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ECIS 2016 Oral Contributes

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PL.1 Pine David J DNA-directed self-assembly of colloidal crystals
PL.2 Stebe Kathleen Curvature-driven fluxes of colloids
PL.3 Stevens Molly Nanomaterials for biosensing and regenerative medicine
PL.4 Manna Liberato Chemical, Structural and Surface Transformations in Nanocrystals
PL.5 Baglioni Piero A Journey through Time and Length Scales in Colloid Science
PL.6 Magdassi Shlomo Nanomaterials for functional and 3D printing
IK.1 van Esch Jan Fuel-driven active materials
IK.2 Schmitt Veronique A brief review on Pickering emulsions
IK.3 Walker Lynn Interfacial properties of fluid-fluid interfaces with adsorbed colloid-surfactant complexes
IK.4 Reches Meital Interactions between Peptides and Inorganic Surfaces: Towards Environmentally-Friendly Antifouling Materials
IK.5 Piazza Roberto Colloidal swarms can settle faster than isolated particles
IK.6 Bocquet Lyderic Nanofluidics insights into the water carbon interface
IK.7 Lindman Björn Amphiphilic properties of cellulose and its role in dissolution, regeneration and nanocomposite preparation
IK.8 Berti Debora Nanostructured Materials interacting with Synthetic and Natural Lipid Membranes
IK.9 Landfester Katharina Nanocapsules: Tuning interactions to biological matter and designing release gates
SK.1 Piculell Lennart How hard do we dry?
SK.2 Baldelli Bombelli Francesca Self-Assembled Bio-reducible Hybrid Supraparticles
SK.3 Stradner Anna Arrest Scenarios in Concentrated Protein Solutions
SK.4 Dijkstra Marjolein Critical Casimir Forces and Colloidal Phase Transitions in a Near-Critical Solvent
SK.5 Campbell Richard Correlation of foam film stability to the interfacial composition and structure of polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures
SK.6 Sivan Uri Short-Range Hydrophobic Repulsion Revealed by FM-AFM
SK.7 Chmelka Bradley Surface compositions, structures, and properties of surfactant-directed nanoscale semiconductors
SK.8 Imae Toyoko Architecting of advanced systems for pollutant removal
SK.9 Starov Victor Current problems in kinetics and wetting
SK.10 Dzubiella Joachim Rational design of stimuli-responsive nanoreactors
SK.11 Crassous Jérôme J. Multiscaled directed self-assembly of composite microgels in complex electric fields
SK.12 Palazzo Gerardo What is the reason why gold nanoparticles synthesized by Laser Ablation in Liquids are stable?
SK.13 Pelton Robert Nanoparticle Particle Flotation Collectors from High-Throughput Polymer Colloid Screening
SK.14 Chen Wei-Ren Origin of nonlinear rheology in colloidal suspensions
SK.15 Kalina Michal Interconection between structure, rheological and transport properties of reactive hydrogels
SK.16 Malmsten Martin Pronounced peptide selectivity for melanoma through tryptophan end-tagging
SK.17 Brocca Paola Structural response of biopolymer coated delivery-nanoparticles to interaction with syntetic and cellular model mucus
SK.18 Nicolai Taco Effect of particle morphology on the structure and stability of particle stabilized water in water emulsions
SK.19 Stepanek Petr Controlling interaction of polymer nanoparticles with biological media
SK.20 Di Leonardo Roberto The 3D dynamics of wall-entrapment in swimming bacteria
SK.21 Dabkowska Aleksandra Responsive nanostructured films: non-lamellar lipid liquid crystalline phases with embedded polymer microgels
SK.22 Eiser Erika Light driven colloidal aggregation at a liquid-liquid interface
O.1 Blaak Ronald Magnetically functionalized star-polymers
O.2 Canning Sarah pH-Responsive, zwitterionic, schizophrenic diblock copolymer micelles by polymerisation-induced self-assembly
