name and his sisters Nikhat and Farhat and brother Faisal as joint co-owners. 

Aamir Khan is also said to own many other properties across the country but in 2016 he said that he was perhaps the only star who did not own a house outside India. Speaking to the media, he was quoted as saying, “Film stars have many houses outside India and I am the only actor who does not have a single house outside my country. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with buying several properties outside India but I did not feel the necessity to buy another house, even if I want to go out on a holiday. Everything that I have is here in India.”

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How much did Aamir Khan spend on the commercial property in Santacruz?

Aamir Khan is said to have spent Rs 35 crores for the commercial space that comprises four offices in Santacruz at Rs 37,854 per sq ft.

What is the annual income of Aamir Khan?

Aamir Khan’s annual income is roughly Rs 120 crores.

Who designed Aamir Khan’s Mumbai home?

Renowned designer Anuradha Parikh designed Aamir’s old home in Mumbai.

Image sources: Instagram handles of Kiran Rao, Ira Khan and fan pages

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