Bathroom Cleaning Tips: 7 Things to Keep Tidy in Restroom

[] Mentioned are easy tips and tricks for bathroom cleaning

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We all seek a clean bathroom environment. However, a space prone to filth, mildew and corrosion may be challenging to maintain clean. It’s crucial to take care of your bathroom, though, since neglect may lead to long-term harm to your favourite bathroom suite over time. Very inexpensive products like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon, can be used for bathroom cleaning.

Best home-remedies for bathroom cleaning

Use of baking soda for bathroom cleaning

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Baking soda, either on its own or in conjunction with other cleaners, may remove stains from bathroom tiles and is an excellent bathroom cleaning product. Leave it overnight on your bathroom tiles and you’ll be delighted at the results the following day. Make sure, however, that dried tiles are coated with baking soda. For more stubborn stains, you may also use a combination of baking soda and vinegar.

Use of vinegar for bathroom cleaning

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The most efficient method is to combine equal parts of water and vinegar and spray them on the bathroom tile surface. Use this solution to remove light, yellowish stains caused by hard water for your bathroom cleaning. This treatment can benefit from toilet seats, showers and steel sinks.

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Use of lemon for bathroom cleaning 

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You may use a paste made of two to three parts borax and one part lemon liquid to clean a dirty toilet bowl, including its rim, by stirring the juice in gradually. Let it rest for about 90 to 120 minutes, and then use a toilet brush for bathroom cleaning. The ring that commonly forms at the water level in the toilet bowl may be eliminated with this treatment.

7 bathroom cleaning tips you cannot miss 

For shower and the bath

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Spray the tub and shower area with a liberal coating of an all-purpose bathroom cleanser before moving on to the remainder of the bathroom. Allow this to sit for several minutes while you clean the rest of the bathroom space. Allowing the bathroom cleaning solution to stand for some time aids in the dissolution of oils, grime, and soap scum. Consequently, when you wipe it off, you’ll need less elbow grease to remove any stains or scum that may remain.

For toilet 

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The toilet is the most often visited area of your bathroom. It might also be the dirtiest; thus, you must maintain your toilet as clean as possible. The first step is to get your toilet brush out and clean the bowl well before spraying it with a disinfectant and allowing it to sit for a bit. While you’re waiting for the toilet cleaner to do its job, you should scrape the exterior of your toilet and clean the floor surrounding the bowl for your bathroom cleaning.

For sink 

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The sink might get quite filthy. It might be whiskers, toothpaste dribbles, or hair products that are the source of the problem. You have to deal with a never-ending assault of filth and grime daily. Begin by spraying the sink and faucets, then scrape the edges of the faucet and the drain using a tiny brush. Last but not least, wipe everything down and give it a thorough rinse for your bathroom cleaning to get maximum results.

For curtains 

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Warm water and vinegar, baking soda, or mild laundry detergent are all you need to clean your shower curtain in the washing machine. You may also use baking soda and a microfiber cloth to clean your plastic shower curtain. Pour baking soda on the cloth after it has been dampened. The shower curtain will be cleaned with this solution. After washing, rinse with warm water and re-apply the baking soda and towel to any remaining soap scum or hard water stains. Repeat the rinsing process until the shower curtain is spotless and your bathroom cleaning exercise successful. A pleasant aroma is also left behind after this procedure.

For mirrors 

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Clean the mirror thoroughly before attempting to remove any stains or fingerprints. Start removing any accumulation with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol. Spray your mirror with a glass cleaner (or a vinegar solution). It’s essential not to overspray here but rather to provide a thin mist coating. Look at your mirror from various angles to see if there are any streaks, residue, or traces of dirt. Assuming this is the case, use a small quantity of bathroom cleaning solution to each area and wipe it off in quick succession. 

For ceilings 

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You’re probably too busy cleaning your bathroom’s fixtures and tiles to notice that the ceiling needs attention, too. Be prepared to see mildew, stains and built-up dirt as you look up. Fill a mop bucket with equal parts water and white vinegar and use it to clean it. Goggles or other eye protection should be put on at this point. Squeeze the solution out of a long-handled sponge mop and wipe the ceiling one part at a time, dipping and squeezing the mop as you go for effective bathroom cleaning.

All around rust spots

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Remove hard-water staining from toilets, tubs, and sink by applying toothpaste to an old toothbrush for your bathroom cleaning. Use a paste of borax and lemon juice or a turpentine-and-salt solution to remove the discolouration. Take immediate action against rust spots, regardless of the approach you choose. The simpler it is to get rid of them, the earlier you deal with them.

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