O.3 Chakraborty Indrani Colloidal joints with tunable joint stiffness assemble into reconfigurable structures
O.4 Silva Bruno Microfluidics with in-situ SAXS to probe the time evolution of the lamellar-microemulsion transition induced by a concentration jump
O.5 Paunov Vesselin Cyclodextrin Stabilised Emulsions, Cyclodextrinosomes and Cyborg Cells
O.6 Maas Michael Electrostatic Assembly of Zwitterionic and Amphiphilic Nanoparticles
O.7 Csapo Edit Ultra-small gold nanoclusters with tuneable fluorescent features: syntheses, structural identification and sensoric applications
O.8 Sanz Eduardo The mystery of the discrepancy between experiments and simulations in hard sphere crystallization
O.9 Lai S. K. Coexistence of gas-liquid-solid phases in colloidal uncharged hard spheres induced by a disc-like depletion agent
O.10 Bergman Maxime Depletion interaction in binary mixtures of thermoresponsive microgels
O.11 Sartori Paolo Drop motion induced by vertical vibrations
O.12 Salis Andrea What is the new frontier of Hofmeister phenomena? Specific buffer effects found for lysozyme adsorption onto SBA-15 mesoporous silica
O.13 Braunschweig Björn Building blocks with tunable electrostatic interactions at the gas/liquid interface as a driving force for macroscopic foam stability and structure
O.14 Guzmán Eduardo Polyelectrolyte-surfactant mixtures adsorption onto water/solid and water/vapor interfaces: a physicochemical study with potential technological applications
O.15 Totland Christian Structural Properties of Water at Solid-Liquid Interfaces from NMR Spectroscopy and its Possible Role in Adsorption
O.16 Moehwald Helmuth Light induced pH-changes in responsive hydrogel composites
O.17 Beldengrün Yoran Formation of responsive enzyme-loaded gelatin microgels using water-in-water emulsions
O.18 Geyer Florian Super liquid-repellent membranes for efficient carbon dioxide capture
O.19 Shchipunov Yury Cellulose aerogels functionalized by silica and titania
O.20 Schellenberger Frank How water advances on superhydrophobic surfaces
O.21 Bester-Rogac Marija Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation of Micellization Process in Water: The Case of Ionic Liquids
O.22 Cockram Amy Effect of monomer solubility on the evolution of copolymer morphology during polymerisation-induced self-assembly in aqueous solution
O.23 Ferreira Guilherme Added n-alcohols change the liquid-crystalline “complex salt” core structure in complex salt core-shell particles dispersed in water
O.24 HUBERT Céline Directional self-assembly of patchy particles
O.25 Novelli Federica pH and thermo-sensitive self-assembling properties in aqueous solution of the lipopetide lauril-Gly-Gly-D-Ser-D-Lys-NH2
O.26 Matejicek Pavel Self-assembly of anionic boron cluster compounds
O.27 Sabadini Edvaldo The thermal stability of wormlike micelles
O.28 Aramaki Kenji Bilayer formation by double-tailed nonionic surfactants
O.29 Procházka Karel Electrostatic assembly in non-stoichiometric mixtures of double-hydrophilic block copolymers. Computer study
O.30 Worsch Peter How to choose the optimum configuration for a laboratory SAXS system
O.31 Ramsch Roland Analysis of fat properties thanks to microrheology
O.32 Bossan Frédéric Latest innovations for colloid & interface characterization with Xenocs SAXS/WAXS instruments
O.33 von Klitzing Regine Temperature induced ordering in colloidal suspensions confined in thin films
O.34 Petekidis George Dynamics of concentrated suspensions of soft semi-permeable colloids
O.35 García Nicolás A. Effective potentials in crowded environments
O.36 Bianchi Emanuela On the propensity of inverse patchy colloids to form lamellar structures
