Simple pooja mandir designs for walls

[] Utilise the wall space in your house to create a beautiful pooja corner. Here are some interesting and simple pooja mandir designs for walls.

Pooja areas are an essential element in Indian homes. Most of us have and use them every day. However, not everyone has the space or the budget to dedicate an entire room for pooja purposes. If your house does not have the space for a separate pooja room, there are other places for your pooja mandir that will look just as good.

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Here is a list of some simple pooja mandir designs for walls for houses struggling for space.

Simple pooja mandir designs for walls for Indian homes

Pooja mandir with a wooden unit

If your house is tiny and does not have much in the way of striking features, you could put up a modern wooden unit that encloses your pooja mandir. Pair your simple pooja mandir designs for walls with bright internal lighting to create a pooja space that is easily accessible and brings forward a religious mood.

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Small mandir in the corner

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Modern urban homes are getting smaller and smaller. This means you will have to be creative if you want a pooja unit, like a simple pooja mandir design for walls. This stepped corner mandir design looks sleek but devotional. The accents bring out a spiritual feeling from the pooja space.

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Traditional pooja space on a wall

If you are strapped for space on the floor, you will have to elevate your pooja mandir. This wall-mounted simple pooja mandir designs for walls works primarily because of the intricately carved traditional jaali design. The drawers are practical as well to keep pooja essentials whenever praying.

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Pray with privacy

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Love the idea of a modern home with defined spaces? You will love this simple pooja mandir design for walls. A wood-panelled partition in the corner of the room provides privacy and helps keep you away from any distractions when you are praying.

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Open pooja mandir

Sometimes, you have got to embrace your home’s space constraints and go for an open pooja mandir design. An open simple pooja mandir design for walls has its advantages. It looks sleek and modern while also retaining its spiritual features, and you can create a great distance by going vertical. 

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