Small balcony garden ideas: Invite greenery and freshness into your apartment with a beautiful balcony garden

[] If you live in an apartment, here are some creative small balcony garden ideas for you to spend time amidst nature

A beautiful garden at home can be the ultimate haven for relaxation for those who prefer being close to nature. Due to the limited space available in Indian homes, a garden may be a luxury for many. However, if your apartment has a balcony, a mini garden is what you need. A small balcony garden can be designed with planters and outdoor decorations. It is also the perfect place for a home office where you can work while spending time amidst greenery and enjoying the fresh air.

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Apartment balcony garden designs

These small balcony garden ideas will inspire you to transform your balcony into a garden with a view.

Balcony garden design with a modern appeal

Turn your balcony into the cosy corner of your home. Let your balcony garden design exude a contemporary feel by installing stylish outdoor chairs with cushions, pillows, and rugs. You can also add a corner sofa with a matching coffee table.

Small balcony garden ideas

If you have sufficient space, consider a swing or a hammock chair to be hung from the ceiling.

apartment balcony garden

Herb balcony garden ideas

You do not need a huge area for an herb garden. If your balcony gets adequate sunlight, it is your best spot for growing tomatoes, peppers, and other herbs and veggies in small pots. Pick decorative flowerpots that will enhance the look of your home.

balcony garden design

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Floral small balcony garden ideas

A colourful balcony garden will add visual interest to your home exteriors. Plan a rose garden that will give a stunning look to this area. The remarkable colour combination of green with red or pink is a treat for the eyes.

balcony decoration ideas with plants

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Apartment balcony garden with wall for privacy

Install wooden trellis for a balcony or an attractive bamboo wall. It will serve as a space for plant climbers while providing the privacy that balconies often lack. You can even place heavy planters to conceal the area, which look visually attractive while partially blocking views for the outsiders.

balcony garden ideas

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Balcony garden ideas for small spaces

Railing planters for small balcony garden

Use the balcony railings in your apartment to hang different planters in your balcony garden. You can keep the flowerpots directly on the rails or hang them using plastic or metal hooks. You can also make DIY planters and paint them in bright colours.

small balcony garden ideas

Vertical balcony decoration ideas with plants

Place hanging planters, baskets or window boxes at different heights on a bare wall. This small balcony garden will also create an eye-catching look for your home while saving the floor space for outdoor furniture.

small balcony garden

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Wall mirror for a spacious look

Fixing a mirror on one of the walls is an excellent décor idea for outdoor spaces. The use of mirrors in this type of balcony garden design will give an illusion of a spacious balcony while brightening up the area by reflecting light and the colourful display of flowering plants.

small balcony garden ideas india

Space-saving outdoor furniture

One of the smart small balcony garden ideas for compact homes in India is investing in space-saving furniture like foldable chairs and tables, corner sofas, and garden stools. With dozens of furniture styles and designs available today, pick a suitable furniture to personalise your space.

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Small balcony garden ideas

Balcony garden planters

When planning a home garden, choose aesthetically-designed flower pots and planters. Go for large, free-standing pots, if there is sufficient space. Colourful planters, especially those painted in neutral tones like white, brown, and greys, enhance the outdoor décor while setting a calm ambience. Terracotta planters look great when suspended from metal rods.

One of the inexpensive balcony decoration ideas with plants is using repurposed cans, pots or crates and turning them into DIY planters. This way, you get a cheerful and inviting space where you would want to come back after a hectic day.

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Balcony garden flooring

Here are some interesting floor ideas for your balcony garden at home.

Balcony garden with artificial grass

Synthetic or plastic grass is a good option for balcony garden. It can be placed on the floor like a carpet. An artificial grass patch on the floor will also add ample greenery to your abode.

Small balcony garden ideas

Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles can add a luxurious appeal to your small balcony garden. The material is suitable for outdoor areas as it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Wooden flooring

Although it requires maintenance, wooden flooring for a balcony garden looks elegant in modern homes. It also lends an earthy look to the outdoor space.

Deck tiles

Wooden deck tiles are quite popular for designing outdoor spaces like patio or balconies. They can be easily installed over any surface, including concrete, stone or bricks.

Small balcony garden ideas

Balcony garden lights

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures will allow your balcony to be used as an extended living room even after dark. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly choice. You can also opt for string lights or fairy lights that will make your small balcony garden sparkle in the evenings.

Balcony garden maintenance tips

  • It is important to ensure that your home garden receives adequate sunlight. If there is more than one balcony in your house, choose the one that gets proper sunlight.
  • Place awnings that work as an accent feature for your patio or balcony. They are available in a plethora of designs, fabrics and colours. If you are growing plants that may not require sunlight, place them in the shade.
  • It is crucial to protect your balcony during windy weather as it may damage the plants. You can place mesh or decorative metal grills that will work as a windbreak while providing privacy and security. At the same time, they can also offer shade to an extent.
  • Watering the plants and drainage issues may be a major concern for apartment dwellers with balcony gardens. One solution is to put a layer of pebbles or stones, or saucers under the flowerpots or use planters with drainage holes. It will prevent water from accumulating at the bottom.


What is a balcony garden called?

A balcony garden is commonly referred to as a terrace garden.

How do you add greenery without plants?

If your apartment balcony is too small to include planters, you can place artificial grass rugs on the floor, or cover the walls with floral wallpapers or similar artwork and paintings.

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