O.37 Pastore Raffaele Many facets of intermittent dynamics in colloidal and molecular glasses
O.38 Varga Imre Preparation of Unique Core/Shell pNIPAm-based Microgel Particles with Hydrophilic Shells
O.39 Miranda Paulo B. Interaction between antimicrobial polyelectrolytes and membrane models studied by SFG vibrational spectroscopy
O.40 Mangiapia Gaetano Investigation of the effect of some active principles on phospholipidbased membranes
O.41 Ortega Francisco Interfacial shear micro- and macrorheology of Langmuir monolayers: Fatty acids, fatty alcohols and polymers
O.42 Roger Kevin Nanoemulsification and phase inversion: myths and realities
O.43 Browning Kathryn Adsorption of atherosclerotic lipoproteins to supported lipid bilayers
O.44 Dubacheva Galina Multivalent probes as a versatile tool for efficient, selective and tunable supramolecular assembly
O.45 Zanini Michele Wetting of rough particles at flat liquid-liquid interfaces
O.46 Vargas Ruiz Salomé Near surface ordering of environmentally friendly microemulsions for decontamination of lipophilic hazardous materials
O.47 Bach Monika clickECM – a new approach to click-modify the human cell-derived ECM
O.48 Carbone Marilena NiO morphology dependent optical and electrochemical properties
O.49 Gonzalez-Garcia Lola Ultrathin gold nanowires as self-organizing inks for printed electronics
O.50 Pigliacelli Claudia Water-dispersible fluorous gold supraparticles
O.51 Daniel-da-Silva Ana Biopolymer-silica hybrid nanoparticles prepared by a non-emulsion method and application in water treatment
O.52 Trindade Tito Nanomaterials for water purification technologies
O.53 Meazzini Ilaria Synthesis of photoluminescent organic-inorganic ureasil nanoparticles for imaging applications
O.54 Ardizzone Antonio Quatsomes: stable and versatile vesicular scaffolds for nanostructuring organic dyes in water
O.55 Tesei Giulio Aggregation of a highly charged peptide in monovalent salt solution
O.56 Ünal Özlem Self – luminescent polyethyleneimine coated iron oxide nanoparticles for gene delivery and imaging
O.57 Zumbuehl Andreas Vesicle origami
O.58 Chronopoulou Laura Injectable peptidic hydrogels for bone tissue repair and regeneration
O.59 Fameau Anne-laure Photoresponsive Self-Assemblies based on Fatty Acids
O.60 di Gregorio Maria Chiara Highly Versatile Metal-Organic Frameworks
O.61 Campioni Silvia Effect of the air-water interface on the self-assembly of human α-synuclein
O.62 Jiang Haihui Joy Ionic Liquids Induce Surfactant-free Self-assembly
O.63 Heidt Sabrina Melting investigations using charged colloids
O.64 Reiser Beate Colloidally stable inks of nanoparticle-polymer hybrids for printed electronics
O.65 Ferraro Giovanni Evolution of soot in a heavy-duty diesel engine
O.66 Helm Christiane Lipid monolayers with polyelectrolytes adsorbed in a 2-dimensional lamellar phase
O.67 Wlodek Magdalena Effect of Quantum Dots size on their incorporation into POPC/POPE supported lipid bilayers in dependence of the cushion polyelectrolyte multilayers
O.68 Marie Emmanuelle Polymer coatings for dynamic adjustment of specific and non-specific interactions for cell culture
O.69 Meissner Max Oil-in-water microfluidics on the colloidal scale: new routes to self-assembly and the glass transition
O.70 Gnan Nicoletta Dynamical and structural signatures of the glass transition in emulsions
O.71 Cejkova Jitka Pattern formation of decanol droplets placed in evaporating sodium decanoate drops
O.72 Sadeghpour Amin Interactions of Flavonoids with Biomimetic Membranes
O.73 Arnaudov Luben Saponins – natural surfactants with unique properties and functionality
O.74 Pereira-Leite Catarina Diclofenac-membrane interactions: the impact of drug ionization state
