Simple solutions to create storage space at home

[] Every home needs ample storage space to ensure that the décor looks clean. We look at ways in which home owners can create sufficient storage spaces that are stylish and also gives a spacious feel to the interiors

A home should not only have visual appeal but should also have sufficient space, to keep things. For this, it is important to plan storage spaces well and use the existing space wisely, when designing your home décor. In any home, large or small, one can tackle storage issues, with a little creativity.

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Use vertical surfaces for storage

If one lives in a small space, one has to think about how to use every part of the home. “If there is lack of floor space, use the walls, as this space is usually wasted. Many of the items that are not needed on a daily basis, can be stocked here,” says Mikita Laad Gupta, senior designer, Bonito Designs. Opt for vertical furniture, like floor-to-ceiling shelves. Instead of bookshelves on the floor, optimise the space by using shelves on the wall. These can even be visually attractive, with shelves shaped like tree branches.

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Tall shelves make the space appear less cramped. “In the kitchen, vertical space can be put to good use, especially to store smaller items. Similarly, baskets can be lined up behind doors, to store things in the kitchen. Vertical cubby holes in the bathrooms wall or niches in the living rooms, can also be used to create storage space at home,” adds Astha Khetan, founder, The House of

Make optimum use of space

Every house has spaces that are less noticed, which can be used in a better way. “The space behind the door is an unused space in most homes. In children’s rooms, laundry bags can be hung up on hooks. Similarly, books or toys can be placed in bags and hung on hooks. The space under staircases, can be used for storing shoes, with pull-out shoe racks,” suggests Gupta.

[] Décor tips for compact homes

A corridor/passage in the house, depending on where it is, can be used for a wall-mounted bookshelf or shoe rack. In the bedroom, opt for a bed with concealed storage in the headboard and use boxes under the bed to store items. Use a dining table or centre table with sliding drawers, for storing napkins and cutlery.

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“Choose furniture pieces that meet your storage requirement and also add to the style quotient of your home. Lofts and alcoves in the room, foyer or even bathroom are ideal spaces to build storage units. In the kitchen, opt for smart solutions within the cabinet, for example, drawer dividers for cutlery, trays and pull-outs for spices. Pegboards can be used on a kitchen wall, to store essential stuff. You can even hang a family photo or your children’s drawings on the board, to add to the visual interest,” states Khetan.

Create space for small items

Some items are difficult to store, even if space is not an issue. “Whenever one plans storage, a lot of small items like jewellery, hair accessories and other knick-knacks, tend to be ignored. Storing them in regular drawers, can lead to a mess and wastage of space. To avoid this, use the walls to store such items in a small space. You can make your own jewellery holder, with a painted cork sheet or a hanger near the dresser, or even use ice cube trays in drawers, to store rubber bands, clips, cufflinks, earrings, etc.,” adds Gupta.

Plastic storage drawers or folding shelf organisers that can be easily moved, can be useful additions to a closet. In a linen closet, use them to stack small clothes like socks, handkerchiefs, lingerie and towels. Use bright and bold-coloured fancy trunks, to store away things in the bedroom, while also a unique décor element.

Creative storage ideas

  • Use glass for making shelves and partitions, as it makes the house appear spacious. Shelves fixed at an eye-level, are good for keeping knick-knacks.
  • Use multi-purpose furniture – for example, a chest which doubles as a center table, a sofa with storage space for books in the armrest, or a dining table bench with storage for cutlery.
  • An openable full-length mirror in the bedroom or bathroom can have concealed storage behind it.
  • The bathroom basin can have storage units under the counter. Use colourful baskets on the bathroom wall, to keep toiletries.
  • Use the space above wardrobes to create a loft, where you can store suitcases. You can stuff extra bed covers or blankets in the empty suitcases.
  • Space underneath the window seating can be used for storage.
  • Homes are often filled with needless items that one has collected over the years. Hence, de-clutter and clean the house regularly.

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