15 exciting modern main door designs

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The importance of the home’s front door in our lives is enormous. It can aid in the creation of house themes. Add a primary door to your entry to make you feel proud of your property and to make your visitors admire your taste. Take a look at the 15 modern main door designs for Indian homes mentioned below for some ideas. For your consideration, here are some modern main door ideas for Indian homes.

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Alternating glass-striped wooden modern main door design 

Your modern home’s main entrance must be magnificent. The alternating glass striped hardwood door is an attractive option for a unique aesthetic.

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Glass and wooden main door design Indian style

According to Vastu, sunlight must penetrate via the main entryway. However, security and privacy do not allow it. Wait, the matching glass and wood door is here to save the day, and it serves the dual aim of letting light in while also beautifying the entryway.

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Lattice wooden modern main door design Indian style

The lattice arrangement encrusted in the oak foundation that forms the main entrance is  stunning. On your elegant apartment entryway, this main door design will seem spectacular.

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Wide-open panel modern main door design for homes

The vertically panelled hardwood door is parallelly panelled. This design would look stunning on your modern entryway and will also work well in offices.

door 4 1

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Herringbone modern main door design

The herringbone door pattern is a popular choice for city vacation homes. To give your property a more sumptuous appeal, add the herringbone design to a floating wooden door on the entry door.

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Minimal modern main door design for homes

Even a beautiful main door design may improve the aesthetics of your property. As you may be aware, a minimalist appearance is attractive to the sight. Make your entryway stand out with a simple white oak wood door.

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Pet-friendly modern main door design

This primary entrance style is only appropriate if you have a well-trained pet, particularly a cat. A door flap attached to the main door models is a pet-friendly door design on a modern house entry.

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Wide basket weave patterned modern main door designs for homes

Add a patterned door design to your entryway to make it seem utterly incredible. The basketweave pattern will be a superb option for the main door.

door 8 snipped 1Source: Pinterest

Moroccan floral detailed modern main door design

Moroccan design concepts have long been admired across the world. The Moroccan floral ornate main entrance design will also impress your visitors.

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Horizontal bar iron modern main door design for home

The main door with the iron bar grill is old-style for house entrances. However, it is presently being employed often to create a street-style aspect at the entry. If you like the street style look, you may incorporate it into your house.

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door 10 1

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Mirror glazed modern main door design for home

The addition of a mirror to the main door models is unquestionably a stunning concept. The combination of mirrored glass and the main hardwood door will provide a seductive entry to your home.

door 11 1

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Elevation modern main door design for home

Elevation designs are currently one of the most popular styles. The addition of an elevation door design to your home’s entry will undoubtedly give it a stunning and fashionable appearance.

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3D isolated brick modern main door design for home.

Making a house appear real begins at the front door. As your main door models, utilise the 3D isolated brick door design to give your home a unique aspect.

door 13 1Source: Pinterest

Wooden accented glass modern main door designs for home

For your posh home, a magnificent entry door option is wooden bordered glass doors in a wooden paned glass unit. It is also a fantastic idea for your office.

door 14 1Source: Pinterest

Dual panelled modern main door design for homes

The twin study is an experimental door that makes a comeback after decades. To get a boho appearance, include this exquisite pattern in your entrance.

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