O.75 Zemb Thomas Choline hydroxide as an antagonistic electrolyte in structured hydrotropic co-solvents for enhanced wood swelling
O.76 Taboada Pablo Hybrid Nanoparticles for multimodal imaging and therapy
O.77 Shpaisman Hagay Shaping polymeric colloids with optical traps
O.78 Rodriguez Abreu Carlos From soft chromonic liquid crystals to hard nanostructured fibers
O.79 Koo Chong Min Nanostructured electroactive polymer nanocomposites for large electromechanical actuation
O.80 Wolf Heiko Programmable assembly of hybrid colloidal molecules
O.81 Di Michele Lorenzo Structural and kinetic control in lipid mesophases by coupling mobile ligands to soft membranes
O.82 Gentile Luigi Steady viscosity oscillations in a nonionic lamellar phase
O.83 Sperling Marcel Silica-based self-propelling supraparticles showing oscillating motion and controllable trajectories
O.84 Ricouvier Joshua Colloidal molecules made with microfluics
O.85 Rouet Pierre-Etienne Regioselective functionalization and assembly of patchy particles
O.86 Moya Sergio Virosome Engineering of Colloidal Particles and Surfaces: Bioinspired Fusion to Supported Lipid Layers
O.87 Pegg Jonathan pH tunable self-assembly of a methacrylate-based hydrophobic cationic copolymer
O.88 Iwashita Yasutaka Density dependence of orientational order in one-patch particles
O.89 Hu Yingxue Self-assembly of photoswitchable carbohydrate amphiphiles and their antibacterial and antifreeze properties
O.90 Retamal Marín Rodrigo Renato Comparability of zeta potential measurements of colloidal particles
O.91 Mazzini Virginia The Hofmeister series and other specific-ion effects in non-aqueous solvents
O.92 Neburkova Jitka Preparation and comparison of dense polymeric shells on inorganic nanoparticles
O.93 Munaò Gianmarco Self-assembly of colloidal dimers around spherical nanoparticles: a simple model for encapsulation
O.94 Boniello Giuseppe Control of colloidal aggregation and colloid-substrate adhesion by temperature-triggered interaction
O.95 Pavlovic Marko Stabilization of layered nanomaterials by polyelectrolytes
O.96 Żeliszewska Paulina Mechanisms of fibrinogen adsorption on colloid microparticles
O.97 Szabo Tamas Size- and pH-dependent aggregation of graphite oxide and graphene oxides
O.98 Okada Kazuya Phase change in aggregate structures of magnetic cube-like particles on a plane surface by means of Monte Carlo simulations
O.99 Czajka Adam Surfactants at the Design Limit
O.100 Joshi Darshana Heterogeneous pattern formation of small colloids grafted to large oil droplets using DNA
O.101 Peach Jocelyn Designing viscosity modifiers for supercritical CO2 microemulsions
O.102 Kralchevsky Peter Effect of ionic correlations on the surface forces in thin liquid films: influence of multivalent coions and extended theory
O.103 Timonen Jaakko Magnetofluidic tweezing of nonmagnetic colloids
O.104 Niu Ran Modular phoretic micro-swimmers
O.105 Pham Quoc Dat Molecular mobility of solvents, lipids and proteins in intact stratum corneum
O.106 Reggente Melania Synthesis and nanomechanical characterization of hybrid titanium/poly(methyl methacrylate) (Ti/PMMA) materials for medical devices
O.107 Viitala Lauri Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy (SPRM) of photothermal liposomes: detection of encapsulated nanoparticles inside the liposomes
O.108 Bratek-Skicki Anna Selective Protein Adsorption on Stimuli-Responive Brushes
O.109 Travaglini Leana Fine morphology control of mesoporous silica particles: small hexagonal platelets for functional materials
O.110 Corrales Tomas Surface Morphology of Vapor-Deposited Chitosan: Evidence of Solid-State Dewetting during the Formation of Biopolymer Films
O.111 Sanchez-Dominguez Margarita CuO nanostructures: follow-up of their formation in microemulsions, functionalization and hydrophobic coatings
O.112 Bourgeat-Lami Elodie Synthesis of organic/inorganic nanostructured colloids by RAFT-mediated emulsion polymerization
O.113 Briddick Arron Surfactant and Plasticiser Segregation in Thin Poly(vinyl alcohol) Films
O.114 Udoh Christiana Microporous polymer particles via phase inversion of microfluidics: impact of non-solvent quality on microstructure
O.115 Eivazihollagh Alireza One-pot synthesis of cellulose-templated copper nanoparticles
O.116 Hara Kenji Iron-immobilized periodic mesoporous organosilica as active and selective catalyst for amino alcohol synthesis
O.117 Van der Meeren Paul Quantification of counterion binding to and its effects on aqueous dispersions of dialkyl cationic surfactants
O.118 Aloi Antonio Imaging the topology of soft and deformable interfaces by single-molecule localization microscopy
O.119 Stark Kirsty The importance of metal nanoparticle adsorption during emulsification in the formation of metallic microcapsules for the retention of low molecular weight species
O.120 Arjmandi Tash Omid Foam Drainage: Free and Interaction with Porous Substrates
O.121 Steffen Werner Towards monodisperse spray
O.122 Briscoe Wuge Multi-Step Non-Classical Crystallization Pathway under Conditions Far from Equilibrium
O.123 Lazzari Stefano Temperature-dependent modeling of formation and growth of II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals
O.124 Izquierdo Javier Boron-doped diamond modified with gold nanoparticles as analytical platform for the investigation of proteins
O.125 Tardani Franco Graphene oxide films with tunable structures
O.126 Popovetskiy Pavel Reverse microemulsions with silver and gold nanoparticles and high water content
O.127 Sellapperumage Pasindu Selective droplets attachments on hydrophilic mineral surfaces
O.128 Boire Adeline Unravelling the contrasting phase behavior of wheat gliadins: how to store storage proteins
O.129 Castro Nicolò Self-assembly of janus nano particles in solution
O.130 Sabapathy Manigandan Synthesis of Non-spherical Patchy Particles at FluidFluid Interfaces via Differential Deformation and their Self-Assembly
O.131 Sanchez-Fernandez Adrian Influence of headgroup-solvent interactions on micellization in deep eutectic solvents
O.132 Mendes Eduardo Multi-responsive gel cilia: bulk and actuating properties
O.133 Philipse Albert P. Shape-sensitive dipolar structure formation in magnetic cube fluids
O.134 Chan Derek Bubble impact at complex deformable fluid interfaces
O.135 Kolman Krzysztof pH-controlled assembly of nanoparticle-polyelectrolyte complexes and their application to modern art restoration
O.136 Štěpánek Miroslav Magnetic nanoparticles and polyelectrolytes in aqueous solutions: co-assembly behavior and applications
O.137 Boinovich Ludmila Surface forces in thin films of nonpolar liquids and solutions with nonpolar solvent
O.138 Gonella Grazia Shedding new light on nano-bio interfaces
O.139 Huerre Axel Ultrafast deformation of colloid monolayers at fluid interfaces: microstructural evolution and particle expulsion
O.140 Jeridi Hayfa Colloidal particles embedded in thin nematic liquid crystal films
O.141 Meister Konrad Structure and Orientation of Hydrophobins at the Air-Water Interface
O.142 Mehandzhiyski Aleksandar Molecular Dynamics Study on the Film Drainage in Water-in-Oil Systems
O.143 Deblais Antoine Taming contact line instability for pattern formation
O.144 Heuberger Manfred Altering the protein-surface interface via subsurface structuring
O.145 Boge Lukas Lipid-based liquid crystals as drug delivery vehicles for antimicrobial peptides
O.146 Pucci Carlotta Impact of the formulation pathway on the generation of nanoprecipitated polycaprolactone particles
O.147 Rovigatti Lorenzo Bottom-Up Colloidal Crystal Assembly with a Twist
O.148 Voigtländer Kathrin Layer-by-Layer Modification of Self-Assembled Nanotubes from Amino Acid Amphiphiles in Solution
O.149 Gubitosi Marta Cellulose in tetrabutylammonium acetate: from the dissolution state to spun fibers
O.150 Valente Artur Formulation of a Copper(II) Dibrominated Salen Complex in PluronicsTM P-123 and F-127 Copolymeric Micelles
O.151 Bertleff-Zieschang Nadja Tuning Capsules from Metal Phenolic Networks for Biomedical Applications
O.152 Murtomäki Lasse Photothermally triggered phase transition in drug delivery liposomes
O.153 Lovett Joseph A robust cross-linking strategy for block copolymer worms prepared via polymerization-induced self-assembly
O.154 Capone Barbara Diblock Copolymer Brushes: soft crystalline patterning of a polymeric template
O.155 De Michele Cristiano Hierarchical propagation of chirality through reversible polymerization: the cholesteric phase of DNA oligomers
O.156 Tang Hu Tuning shear banding in entangled DNA-PNIPA hybrids
O.157 Fernandez-Castanon Javier SANS and molecular dynamics structural study of gelling DNA nanostars
O.158 Cragnell Carolina Structural characterization of the intrinsically disordered saliva protein Histatin 5: A combined SAXS and Monte Carlo simulation study
O.159 Russo Krauss Irene Towards a successful combination of aptamers and nanoparticles for anticoagulant applications
O.160 Valldeperas Maria Lipid sponge phases and nanoparticle dispersions able to entrap large biomolecules
O.161 Perez Lourdes Monoquaternary and gemini histidine-based surfactants as new antimicrobial agents
O.162 Koumakis Nick Bacterial swimmers in a near-critical binary mixture
O.163 Desideri Alessandro Synthesis and characterization of an octahedral DNA nanocage having a pH dependent opening/closing switching mechanism and analysis of its entry in mammamalian cells
O.164 Cerreto Marina Neuroblastoma-derived microvesicles differ from non-tumoral-derived in physical characteristics and biological effects
O.165 Ran Qidi Interaction of hyperbranched polyglycerol sulfate with serum proteins
O.166 Le Coeur Clémence Clay/polymer hybrid hydrogel: tuning rheological properties by controlling polymer adsorption
O.167 Micheli Laura Use of gellan gel for the cleaning of graphic artworks: the case study of Diana Scultori engraving
O.168 Bogri Panagiota Structure, dynamics and mechanical properties of thermosensitive core-shell microgels
O.169 Nigro Valentina Phase transitions of colloidal suspensions of multi-responsive microgels
O.170 Bayati Solmaz Mixed Micelles of Oppositely Charged PNIPAAM Diblock Copolymers
O.171 Auernhammer Günter K. Microrheology of Microgel layers at the Water/Oil Interface
O.172 Schmitt Julien Exploring the phase behavior of anisotropic core-shell silica/PNIPAM particles
O.173 Kim Jin Woong Novel hydrophobically associative nanocolloids for reversible sol-gel transition of aqueous fluids
O.174 Stalder Etienne Mechano-sensitive Liposome Containing Hydrogels: Towards an Intra Articular Drug Delivery System
O.175 Xenakis Aristotelis Oil-in-water microemulsions as carriers of an anticancer drug against melanoma
O.176 Reibetanz Uta Multifunctional LbL-microcarriers as a specific drug delivery system
O.177 Bazylinska Urszula Rationally designed double emulsion process – a new route to prepare biocompatible nanocarriers of hybrid fluorophores
O.178 Agnely Florence Injectable hyaluronic acid gels containing liposomes: formulation, characterization and evaluation for the treatment of inner ear diseases
O.179 Montis Costanza Mechanism of action of nanostructured antibiotics: interaction pathways with model membranes and model bacteria
O.180 Akhlaghi Parinaz Phytantriol Cubosomes For Palmitoyl Peptide Delivery
O.181 Pereno Valerio Cell-microbubble interaction in ultrasound mediated drug delivery: using giant vesicles as models to quantify bio-effects
O.182 Piradashvili Keti Biodegradable protein nanocarriers synthesized in inverse miniemulsion for the development of nanovaccination strategies
O.183 Corti Mario A drop Fabry Perot interferometer for the study of liquid-liquid interfaces: surface dynamics close to the fluid-gel transition
O.184 Lyklema Hans Entropy studies in interface science: ageless tool
O.185 Vilanova Garcia Neus Supramolecular colloids as emulsion stabilizers
O.186 Fossum Jon Otto Mechanics and Rheology of Pickering drops Probed by Electric Field Induced Stress
O.187 Erné Ben Physical Chemistry of Water-in-Water Pickering Emulsions
O.188 Ioannidis Marios Ethyl Cellulose Nanoparticles: From Colloidal Stability to Pickering Emulsification
O.189 van Duijneveldt Jeroen Steady-state droplet size in Pickering emulsions
O.190 Sagisaka Masanobu Aggregation behavior and surface tension lowering ability of anionic surfactants having highly-methylated tails
O.191 Shahidzadeh Noushine Thin film forces during salt crystallization in confinement
O.192 Gradzielski Michael Building Functional Surfactant/Chitosan Complexes with Chemically Modified Chitosan
O.193 Moreno Angel J. Single-Chain Polymer Nanoparticles: Models for Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Soft Glass-Formers
O.194 Mahmoudi Najet H/D substitution large effect on protein phase behaviour and the ELCS
O.195 Kocherbitov Vitaly The nature of non-freezing water in biopolymer solutions
O.196 Vlasov Andrey Surfactant and Polymer Components as Modifiers of Dielectric and Non-Linear Optical Performance of Aqueous Nanocarbon Suspensions
O.197 Söderman Olle MRI and theoretical studies of distribution and transport of ions in a model system of articular cartilage
O.198 Bansal Vipul Biomimetic nanozyme sensors: from molecules to bacteria to cancer cell detection
O.199 Ferri Fabio Combination of Low Angle Elastic Light Scattering (LAELS) and Multi-Wavelength Turbidimetry (MWT) for the analysis of biopolymers filamentous networks
O.200 Noskov Boris Phase transitions in DNA/surfactant adsorption layers
O.201 Fratini Michela Study of the biomineralization process using a multi-scale approach
O.202 Voets Ilja Controlling ice crystal growth with ice-binding proteins
O.203 Maric Selma Lipoprotein structure dependency on lipid cargo and exchange dynamics – implications for atherosclerosis development
O.204 Lattuada Marco Protein Amyloid Fibrils as Template for the Synthesis of Silica NanoFibers and their Use in the Preparation of Superhydrophobic surfaces
O.205 Vanin Aleksandr The impact of water on the local electric potential of spherical ionic micelles by MD simulation
O.206 Giavazzi Fabio Simultaneous characterization of rotational and translational diffusion of anisotropic particles by optical microscopy
O.207 Massiera Gladys Continuous Droplet Interface Crossing Encapsulation (cDICE): artificial cells and capsules
O.208 Ghaemi Ali Mechanical behaviour of micro-capsules and their rupture under compression
O.209 Viola Ilenia Catalytic self-propulsion of supramolecular capsules to modulate the elastic turbulence in a microfluidic regime
O.210 Kumar Abhijeet Cationic vesicle transport and deposition on anionic porous substrates
O.211 Korkmaz Gulnur Sehnaz Hyperthermia Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles Embedded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC)

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